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Can you buy a bike without leaving home? Of course! You just have to know what to look for.

Don’t waste your time and buy a bike online

Need a new bike, but don’t have time to ride a bike in the city looking for the perfect bike? You can go ahead and do it online! Check what you need to know before making such a purchase.

Advantages of online shopping

Today, you can buy almost everything remotely: food, clothing, electronic equipment, toys and accessories from the electronics industry. We are becoming more and more motivated to shop comfortably in our own seats. Not surprisingly, online shopping has many advantages.

  • We save time – in this case, we do not have to stand in long queues to the dressing room or cash register. We also do not waste time going to the store, looking for parking spaces and walking around the store. During breaks, we can shop online while the children go to bed, wait for the tram, or take a taxi.
  • Wide offer in online stores – yes, sometimes online stores have a wider choice than stationary ones. Today, many brands are expanding their e-stores faster. This is mainly due to the ability to minimize maintenance and maintenance costs. It may happen that some products can only be found on the Internet.
  • Easy search – in the case of online stores, we usually have an intuitive search system at our disposal. Thanks to him, we will quickly find the product you want. In addition, we have a choice of filtering according to the selected parameters, which makes it easier to narrow the offer.
  • Ability to check reviews and compare prices – we can easily check what people who have already bought have written about a particular product on the Internet. For example, we can find out if the manufacturer’s product description is true. The ability to compare prices in different stores is also a great advantage. Today, we have a number of price comparison sites at our disposal, which makes this process much easier for us.

Disadvantages of Internet shopping

Online shopping is not just about advantages. Skeptics see several limitations in them:

  • Not being able to touch (or try) the product – it’s true, we don’t have a chance to “experiment” with the product when you buy it online. However, on the other hand, today’s online stores offer customers very accurate images and often show products using 3D videos. Thanks to this, we can see a given element from all sides and in great approximation.
  • There is no immediate receipt of the product – we go home with it immediately after paying for the goods in the stationary store. We must wait for the delivery of the product when buying online. However, today courier companies are able to deliver the goods even on the same day, rarely it takes several days to deliver the purchased goods. There is also a big plus – direct door delivery. No need to worry about transportation from the store.
  • Uncertainty as to whether the product ordered matches the description on the website – skeptics say we never know if the product will look like the manufacturer in the photo or if it actually has the features advertised. The Internet allows us to learn the opinions of different users. References are not only product descriptions of buyers, but also their personal photos, where we can see the products without retouching.

What to look for when buying a bike from the Internet?

They come back to our bike – we want to buy it online. What should we pay special attention to? First of all, we need to check the supplier (whether it is a well-known store, or rather a small company) and consult with other customers (look for themes in forums, links on Facebook, reviews). If we have a bicycle enthusiast among our friends, it is worth asking for his opinion.

After choosing a reliable company recommended by Internet users or friends, we can proceed to special searches. What to look for?

– Purpose – what will the bike be used for? To move in the neighborhood, or for family trips on the weekends? Or rather for longer routes? A city bike with a basket will be perfect for small daily shopping.

– Weight – you need to check how much the bike weighs in the product description. If you know you have to go up and down stairs often (for example, because you keep your bike in the basement), keep in mind that it needs to be light enough. A bicycle weighing 20 kg may not be suitable for a small woman, especially when going to work, for example, when she has to carry a bicycle on a pedestrian bridge.

– Tire size – depends on the type of driving we do. For city bikes, these are usually 26 ” or 28 ” (larger wheels can handle the curbs better). The size is 28 ” for road bikes (super light tires are used when driving at high speeds), and the sizes are 26 ”, 27.5 ” and 29 ” for mountain bikes.

– Additional equipment – carefully read whether the given model has the equipment you need (for example, the appropriate number of gears). Check that the standard equipment has a body (perhaps you need to carry something often), a bell, a wing, a basket, etc.

– Guarantees and complaints – these are also important issues that we must not forget. Find out exactly what time frame is in jeopardy and whether such a period is suitable for us. It is a good idea to write these dates in your calendar.

– Do not be afraid to buy a bike on the Internet. If we prepare well, analyze the parameters, check the opinions of others, such a purchase will surely be successful!


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