Euphoria series – check out what is known today about the 3rd season of this blockbuster

“Euphoria” is a series that has been broadcast on HBO since 2019. And while the subject of this production is not light, the story of American teenagers facing a difficult reality has won the hearts of viewers around the world. In addition, his second season was not less popular. So can we rely on the third series? Of course! Check out what we learned about it now.

Euforia series, HBO – briefly about the production

Euphoria“It’s a series that will debut on HBO screens in 2019. At first glance, this production seems to be nothing more than a story for teenagers, but it soon became clear that the title was also chosen by older audiences. Why? There are many answers to this question. The irreconcilable presentation of the reality of modern teenagers, the unique style of the main characters, the sensational performance of the young star actress, as well as the magnificent music have made “Euphoria” a cult title today.

Euphoria series, HBO – the plot of the 1st and 2nd seasons

The protagonist of the series “Euphoria” is 17-year-old Rue Bennett. We meet the girl at the end of the rehabilitation period. And although the teenager does not intend to change his life after returning to the old reality, fate turns his transgender daughter out of his way. However, there is more to them than friendship. Of course, teenagers have different friends. Their destinies are interconnected. Thanks to this, we can meet Lexi, Maddy, Kat, Nate and Fezco. All the heroes of this production show us the daily struggle with drugs, sex, violence and complexes. Each of them is trying to understand the uncertain future.

While the first season of this story seems to be “strong”, the second one – as the lead actor Zendaya warns – managed to knock you more into the chair. This series showed us what the fight against addiction really looks like, the feelings that come with the first love and the first disappointments. How did the second season end? (Spoiler warning!) In the last episode that ends the second series, we see Nate hand over her father to the police, who plays in bed with little Jules, among others, and end Rue’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend. Elliot. In addition, Fezko was arrested, and Ashnik was killed in a shootout. So, what can we rely on in the third part? Here are our assumptions.

Euphoria series, HBO – what is known today about the third part

As HBO confirms that the third season will take place, fans around the world are wondering what to rely on. Currently, the producer of this television blockbuster has not revealed much. What exactly is it today?

First of all, we can guess it For the third time the story will be around Rue. After all, Zendai’s plot is inspired by the personal experiences of director Sam Levinson. This is no secret to anyone Dominic Fike, Elliot series will return to the screen. The young actor confirmed this information in an interview with Jimmy Fallon. It is said behind the scenes In the script there will be a place for Leslie again, namely Rue and Alie., that is, the man who sponsors the girl. It is said that even a warm romance can begin between the two! We can also assume that Fezko’s fate will be presented. Probably the hero who won the greatest sympathy of the audience.

But when can we wait for the premiere of the third part of “Euphoria”? This question remains unanswered. However, our estimate is that we will not have to wait until the second. It should be noted that this two-year break between the first two series was primarily due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. It should be added that the third series of the series is likely to consist of eight series, each of which has so far.

Euforia series, HBO – cast

Will all your favorite heroes appear in Season 3 of Euphoria? It’s hard to predict today, but it already seems that a few key characters can feel safe. But who will we see on the screen again? Zendaya or Rue Bennett. Also mentioned are Hunter Schafer (Jules Von), Sidney Sweeney (Cassie Howard), Alexa Demie (Maddy Perez), Maude Apatow (Lexi Howard), Jacob Elordi (Nate Jacobs), Nika King (Leslie Bennett). ease. ) and Storm Reid (Gia Bennett). Fans of the series also believe that the third series will feature Eric Dane (Cal Jacobs), Angus Bulud (Fezko) and Chloe Cherry (Faye). All three were arrested, but it is unlikely that the production will show their fate in the courtroom or behind bars. On the other hand, Cavon “Wanna” Walton (Ashtray) can be seen in flashbacks. What about Barbie Ferreira? Although it is now known that only the actress wants to return to the set, the producer had an argument with the director.

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