“Despite my friend’s protest, I told the police that her husband had beaten her. At first he was upset, but then he appreciated my help. ”- Real life

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I come from a small town in Podkarpacie. In any case, I have never been particularly prominent and talented to be prominent for us means incompatibility. We were all the same. We started education in the same way from primary school and we always graduated with a high school diploma or a profession and then quickly got married. I always thought that my life would be the same as any other girl in the city. It was different.

As my friends got married one after another, I began to think about what I wanted. Not because they are unhappy. Most of them became mothers at firstIn the first year of their marriage, they saw no other world than their children, and found joy in their upbringing. But there were also tragic stories. My high school friend’s husband drank and started abusing after drinking. Everyone knew he was being beaten, but no one caredbecause what happens in the family is only the work of the family.

– I have no hatred for him … Judith swallowed her tears and told me. – It’s just sometimes impulsive, but I love it and I know he loves me too …

I never convinced him. I really didn’t know what to say.

I decided to go my own way

But one day when I came to him, the measuring cup changed. The front door was a short distance away, and Judith was lying on the floor in the kitchen. Bloody and semi-conscious.

“It’s nothing …” he muttered.

I understood that if I don’t do something, it will kill him. Ignoring Cudita’s weak protests, I called an ambulance and then the police. I testified, and that’s it for me. And the end of our friendship. Judith stopped talking to me completely.

Anyway, after those events, I decided I didn’t want to stay in this city anymore. I decided to go to study in the capital and change my destiny. I have always been interested in science, and I was very happy to see that I was doing math.

The parents shook their noses.

– Why do you need this research? You would find a husband and raise your children and took care of the house like a decent girl! My mother cried. – If you want to work, you will find something here.

My father was more pragmatic.

“If you think we’re going to keep you there, you’re wrong, ma’am.” You won’t get a penny, because we don’t have money to eat, not scams!

I found out quickly the father did not speak to the wind. My parents did not intend to send me money. I had modest savings, so I bought a train ticket and paid for the first month in the dormitory. There is not much left for life. I knew I had to find a job quickly and somehow reconcile with schedule.

To be honest, I felt lost. Although the research was quite difficult, it was interesting; however, I was depressed by the noise of the big city and the fear that I would not be able to find work and go home. In addition, there were problems with roommates. I shared a room with two girls, Martha and Marlena. They were both from larger cities and were visible they came to the capital not to study, but to have fun. I didn’t like this kind of entertainment, and most of all I didn’t have money for it.

It soon became clear that abstinence in student society meant difference and, consequently, social isolation. In fact, this environment was governed by the same rules as in our city, but on a different level. You had to comply with the rules set by the majority, either there or there.

It was difficult financially

My roommates had a lot of fun. Very often. As long as they went to the clubhouse or stayed in another room, it didn’t bother me. Unfortunately, sometimes people were invited to us and play music loudly. When I went to prepare for classes, I could go to the “quiet study” where I was not always worried. It was worse when I just wanted to sleep.

I could not stand one day and when arranging a banquet again I threatened to inform the management in our room.

– Do you consider yourself so smart? Marlena turned to me. – We know very well that you have a debt with dormitory fees. It is enough for us that you are in conflict, you will be thrown into the street.

I knew he was right. It was the third month of my education and I did not pay a penny from the first payment. Sometimes I was reprimanded, but I made excuses for my family’s financial situation so far I have to feel sorry for myself. If I had complaints, this tolerance would soon end. So I gritted my teeth and went to the “quiet study.”

The situation was getting worse. Although I bought only the cheapest and most necessary things, my savings were declining at an alarming rate. Job search failed. It was said in our city that this is life only in Warsaw – for many job offers and students it is a real paradise. However, I did not feel it. I don’t know, maybe because of my weakness?

That’s the fact, they didn’t want me anywhere. Although I was invited for an interview once or twice, I did not go with anything.

One day I went shopping at the supermarket. I bought food from shopping malls because it was the cheapest there. I envied people with huge carts full to the brim. All I had was bread, an egg dish and cream cheese … Suddenly I saw a familiar face.

“Alice!” Judith shouted. When he saw me, he approached the cash register halfway. – What a coincidence! what are you doing here

I was ashamed. We lost contact a few months ago after calling the police on that fateful day. I did not know what would happen to him, because I now lived alone and did not hear any rumors from the city. But I was convinced that he still felt sorry for me – After all, I opposed his pleas.

However, the Jews smiled kindly.

– We haven’t met for a long time, I’m interested to hear what you do. Maybe let’s go have coffee together? He said, and with a twinkle in his eye he looked at my shopping, at the confused expression on his face, and quickly stopped himself: “I’m focusing.”

Thanks to him, I got up

We went to the dining room in the mall and ordered the most delicious latte I have ever eaten. I felt a little awkward because someone paid me, but at the same time I was glad to meet an old friend and we talk again as two close people.

– I thought you were offended by me. You stopped talking … ”I said and looked at him vaguely; blushed.

“Yes, I was angry with you at first,” he replied. – You know, everyone knows everything, but it is a more serious matter when it comes to the police. I wouldn’t want people to gossip. Don’t make him angry anymore … He added more quietly.

– I’m sorry.

– It does not matter. I was assigned a psychologist at the police station. We talked a lot before I realized that I did not have to live like this. He convinced me to testify …

I looked at him in surprise.

– After the divorce, I came to Warsaw and started my own company. I am full of enthusiasm, I believe I will succeed! And you know what? It’s all thanks to you!

This is a random meeting Everything changed with the person I once helped. Judyta was very upset when she found out how difficult my situation was. He offered me a job at homethat ended my problems. I paid off all my debts, and a few months later I split up a small apartment with a nice friend from college who didn’t like parties as much as I did.

Judyta was quite successful. I worked with him for three years, and although I work elsewhere today, I will always be grateful to him for helping me through difficult times. As if he is grateful to me.

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