“Big money for a stupid scandal.” Discussion in the Senate on the establishment of the CPC without representatives

– The answer to these questions cannot be the awards for the Polish Order and the awards given to the circus workers under construction, ie the management of the communication port. “Voters are angry that some boards, some non-existent airports, are always ‘working’ and getting paid for all this unbelievable scandal,” said Senate Deputy Speaker Michał Kaminski (Koalicja Obywatelska), who opened the discussion on the CPC. In the Senate.

Does Poland and Poland need a new railway network and a mega-airport with a shift from a polycentric to a centralized communication system? It’s time to ask if these costs are justified, said PSG MP Bożena laelazowska.

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Build a CPK for PLL LOT. Investment success or failure

The concept is that it should be a mega-hub, a transfer port. This should be related to the promotion of PLL LOT to a small group of world leaders in transit transport. LOT is now a medium to small carrier and must make a big leap forward to be meaningful and successful. If we succeed, we will succeed, or it is a great failure due to huge losses, said Marek Serafin, former director of LOT Polish Airlines and now an aviation market commentator.

According to him, the tendency to build large transfer airports is questionable. This is due to the collapse of the market caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. He reminded that the national carrier is currently benefiting from state aid and it cannot be ruled out that additional support will be needed. This, in turn, may be due to the restrictions imposed by the European Commission.

LOT says to the owner: if you build a port for us, we will be a giant. But what will happen if not? Serafin added that smaller lines should fight with giants to survive and look for niches, rather than fighting to capture their share of the market.

They violate the meaning of the center and the words of the CPK

Government officials emphasize that the STH project is not only related to the construction of a new airport between Warsaw and Lodz, but also to the reconstruction of the entire Polish transport system. This is to provide access to the Central Communications Port within 2.5 hours. from almost anywhere in the country.

This is the modernization of about 1,800 km of new railway lines and existing ones. . Economist Tomasz Vardak, author of the book “Piast and Speaks” about the CPK, said it was a hub and talk system that used passengers and goods to move from one place to another without transferring or reloading at a central point.

He cited examples from Spain, China and the United Kingdom. – It is clear that the hub-spoken system does not correspond to the appearance of our country and our geography, the location of major centers. The correct scheme to service our billing system is an equally distributed network of operations in Germany and China – Vardak is valued.

– This is evidenced by the material developed by CPK, ie the Passenger Transport Model 2020. This document is a culture of knowledge about the paradoxes, mistakes and pitfalls of this system, he added.

He cited government statements to oppose the exclusion of Poles from the STH system.

– The idea of ​​creating a high-speed railway in the district is the idea of ​​a system that will collapse under its own weight. CPK for Warsaw? The Warsaw railway junction will be marginalized. There is a chance of a renaissance of the system under construction in Lodz, and the new airport and center will lead to the degradation of Lodz. Military component? This is completely wrong. The Ministry of National Defense does not look after the CPC, but uses existing airports to move troops and equipment quickly. The most important investment will be at Wroclaw airport – Vardak continued.

– This will be a positive thing for the airport. Nowhere in the world is there a system similar to the one to be set up in the CPK. The degree of integration between the airport and the high-speed train is absurd. The following examples include Frankfurt and Amsterdam airports. In Korea, a high-speed train was stopped at Incheon Airport because it was noticed that it lost to buses, except for high-speed connections between major cities. Fast train to the airport is a difficult subject. It is worth talking to the CPK’s strategic adviser on this issue, he said.

CPK and all this system is built to prove that we are on our knees. More efficiency, less propaganda. If we built the central airport and the Warsaw-Lodz-Wroclaw railway line, we would have easy access to the central airport in more than half of the country. We do not have to build thirteen elbows, a reasonable investment in the airport is enough. And there will be an impact, ie efficiency – said Thomasz Vardak.

About CPK without CPK representatives. “They had many cases”

However, representatives of the Central Communications Port were not invited to the conference. Why?

We got to know them very well, their unwillingness to analyze their behavior, their shoes, their alternatives. So far, they have had many opportunities to express themselves, as we have been asking questions since 2017 about the meaning and rationale for STH. We still received the right answers, – said PSL MP Bożena laelazowska.

[Aktualizacja] CPK: This is not about building a “monocentric system.”

We appealed to the press service of the Central Communications Port regarding the position. We received an answer after the article was published.

– The planned construction of CPK railway lines in the “spider web” system is not the construction of any “monocentric system”, but is in addition to the obvious shortcomings of the Polish railway network due to historical, non-railway reasons. The railway system in Poland is such that it is also due to the partitions that the central Polish nodal voivodeships (Mazowieckie and Łódzkie voevodeships) have one of the lowest railway network densities in the country, and STH railway investments are simply negligible. fix it – CPK spokesman Konrad Majszyk says in response to money.pl’s questions.

According to him, the construction of investments under the CPK Railway Program “will allow for the rapid improvement of relations between major cities and regions of Poland.” – And not only in the relations between Warsaw and STH. Does the Warsaw-Lodz-Poznan / Vroclaw Y line, planned a decade ago and abandoned unnecessarily in 2012, mean centralization of transport? Is the connection between the three capitals of the Eastern Voivodeships, ie the Białystok-Lublin-Rzeszów line, the CPK Milanów-Bjała-Podlaska-Fronołow line in preparation, a centralized route? And the new Krakow-Katowice line too? – Majszyk asks rhetorically.

As a CPK company, we are preparing about 2,000 constructions. km lines (not 1.8 thousand. km, as we heard at today’s conference in the Senate) will complete the existing network. After all, we do not intend to cancel the existing lines. CTH plans are 100 percent compliant. including in government investment plans. A spokesman for the company building the new airport claims that in the Transport Development Strategy, as well as in the EU trans-European TEN-T network, to which CTH investments are added.

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