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On Monday, May 23, Germany’s Deutsche Bahn (DB) train went on sale for 9 euros a month, allowing local and regional public transport (OPNV) to travel cheaper in Germany than ever before. These are buses, trams, underground and high-speed urban railways (S-Bahn) and regional trains, such as RE and RB.

According to the WB representative, the ticket is already available in the DB Navigator program “early in the morning”. Sales at WB travel centers also began “immediately after opening”. In turn, some carriers have already started selling since the end of last week. Tickets are available to everyone. The offer is valid for three months: June, July and August.

How and where can I buy a ticket?

The 9-euro ticket must be obtained from the relevant programs, ticket machines and customer service centers of all carriers in Germany. However, the German Association of Transport Companies (VDV) is currently working on a joint, unified program that will allow them to purchase these discounted tickets. It is unknown when the appeal will be ready. According to the guarantees, VDV must start operating before June 1.

Will more expensive single and monthly tickets continue to be offered?

One-day or group tickets will still be offered, even if they cost more than a 9-euro ticket. However, when it comes to passengers or bicycles, they have different rules. However, many carriers try to eliminate these often confusing options within three months.

For example, during a three-month campaign in Hamburg, all monthly cards and single tickets over € 9 will be replaced with a discounted € 9 ticket. It will also not be possible to book a monthly ticket in Berlin during this period. This is not the case at Deutsche Bahn, which intends to continue regular subscription offers between June and August, but will require only 9 euros for each of these months.

Can I buy a ticket for all three months?

It depends on the individual carriers. People who can’t find a suitable offer on the internet platform of the selected carrier can search for them on other platforms. For example, at Deutsche Bahn you can immediately buy a ticket for 9 euros for all three months.

Does the 9 euro ticket also apply to employees, semester or social ticket holders?

Yes, according to VDV, season and semester tickets are valid for three months within the country. Price differences will be paid accordingly. However, in many places it is still unknown in what form and when the compensation will be paid. According to VDV, the university administration may take time to resolve the bill by the end of the fall semester.

Will a 9 euro ticket deprive subscribers of certain benefits?

The advantages of some subscription models, such as bike shipping and first-class rights, will continue to apply in principle for a 9-euro ticket. However, they are valid not only in the whole country, but also in the territory where they are still in force. However, even in this case, there may be discounts for individual carriers.

Do children need a ticket for 9 euros?

According to Deutsche Bahn, children between the ages of 6 and 14 must have their own ticket for 9 euros or another ticket. Children under the age of six generally travel for free.

Can I take the bikes with me for free?

The 9-euro ticket does not include the transportation of bicycles. The WB notes that trains will be very crowded in June-August, so there is no guarantee that you will be able to take your bike with you, even if you buy a ticket. You should also avoid cycling during the holidays.

Is it possible to travel in the first grade for an additional fee?

No, but depending on the operator, subscribers have the opportunity to move to the first class for an additional fee.

Can I reserve a seat?

No, reservations are only available for long distance trips. The 9 euro ticket is valid only for local and regional transport.

Do we need a dog ticket?

The ticket is valid only for its owner. Whether there is an additional charge for dogs depends on the tariff of the local carrier. On some carriers, the dog goes for free, otherwise an additional ticket is required for a four-legged friend.

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