How the police failed their crazy father: Nude photos of a 15-year-old girl abducted by a pedo ring found after being posted on a prostitution site

Police rescued a 15-year-old girl who was abducted during a basketball game in Texas 10 days later. The unidentified teenager, who was abducted while using the bathroom, was reportedly smuggled by pedophiles. The girl’s father sounded the alarm on April 8 after going to the bathroom and not returning to his seat during the Dallas Maverick game at the American Airline Center.

The girl’s family now claims that although they begged Dallas police to investigate, they did not do so under the Texas Family Code, which treats missing teenagers as refugees, even though there is no evidence of abduction. When the game was over and the girl did not return, her father was ordered to return home. The girl’s father said of the DPD, “My daughter went missing in Dallas, this is a Dallas case, but they refused to open it.”


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DPD told Fox News Digital that an official was informed of the girl’s disappearance and then searched for the incident and location that night. The department said it did not take any further action because, according to the Texas Family Code (p. 51.03 p. 3), “Missing minors are investigated as fugitives in the absence of circumstances that appear to be fugitives, such as kidnapping or kidnapping.”

“According to the code, these cases must be taken to the place where young people stay,” the department said. “The report was prepared by Dallas Police and Dallas Police assisted the North Richland Hills Police Department (the main agency where a teenager lives) and a missing teen newsletter was prepared and went to the department on April 11, 2022.”

Oklahoma City Police tracked down a teenager at the Extended Stay America Hotel after nude photos of him were found on a prostitution site by a nonprofit anti-trafficking organization. “We are grateful for the work of the Oklahoma City Police Department and for our daughter’s recovery. My heart breaks for the unbelievable things my daughter endured during the 11 days she was taken, and we are trying to recover and I am glad she is safe, ”the girl’s mother said in a statement on May 5.

Eight people were arrested in connection with the crime. They were identified as Sania Alexander, Melissa Wheeler, Chevaun Gibson, Kenneth Nelson, Sarah Hayes, Karen Gonzales, Thalia Gibson and Steven Hill. According to the statement, Karen Gonzalez took pictures of the girl and was accused of human trafficking and pornography. The victim was found with Kenneth Nelson, convicted of sexual offenses, at the Extended American Hotel in Oklahoma City. They were found in a rented room with someone else’s ID card.

Oklahoma police spokesman Gary Knight said: “Many of these people have been involved in the trafficking of this girl for sexual purposes, whether it’s taking a picture of one of them or just posting an ad like the other.” “There were several people connected not only with this girl, but also with others. But we did our best to find this girl. “

The girl’s family attacked not only the Dallas police, but also the American Airline Center and the American Extended Stay Hotel for not doing enough to prevent the crime. “The life of this victim will change forever. We hope to catch those responsible and make changes in these organizations so that it does not happen to any other child, “family lawyer Zeke Fortenberry said in a statement.” The systems and organizations involved in this case have consistently failed the victim. The Mavericks never had to contact a man in the game. Dallas police had to act quickly to investigate the hints and locate the teenager before the Oklahoma smuggling. The Extended Stay America Hotel in Oklahoma City was a lucrative business that turned a blind eye to sexual violence.

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