WIFI password. How to check them? How can they be changed?

Concept Wi-Fi has become so popular that people confuse it with thought Internet. This is partly true. After all, Wi-Fi is only a gateway to a wireless network. Internet available in many places. Even if you are not at home, in restaurants or other entry points. In addition, development Wi-Fi to the extent that we do not feel that its speed is much slower than that of the cable.

Wi-Fi gradually developed Since 1999. That’s when a laptop with the function of connecting to a wireless network appeared on the market. Five years later, mobile phones with this feature began to be sold. In the last few years, “smart” devices are gaining popularity. They help us with household chores.

Usually when you don’t know the password by heart will be the first place to be considered router. Thanks to this, we have access to a wireless network. Typically, the name of the home network will be the device number we received from the operator or from the store.

We need a name and password when connecting a new device.

The router is a good place to get this information. Provided that it is in an accessible place, of course. Once upon a time we are looking for a manufacturer sticker. It is usually glued to the back or bottom of the case. You can find both the device name and the login password here. When this option is useful Wi-Fi password has not changed at all.

Sometimes they will be on the sticker two Wi-Fi passwords. Why? Well, the router can broadcast In the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz range. It happens that the operator creates a separate password depending on the bandwidth used. In this case, you need to look at the group names, which may differ from it. If the device is looking for a network name for the 2.4 GHz band, enter the password for that band.

Fewer users know this In addition to the router, there is another option to verify the Wi-Fi password. One of them password verification on computer.

case WindowsIt is possible to find the password from the level network settings. They are available Control panelis located at Start menu.

In Control panel select a bookmark Network and Internet. On newer systems, we can get there from the search engine level (by pressing the Windows key and then entering the “Network” password).

In the tab above, tap View network status and tasks or in the Network and Sharing Center. There is an element on the left Change the network adapter settings. A list of networks to select appears Wi-Fi networkand then right-click. Select an option from the drop-down menu state and click on it Security. Below is a square Show symbols. Thanks to him, we can see Our Wi-Fi network password.

Most system phones Android provides preview Wi-Fi network password. For most models, access is sufficient Settingsand then w Wi-Fi. var List of stored networkswhere the password preview button is available. However, not every phone will have this option. An alternative option is to download the program.

Theoretically, they are a bigger problem iPhone phones. It is possible to enter the password from the phone after login enter the address of the router and the control panel. You must have the option to preview and change the password. It would be an easier solution Storing passwords in iCloud via Keychain. It will allow you to read passwords from your computer, provided that Keychain Access is installed on it.

Default passwords can be problematic. Therefore, it will be a good solution password change to people we can remember. However, it is important to remember The password was secure. It should consist of as many uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters as possible. How to change the passwordto make your life easier?

Navigate to any web browser IP address router. Its number should be in the instruction manual. There will be an login screen, instructions are also available in the operator’s manual / contract. Then go to the basic settings where the name and password are displayed.

Then we can change them. Just remember the changes and turn the router on and off for safety. Will be available after update new Wi-Fi password.


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