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The new version of Canonical is Ubuntu 21.04. I’ve been using Linux for a long time, but it was a long time before I learned about Ubuntu. I started with a system that no one uses now, Slackware Linux. Its charm was that nothing worked, there were no dependency systems and clicker installers, and knowledge was required to put you in graphical mode. Using this system was to fight with myself and constantly improve my management skills. As a young master of systems with a penguin in the logo, I targeted such a model. I was not interested in automation and choosing the easy way. Years later, when a person does not have time to play and compile a graphical environment for several days, the system is looking for solutions that support users in their daily work. I got acquainted with Ubuntu and since then I have been following every update carefully.

The name Ubuntu has been ridiculed by Linux radicals for years: “I can’t configure Debian.” In part, there was something in it. This system is based on Debian and is easier to use. Ubuntu, however, has long been an excellent tool, not just as a tool for users starting with Linux. It works well as both an environment and a server system for developers. Not surprisingly, the creators or Canonical work diligently on each update and are impressed with each new version.

The latest version released recently is Ubuntu 21.04.

The changes introduced by the developers will amaze not only Linux users, but also the entire IT environment. Not believing what I saw, I checked Changelog myself several times. Let’s start with the more obvious and non-controversial issues. The code name of the new version is Hirsute Hippo. Polish literally means “Kudłatego Hipcia”. I don’t fully understand how a hippopotamus can be hairy, but … But if we stick to the convention of creators, the name “Noisy Hippo” would be appropriate. However, I searched many sites, but I could not find any information that the Polish group from Ubuntu has already found a suitable name for our market.

Ubuntu 21.04 can now be found on personal computers and more.

Users can download the image directly to install or upgrade from version 20.10. The package with 64-bit ISO can be found at this address. The whole thing weighs about 2.6 GB. As you know, 32-bit versions haven’t been available for a while – and maybe that’s better. But let’s go back to the news in the system. The first is to replace the core with a new one. Ubuntu “Hippo” is based on the Linux kernel 5.11. This is interesting because it means you can rely on better compatibility with the latest processors and graphics cards and full support for Wi-Fi 6E, USB 4 and Thunderbolt. An interesting change is the introduction of Wayland as a standard. The previous solution used by the developers is the memorable X Window System, which is now 37 years old. This is probably the right time for the IT retirement window system.

However, this is not the end of the innovations in Ubuntu 21.04.

PipeWire multimedia server has been introduced in a new version. It is an audio platform that replaces PulseAudio. Personally, I still remember the times when Alsa was used. Switching to PulskaAudio was very difficult. Maybe that’s why PulseAudio never stole my heart. I hope PipeWire will make a better impression on me. There are also changes to the security of the system. There is a recovery key for encrypted installations, and the home folder is private by default. Fans of aesthetic changes will also find something for themselves. Unified system elements, new icons and an updated dark mode were introduced.

However, I ended up with the best and most controversial changes in Ubuntu 21.04.

Now that the Ubuntu console has appeared in Windows 10, Linux fans have had a funny bubble in the minds of Linux fans about the possibility of a warming relationship on this line, pointing to the collaboration between the Linux world and Microsoft. Even 20 years ago, it would be completely impossible, but … Nothing is impossible. Now, with the release of the new Ubuntu update, I’m witnessing a moment when Canonical came with local Microsoft Active Directory support that allows you to configure it through a domain controller. A few years ago, I didn’t think it would happen. Interestingly, support for Microsoft SQL Server has also been improved. This shows that the years of war between Microsoft and Linux were meaningless, and that it was long overdue for any environment to benefit from it. As you know, according to the old rule: “Establishes agreement. Ruins of disagreement“Developers, administrators and testers will benefit greatly from this collaboration. It has never been nice to have two systems on computers. This may be a thing of the past as Microsoft increasingly agrees with Canonical.”

If you have already installed Ubuntu 21.04, of course, share your impressions!

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