“The boss considered himself altruistic because he would be happy to hire us. This great benefactor treated us worse than dogs. ”- Real Life

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I am disabled of their own free will. At the age of fourteen, my head fell into the water and my whole world collapsed. The damage was so severe that, despite intensive rehabilitation, I was able to fully recover. But I have always been ambitious and never gave up.

As a result, I got better results than most people with injuries similar to mine. I also graduated from high school and became a road construction engineer.
I thought that this would make me more independent and less burdensome for my parents.

Unfortunately, the engineering degree did not help me much. Nobody was interested in having a disabled employee in such a position, so I could not find a job for a long time.

Eventually, I found myself in a shelter where many people were disabled. I was assembling simple electronic components. And even though my ambitions weren’t at their peak, I was still happy.

However, after getting acquainted with the activities of our plant, I began to doubt whether this was a job for me. Mr. Marek, the owner of the company, made a particularly antipathetic impression on me.

At every step, he emphasized how kind he was to us. But I had the impression that he was looking down on us and just looking down on us. Sometimes when someone throws something on the ground or breaks something, shouted at him:

– What are you doing, idiot ?! Do you think that I am a philanthropist? I’ll pour you on your broken face again, nonsense!

At that time, no one dared to oppose him

Unfortunately, I was also boiling, although my heart was boiling with anger. And probably if he had shouted at me like that, I would not have been able to resist, even if I wanted to, and I would have shouted something at him. I became more interested in Małgosia.

He was also disabled, often in a wheelchair, but able to move independently. He was Mr. Marek’s secretary. His office was on the third floor. Normally, this would not be a problem, because there are elevators everywhere. But not with us.

Our elevator was “under construction”. Enough a few years. Therefore, Małgosia had to go to the third floor several times a day.

“Look, he couldn’t make himself an office downstairs?” – I once asked Magosia when she came to me for coffee after work. – There are other companies on the first and second floors. Yes, all people have limited access to it.

“I think he means it,” he shrugged. – He is not a good person. Whenever he has to go down, he sighs and says that I am going to this morgue.

“You bastard!” – I was angry. – If I had …

– Come on, Mateusz. This guy trains in judo and is in great shape …

– You underestimate me! – I exploded.

“I appreciate it, I appreciate it, my dear,” he said, stroking my hair. – But he has incredible connections. At one time, healthy people worked here, but the company lost the competition for the trash from China. That’s why he became “disabled”.

– So, he lives thanks to us! I sobbed.

Małgosia has already come to terms with its fate

Gosia just took a deep breath.

“He thinks the opposite is true,” he said sadly. – And probably, if there were no deals with politicians and officials, this plant would have gone bankrupt anyway.

– So we have no other choice and we have to put up with this bull? I asked nervously.

“We can always change things,” he said. “But now you know how hard it is to find something …”

Apparently, Małgosia reconciled with his fate, but I failed. I was sure that one day I couldn’t stand it and slapped my boss in front of what I was thinking about him.

There was only one thing that really prevented me from doing that. I was afraid I might hurt Malgosia. More and more people knew that we were together, that we had common plans, and that we would probably get married soon.

So I started looking for another job, albeit with less money. I was lucky because I needed someone in a small design office. The chief was a handsome boy who made no secret of the fact that my “disability” was tax-friendly.

He took me directly. Everyone in the office already looked good and the work was closed with my education and this gave me prospects for progress. It was only a few hundred meters from the old company, so we were able to go to work with Małgosia. So I didn’t think much of it and accepted their offer.

I have submitted a notice of termination of work at my current company. Apparently, this made the manager very worried. He was not used to being alone, he was throwing people out.

A few weeks after I left, I saw Małgosia’s hand burn. Of course, I asked him about it.

– Oh, I’m awkward. I poured my coffee.

I believed him, but a few days later I saw another burn. Małgosia explained it again with coffee, but this time I was skeptical. Admittedly, he did not act very effectively, but it is Pour yourself coffee twice a few days?

And this is on a route a few meters long, because it was the distance from the coffee machine to the manager’s desk. But he did not want to talk about it. A few days later, while he was working, I called him to ask if he would dine with me. He wanted to push me, saying he had a lot of work to do.

I felt something was wrong

“I soaked myself in coffee again,” he finally admitted. – I don’t want to go out in the cold …

“How can it still happen to you a few feet away?”

– Didn’t I tell you that the coffee machine is on the first floor now? Gosia pretended to be confused. – Because, you know, others also wanted to drink coffee. Mr Marek said there were no funds and ordered the coffee maker to be brought down.

“But you’re still struggling to climb those stairs, and you’re still drinking hot coffee for him!” – I shouted in anger.

I was convinced that the “movement” of the coffee machine was a punishment for changing jobs. I soon left the company in my wheelchair. My new boss wanted to stop me, but the only thing I had was to win something bad.

Two minutes later I was at the door of my old factory. Surprised, I passed the guards and entered. Mr. Marek was just on the hanging floor, but I shouted for him to stop. He smiled and went downstairs.

I thought the measuring cup had changed

– Hello, you don’t work here anymore? He smiled.

“If you don’t stop chasing Małgosia …” I began, but he cut me off.

– I do not harass any of my employees. I am their philanthropist.

– What about the coffee machine? – I drew.

“Well, I don’t have the money for a second coffee machine,” he shrugged. – As my secretary, it is your fiancé’s responsibility to make me coffee. It’s better for him because he does a little exercise. This is free rehabilitation.

I could not stand it. I ran over him with all my might and hit him on the head. He was surprised and collapsed. He wanted to get up, but I mastered the wheelchair perfectly. I took the front wheel and hit him in the face.

“You son of a bitch, listen,” I sobbed. – If I hear that something has happened to him, I will crush your tires with your gaps. Because you don’t have any balls …

At that moment, the guards grabbed me and dragged me away. They started squeezing me too. Other disabled workers stood up for me. There was a commotion, and I don’t know what would have happened if the police hadn’t come to the scene. Marek was convinced that I would be arrested, so he called the police.

– Get the bandit out of here! shouted. – And close the whole gang. The man breaks his heart to give them a job, and I ask him how grateful he is.

“Relax …” said one of the policemen. “Don’t hurt people.”

– Nation?! Do you see what cattle are ?! – He did not let go. – Remove it from my object. Or you will regret it. I know the president of our city very well …

“I know the city commander very well,” police said. – If you don’t shut up, you may have a problem!

– Yes?! – Marcus could not believe his ears. – You will be fired, bridle!

– I have a brother, armpit Angry police pulled. – And if you want your legs to be healthy, shut up and try.

This work caused a great resonance, and audits of the company by various foundations revealed that the funds allocated to people with disabilities were wasted.

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