Separ is a virus that spreads on the Internet

I do not remember the days when computers were virus-free. However, it is possible that they once existed. The first computer virus appeared in 1986 and was detected in DOS. It was called “Brain” and showed several variants of different texts on the screen. Now is the time for Separ.

Since then, the Vistula has been flooded, many people have been born, and many new dangers have arisen. I have the impression that their number is growing every year, and their effect is increasingly damaging to the average person who eats bread. We used to be worried about reinstalling the system – now our bank details are being stolen.

Another threat to the Internet recently is Separ.

This is, of course, one of the many viruses that have recently appeared on the Internet, but it is very interesting. We have known this virus since 2017. However, he is now back “down is a favor“In the improved version. The number of infections is currently estimated at 1,500 machines. It is unknown how many, but given what the threat is, it may be better not to appear more. The most interesting aspect of the new Separ version is that it is excellent in disguising antivirus programs. , is a big problem – especially for ordinary users. All because the virus steals data from our computers. It can also threaten companies. Its list of possibilities is long. It is able to collect information about bank accounts, logins and passwords for popular services. .

As already mentioned, Separ comes in sequence to be undetected.

This is because Separ performs all operations through reliable processes in the victim’s machine. In addition, the process of infection of the wounded belongs to childhood. Everything happens with the use of email, a tool used by the majority of society on mobile devices or desktops over the network. The victim receives a message with an attachment in PDF format. It doesn’t matter if it is an invoice or an advertising offer – there will be people who will activate it. He works in industry, I’m sure. 1,500 people have already fallen in love, and probably more. After clicking on such an attachment, everything will be clearly avalanche. This will trigger a list of initial processes aimed at gaining control of the victim’s computer.

Reliable processes and tools are used for this.

Therefore, it is very dangerous. What amazes everyone is its simplicity. After all, it is unknown how powerful the malware is. However, it turns out that there can be more than one super virus. The road to success is simple and not too rough. Short, simple scripts and the ability to use reliable processes in the victim’s machine will suffice. You can see the application code snippet for yourself:

@echo off
@md "%APPDATA%\Adobe\Adobe Inc\AadobeRead"
@xcopy /y /h /e /r /k /c *.* "%APPDATA%\Adobe\Adobe Inc\AadobeRead"
@attrib +r +a +s +h "%APPDATA%\Adobe\Adobe Inc\AadobeRead"
@start "ogbsdretur" /normal /b /d "%APPDATA%\Adobe\Adobe Inc\AadobeRead" "%APPDATA%\Adobe\Adobe Inc\AadobeRead\abd02.bat"

Analyzing the operation of Separ, we came to the conclusion that only one carelessness can expose you to Separ infection.

Remember that this is a very difficult virus to detect. He will not know that you have him for a long time. Well, because like. Antivirus will not detect its presence. Your computers will not slow down or work. No ransom will be paid to Bronislaw Komorowski or any other celebrity in the background. The screen is very short, but completely naturally avoids situations that make it clear that the car is infected. That was the idea behind the development of this virus, and as you can see, it works great. This is not a threat to show how great the creators are, because they have managed to interfere with you. The virus is aimed at its goal, which is to steal information.

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It should come as no surprise that there are more infections than the meter says.

Perhaps many people still do not know about it. In addition, the virus still works very well and is still spreading on the Internet. No one said the network had recovered or that any antivirus had learned to detect it. That is not good. Therefore, it is possible that in the coming weeks there will be more cases of infection. However, I was amused by the fact that users are still prone to fake emails – I thought this method has long been ineffective, because everyone already knows that such emails contain viruses. Apparently, unfortunately, I had a very high opinion of users, and they are still irresponsible and humble. No campaign is helping, and even those who read this post will most likely continue to click on the emails on the left and then grind their teeth in tears.

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