Queues for passports. How to do it? How long do you have to wait?

Who can get a passport?

The document can be accepted Every citizen of Poland. However, you can Do not take your passport or you can take ithowever, these are exceptional cases, such as a court or prosecutor’s office requesting that a passport be refused or declared invalid.

In court, this is the case against the person applying for the document criminal, fiscal or civil proceedings are instituted. On the other hand, a person applying for a passport may prevent the issuance of a passport. activities related to the prosecution of a crime.

Where should I apply for a passport?

You can apply for a passport any passport office in the country. The list of places is available on the websites of the provincial administrations and on the website gov.pl. Often these are offices operating in provincial offices or field passport offices in small towns. The place of registration no longer mattersso you can get a passport from where you currently live or go to another station if the queues are long..

The acceptance service will be available soon Passport via the Internet. The e-application will be created by an official and the citizen will be able to sign it digitally.

An application for a passport abroad can be submitted to Polish consulates.

How long does it take to get my passport?

You are waiting for your passport up to 30 days after the application is submitted. It is usually a document ready to be assembled earlier, but it depends primarily on the period for which you apply for a passport. You have to reckon with that passport offices become more crowded before the holiday. It may turn out that you will have to wait longer to get a passport abroad. The authorities provide information about the deadline, so it is always worth asking about it when you are at the passport office..

You can check if the document is ready to be taken from citizens.gov.pl.. It is enough to enter the work number for the passport, which confirms the application. After entering it on the website, you will immediately receive a response with the status of execution. The second option is to contact the office by phone and provide a job number. If you want your passport to be issued as soon as possible, you can apply for a temporary passport has a shorter service life.

How long is a passport valid?

For adults and children over 13 years old The passport is valid for 10 years. In turn, the validity period of the document for a child under 13 years 5 years. The passport indicates the exact period of use of the document. If you replace your passport with a new one, all visas will remain valid. However, it is worth checking with the embassy before traveling to the country where you have a visa to see if you have two documents with you.

How much is a passport?

Passport price 140 PLN. However, the amount may be lower. 50 percent of relief applies to students, students, retirees, the disabled and those receiving social assistance. These people will pay 70 PLN for the issuance of a passport.

On the other hand, people under the age of 26 with education and a member of a large family (with a large family card) can benefit from 75 percent. relief. You can also rely on a smaller amount when your appearance changes dramatically and you need to update your photo or information, or when your passport is filled with visas and stamps, leaving no room for new ones in the document. Free passport It can be given to people over 70 years old.

The cost of a passport for a child under the age of 13 is the amount 30 PLN. If he does not have a document entitling him to a discount (for example, a school certificate), it is the price 60 PLN. If you are over 13, you must pay for a passport 70 PLN relief or 140 PLN without. All information about discounts can be found on the official website of the government.

If it is their own fault you destroy or lose your passportthe fee for the preparation of a new document is higher and amounts to 420 PLNif you are not entitled to any assistance.

What documents do I need to get a passport?

To obtain a passport, you must prepare the relevant documents and pay the fee in advance. What documents are required to issue a passport? Here is the list:

  1. application For passports available at the passport office,
  2. proof of payment fees for passport,
  3. document giving the right to use the discount (for example, school or student card),
  4. one modern, colorful picture not later than 6 months before submitting the application to a single, bright background. There should be no hats, glasses or other accessories that could make identification difficult. The dimensions of the image should be 35 mm wide and 45 mm high. The picture shows the applicant looking straight ahead, in the front position,
  5. is important ID cards and is important passport for inspection (if you have a document). When you get your new passport, you must present an old passport that can be revoked.

Passport for children

In the case of children The application for a passport is submitted by parents or legal guardians. In addition to the parents, a child over the age of 5 must also come to the point. Minors are not required when applying. Fingerprints are taken for children over 12 years old. In the application for a passport for children both parents must sign consent in the presence of an official.

In some cases, if one of the parents is unable to participate in the application procedure only one of them is allowed. The parent going to the office must submit a document confirming the absence of the other parent. agreed to issue a passport to the child in writing notarized by a consul or an employee of the passport office.

Other well-founded circumstances include the fact that one of the parents is unknown, dead, or unable to make a decision about the child (a court order is required).

As for those required Documents for obtaining a passport for a childthey are the same for adults.

Passport for animals

If you are going to an EU country with your pet, you must have an animal European animal passport (dogs, cats and ferrets are mandatory). It must also be implanted microchip or if the readable tattoo is made before July 3, 2011 was vaccinated against rabies. In addition, if the target area is tapeworm clean, the pet should receive tapeworm treatment.

The European Pet Passport is a document that contains all the necessary information about your pet. You can Get it from any licensed veterinarian. If a pet has modern vaccines, it is valid for the rest of its life. The price of an animal passport is around 100 zlotys.

You must have a pet when traveling from a non-EU country EU animal health certificate is issued by the country’s official national veterinarian no later than 10 days before the animal’s arrival in the EU.

However, if you go Outside of European countries, check the specific requirements of the country. A passport is not always required, but often a passport must be provided instead medical report. Some countries have a complicated enough procedure to cross the border with your pet, so make sure you complete all the paperwork. If you plan to travel by plane, also check the requirements of individual airlines.

Where do you need a passport?

To many countries you cannot enter only on the basis of an ID card. You will not enter Europe without a valid passport Great Britain, Ukraine and Kosovobut a visa is not required there. In turn Turkey, Belarus if Russia You cannot enter without a valid passport and visa. To other non-European countries passport or visa required. Exceptions are some foreign departments of France (for example, Guadeloupe, Martinique or French Guiana). On the other hand, since 2011, all EU citizens can cross the Georgian border only upon presentation of an identity card.

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