Photovoltaic 2022. The number of consumers is growing more slowly

The growth in the number of consumers has slowed down. In April 2022, PGE connected more than 98 percent fewer photovoltaic devices to the grid than a month earlier. – The data is very surprising, but it really was, and this is due to the introduction of new rules for consumers to pay with the energy seller on April 1, – says Zuzanna Sasiak from the Polish Association of Green Networks. Material from the program “Poland and the World” developed by Katarzyna Rosiewicz.

This happened as energy market experts warned. Photovoltaics is in crisis in Poland after the revolution in the method of accounting for environmentally produced energy. – Shares of photovoltaic companies are falling because the market has reacted to the government’s new rules in this way. The goal was clear, that is, to slow down the development of solar energy in our country, and perhaps to give space to players who are asleep with this solar revolution, says Marek Jozefiak from Greenpeace Poland.

Photovoltaics 2022 – changes

In April of this year. PGE 648 connected the photovoltaic device to the network, and that’s it 98% month-to-month decline.

– This information is very surprising, but it really was, and this is due to the introduction on April 1 of new rules, which are less favorable than the previous rules for the settlement of consumers with the energy seller, – said Zuzanna. Sasiak from the Polish Green Network Association. A consumer is a person who is both a producer and a consumer. Produces energy with its own installation.

– The previous rule was that the consumer could store energy in the network, and then collect it when needed. However, under the new rules, the consumer will first have to sell this energy to the grid, and then have to buy it back, and, unfortunately, the price he will get back will be higher, Sasiak explains.

This means that under the new rules, excess energy stored in the summer months is sold cheaper, and in the winter months it is more expensive. “Photovoltaic panels are a little less profitable because of the need to bring Polish law into line with the EU, but paradoxically, they will pay more and more because we are in an energy crisis,” said Wojciech Jakóbik, editor-in-chief.

The Ministry of Climate and Ecology said in a response to TVN24 that it has been in force since April this year. the new system is cost-effective and fair, and “will ensure the sustainable, sustainable development of community energy.” “The system applied in accordance with EU legislation will increase the safety of electricity networks,” the ministry said.

RES in Poland

– In 2015-2022, Poland’s largest energy company, PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, spent only 3.5% of capital expenditures on renewable energy sources. This shows how little attention is paid to these technologies of the future – said Marek Józefiak. The representative of Greenpeace Polska noted that this week’s renewable energy sources produced almost a quarter of electricity in a day in our country.

Large investments in renewable energy have been loudly announced by the government. “We are focusing on new sources of marine wind energy, photovoltaics, such as nuclear energy,” Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said in the past. Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moscow also spoke about increasing the share of renewable energy in wind energy at sea and on land.

These are announcements, and in fact the government is fighting windmills. – Most of the work to be done is related to onshore wind energy, which can develop immediately without the various legal blockades that still exist – Wojciech Jakóbik claims.

“We are investing in large wind farms in the Baltic Sea, but at the same time we are hindering the development of more fragmented facilities that can be built for private, rooted or fundraiser,” said Jacob Vich, deputy editor. – Chief of Energetyka24.

In recent years, Poles are most interested in photovoltaic devices and heat pumps. – 2020 was a year when we reached a stage, that is, for the first time in Poland, more heat pumps were sold than coal-fired boilers. This is a symbol of how fast these changes are going, if only favorable rules are created – says Marek Josephia.

Despite the growing energy awareness of Poles, the share of the renewable energy market is about 16 percent. Coal is still the main source of energy used in Poland.

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