Here the emotions must be kept in one rope

Working in the Olsztyn shelter is not only a pleasure, but also sweat and tears. You need hands and money and outside support is real. How to help and what happens in the shelter? We ask Agata Jastrzebska, a behaviorist, coordinator and volunteer at the Olsztyn Shelter.

What is the current situation there? How many newcomers have appeared recently? How can you help? What do we not really know about the shelter? He answered these and other questions Agatha Jastrzębska She has been a volunteer at the Olsztyn Shelter since 2008 and a behavioral and volunteer coordinator since 2018.

– The animal goes to the shelter. And then what will happen?

– First, the animal must be quarantined for 15 days when it comes to us, which excludes rabies and other infectious diseases. After the observation, the animals undergo veterinary prophylaxis – they are vaccinated, dewormed, chipped, cleaned and protected from ticks. About two weeks after the first treatment, they undergo castration and then go to a church where visitors can follow them.

– How is your day in the shelter?
– Supervisors mainly clean: feed the animals, drink, wash the dishes, clean the pens. If there is interference, then you have to go to Olstin in the meantime. The veterinarian, in turn, first goes around, during which he inspects the animals and gives medicine to about 30 people who regularly receive them. In addition, it regularly carries out planned and unplanned activities during the day. I also start my day by checking the welfare of the animals, visiting them, and then carrying out the planned work on them. The office maintains the current documentation of the animals, receives phone calls and guests who are given dogs for walking. In addition, we promote children on the Internet, but most of all we expect and support people who want to adopt our animals.

– Probably an emotional thing …

– There have been, are and will be feelings in our work. It is impossible to get rid of them. However, emotions will help us in common sense and rational thinking, not in real activities for the benefit of animals. It’s not about the magnitude of the misfortune that’s happening here, it’s about how I’m here now and how I can help Fluff or Fluff. Thanks to us, your pet will feel better, and this is the most important thing. No one will save the whole world, but helping one, the other, a third animal makes sense. The fact that the animals go home or start to open up to us is no longer afraid of us, it rewards all the hard feelings that accompany this work.

– How do animals like you the most?

– Some occur as a result of interference when residents, municipal police or the police report the situation. These are mainly animals lost in the city. It often happens that such an animal is soon taken by a guardian, but some of them stay with us, expanding the group of our students looking for a home. Some pets are simply forgiven by their owners for an unforeseen decision on a given project. We now have more than 100 dogs and 70 cats, which is quite a lot. After all, if we compare the last years, their number is definitely less than in previous years.

– Are there any immigrants from Ukraine in Olst’s shelter?
– There was a cat from Ukraine with its owners, but they decided to leave it in a shelter. Our group was joined by a master dog who left Poland to defend his country.

– And on average, how many animals are brought to the shelter per year. How much is adopted?

– Last year we received 261 dogs, 27 dogs, 248 dogs were adopted, all puppies were given. There were also 183 cats, 126 of whom were adopted and 66 cats, 48 ​​of whom we donated.

– What animals are most often selected for adoption?

– Of course, young and healthy animals are preferred. Such examples do not heat our place for a long time. Unfortunately, our herd is getting older every year, about 60-70 percent. They are over 5 years old, so they have to wait a little longer to be adopted. There are people who decide to adopt an old, old cat or dog, and we are happy about that.

– What is needed to adopt a pet?
– First of all, you must come to us personally. These are usually two or three visits, during which time we interview the guardian to find out where the mentee will go and the owner’s expectations. If we have any doubts, we also make a trip before the adoption. If everything is in order, we give the pet, sign an adoption contract and register the microchip. There is a one-time adoption fee of 80 PLN for adults and 50 PLN for cats or kittens. In addition, when it comes to renting an apartment, the written consent of the owner of the lodge is required. When adopting a dog, it must be a carrier of ants, collars and cats. After the adoption, we also want to contact the owner, for example, by taking photos of how the animal feels.

– What is a temporary home?
– This is a special form of adoption, where you are looking for a home for sick cats or dogs, babies with behavioral problems or still need to be bottle-fed. For our part, we provide veterinary services in our office, while the pet is always looking for a target home.

– How can you help the shelter?

– We invite you to volunteer, that is, direct assistance consisting of walking dogs, playing with cats, petting, brushing … You can come from Monday to Friday. 9-15, summer working hours are extended on Saturdays until 17:00, but we invite you to 10-14. If someone does not have the opportunity to contact us, he can support us by organizing collections or simply buying pet food or equipment that is constantly used and needed by us.

– What conditions must be met to become a volunteer?

– The condition is to be of legal age. Young people over the age of 16 can also come after signing a contract with their parents or under their care. You don’t have to announce in advance during the week, but it’s worth giving information about yourself on weekends and Fridays. 12, because we then create a list so that each dog can go for a walk. There are more people who want to help on Saturday.

– How do you force people to adopt rather than adopt?

– Do not forget that the animals that come to us are mainly due to human irresponsibility, and it is not their fault that they are in the shelter. There are many cool, beautiful, precious pets here. It is advisable to adopt so many stray animals that go to shelters due to human negligence, and it is an excellent solution for us, dogs and cats. We sincerely urge everyone to adopt this kind of adoption.

If you want to help by taking your dogs for a walk or undergoing cat therapy, it is worth going to the Animal Shelter at Olsztyn ul. Tourist 2.
Contact: tel. (89) 526-82-15

The Animal Shelter in Olsztyn was established in 1976 when a state-owned plot of land on Turistyczna Street was given to the animals. According to documents, the cause of the riot was a large number of dogs and cats seen in the city and surrounding areas. Working in a shelter is not only a pleasure, but also a sweat and tears. You always need hands, as well as additional funds to help.

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