Great success of Polish checkers players. No team played so well. “Reason for joy and pride”

There is one round left in the team speed game at the World Checkers Championship. Polish women Natalia Sadowska, Arleta Flisikowska and Katarzyna Stańczuk were second. In order to dream of gold, they not only had to win the last match against the Latvians, but also to score a little more points than the leading Dutch players playing against the Ukrainians.

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Control. The Polish women won 5: 1, the Dutch 4: 2. The results meant that both teams scored the same number of points, and the final victory was determined by the higher number of points scored in the first half of the match. first boards. Sadovska, who always played in the first games, scored two points more than the Dutch.

– The first games are very important, because the outcome of the match often depends on how you start the game. The tactics are different: some bet on only one player, while others make changes. Our tactics were successful. The girls trusted me and fortunately I did not disappoint them – says Sadowska.

Not enough to start

In early May, the world team championship was held in Turkey. First, the players competed in a classic game, then a fast game (15 minutes plus 5 seconds to move) and finally a fast game (5 minutes plus 3 seconds to move). Polish women have achieved great success in Turkey. In addition to gold in the fast game, they added bronze medals in the classic and blitz games. Our representatives were the only ones who took the podium in each competition.

“We went to Turkey for at least one gold,” Sadovska said. – We focused on the most classic game, because in theory we were the strongest in this game. In the last individual world championships, I was fourth and Arleta was fifth. We were favorites, but in the end we were dissatisfied. But in a team race, when one of us falls behind, it’s very difficult for the rest of us to make up for the losses.

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Although showing a weaker position, the Polish women’s Turkish championship started with a bronze medal. It turned out that this was just an introduction to future feelings. – We were a little disappointed after the classic game, but we did not have any anger. We had a desire for a rematch, so we talked after the game and told ourselves that we are really doing our best now, because we have only two chances for gold, which was our main goal. Without him, of course, we would not have returned to Poland in such a good mood, says Sadowska.

The first gold team of the World Cup

The best for our players was on Saturday, May 7. As Sadovska admits, there was no nervousness in the team after the opening. – I laughed that maybe the girls were afraid of my reaction after the defeat, but I was never angry! I was never nervous, I didn’t want the girls to feel extra stress or any resentment against them – Sadowska assures.

And adds: – Team competition is really specific. I know players who are better in individual competitions, because then they do not feel stress and responsibility to the team. Knowing that a worse match could disrupt the team’s efforts can paralyze them, so I never put extra pressure on my friends. I always wanted the girls to play as they wanted and liked.

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The good atmosphere in the team turned out to be a great result. The Polish women defeated the Latvians in the last round and secured the title of world champion in the fast game. – Although the result was the opposite, it was a really difficult game. Among our rivals was 16-time world champion Zoya Gołubiewska – Sadovska emphasizes.

For Polish women, this is one of the greatest successes of their careers. Sadovska, already an individual world champion, was the most successful of the three. Flisikowska is a multiple Polish champion, winner of the World and European Youth Championships, winner of the 2019 World Championship in Riga. Stańczuk is also a multiple winner of national and international competitions and a Polish champion among women since last year.

This is not the first time that our players shine in the team. In October 2016, Sadowska and Flisikovska became European champions in the blitz game. A year ago, Sadowska and Stańczuk won silver medals in the same competition. Now the team has had its first success at the world championships.

– For Poland, the gold medal and the opportunity to listen to the national anthem is always a source of great pride and joy. This is even greater, as the titles won in Turkey are one of the most important places in the careers of Arleta and Kasia, which constantly motivates them to work and develop. There is no need to hide, however, individual success is always more pleasant – Sadowska smiles.

Polish-Polish competition in the Netherlands

Recently, our footballer had more reasons to rejoice. On Saturday, Sadovska won the Grand Prix speed race at the Hoogeveen in the Netherlands. This is the first competition this year and will consist of three tournaments. The next competitions will be held in Utrecht in September, and the latter in the Netherlands at the end of the year.

– I feel good in a fast game and I perform well in general, but I performed very well on Saturday. I won all the games and I was sure I would win the Grand Prix one round before the end of the race. Everything went the way I wanted, I really felt invincible. Arleta and Kasia, among others, learned about it, because, unfortunately, I also won with them. I hope I was forgiven – Sadovska laughs.

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Now the Polish champion is waiting for quieter weeks. In July, Sadovska will take part in two World Cups and the World Blitz Championship. – During the pandemic, most tournaments were canceled and I must admit that I missed trips and competitions. It’s been a long time and now it will take a moment to breathe. I will spend the next few months training hard to start the next race in better shape, Sadowska announces.

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