For Krzysztof Antkowiak, faith is a daily affair

Paweł Gzyl

When he was the “prodigy” of the Polish song, everyone loved him. Then it was quickly forgotten. Therefore, he became addicted. Only faith helped him.

We all remember his “Forbidden Fruit”, which delighted the audience at the 1988 Opole Festival. For some, he has always been a “prodigy.” And he has grown up a long time ago and has been on the music scene almost continuously for more than three decades. He is not only interested in the media, for him his current work is not commercial enough. Meanwhile, last year his album “Keeping me music” Fr. Piotr Pawlukiewicz became platinum.

– I am not only a singer, but above all a pianist and composer. Music has been a great passion for me since childhood. And it takes a lot, but it gives more. The energy spent on reading and playing always comes back to you later. That’s why I’m still at work, sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s not cool, says Onet.

Children’s miracle songs

He was born into a musical family. His father was a co-founder of the Exotic Duo (later the famous Trio Exotic). So there was a piano in the house, and there were new records where little Krzyś … slept happily. When the child was five years old, his father took him to a concert and invited him to the stage. The baby sang with him and loved it. That’s why later, even though he loved sports, music remained his biggest passion.

– Growing up in a home where parents work in a certain profession, such as a doctor or a lawyer, affects children. It was the same for me. I had a music house, and I always had piano and vinyl records in my room. Thanks to this, music has been in my life since childhood. My parents saw that I was playing the piano. I sing a melody – he explains in “Magazine Lubelsky”.

Seeing his son’s interests, his parents sent him to music school. The boy was learning the piano, but he also enjoyed reading. Therefore, he began to go to various vocal competitions for children. When he went to the Konin Festival in 1986, one of the judges was the respected composer Krzesimir Debski. There he liked the young singer and decided to create a repertoire for her with Jacek Cygan. Two years later, the authors send a 15-year-old boy to the festival in Opole with the song “Forbidden Fruit”.

– I remember these emotions perfectly, or one. Joy. The joy of singing in a beautiful place. As an experienced artist, I didn’t feel the fear of the stage you lived in – perhaps because I was a young child. I liked what I did. In a place like the amphitheater in Opole, I have to be tense and stressed, but I felt very good – he says in Magazine Lubelsky.

Drunk on the weekend

The audience immediately fell in love with the young singer. So, concerts and filming began. Krzysztof was not ready for his popularity. Although the girls hung her posters on their beds, the boys were jealous of her success. Teachers reacted the worst. “Our star is back, now let’s hear what he has to say to us,” the boy heard when he came to school. All this affected his psyche.

– Recognition shocked me a lot, which forced me to be very careful, to control my behavior, my responsibility, because “they know his name and what he does.” If you say, “Whore,” you will be judged immediately: “Antkowiak is a depraved gray.” You don’t react to ridicule, you hear: “But it hit him.” When you’re a teenager, so much emotion – suffering from attacks – is unbearable, she remembers in Viva.

17-year-old Krzysztof fell in love and died. Unfortunately, even though other friends sighed at him, it rejected his rise. The young man experienced this for a long time and for the first time in his life he used alcohol to relieve the pain of unrequited love. Krzysztof even resigned from his scholarship to the famous Berkeley School of Music in the United States for his girlfriend, but it did not help. Disillusioned with everything, he stopped his career.

However, he did not leave school: after graduating from the Academy of Music in Poznan, he moved to Warsaw. There he decided to return to the pop scene. Grzegorz collaborated with Ciechowski and under his supervision wrote his first “adult” album – “Dolphin”. Despite the good reviews, it was not so well received by the audience. Krzysztofu broke. He decided to seek solace again in alcohol.

– I have friends, I have a good party, I became drunk on the weekend, thinking that everything is fine so you can dance. The worst part is that the addict is not aware at first. Any addict, whether an alcoholic, a gambler, or a drug addict, does not admit that he has a problem in his life. He believes he is in control. I also deceived myself for a long time that I have no problems with alcohol – he remembers in the “Lubelsky Magazine”.

I heard a prayer

At the beginning of the 21st century, Krzysztof began working with the Drum Machina ensemble. He performed with him abroad and eventually lived in Germany and Sweden for some time. Having to return to Poland, he hijacked his plane on his way to the United States. The taxi driver who took him to the airport offered to show him Atlantic City so that he could have fun while waiting for the next flight. Krzysztof played roulette – and he gambled forever.

After returning to Poland, he began to visit casinos in Warsaw on a regular basis. He was betting bigger and bigger amounts – and it didn’t matter if he won or not. Adrenaline was important. When he was hungry for risk, he could wake up at four in the morning. Hazard held it in his claws for ten years. Only prayer helped him. As he was about to commit suicide, his then-lover ordered his release. God heard this request.

– I try to pray, talk to Him, give thanks, ask Him. My transformation process continues. It is a daily job. Sometimes I find that I spend very little time in my relationship with God and in prayer; then I feel sorry for myself for being lazy. Relationships are like watering flowers – they fade if you don’t pay attention to them. That’s the way it is in every report – he concludes in Niedziela.

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