Attractions near Warsaw – 8 places and sights!

Warsaw is a city that offers a variety of attractions. Looking for interesting places to spend the weekend with your family? Below we list the most interesting sights near Warsaw.

Not everyone likes to relax in the noise of the city. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find quiet places in the country’s capital, but this is enough to relax. Get out of Warsaw.

Attractions in Mikołajki primarily wildlife, as well Attractions in Wisla. When listing the sights of Ustka, in addition to landscape values, it is necessary to mention interesting historical objects. However, you do not have to travel to the north or south of the country to spend time in beautiful natural conditions and admire the magnificent monuments. We will find them all Near Warsaw. To create the impression that we have moved to a completely different place from the noisy, crowded, congested and noisy capital, to the “light years”, it is enough to move away from the capital. It is offered by us Attractions near Warsaw They are located at a maximum distance of several tens of kilometers from the city center (except for one), so the trip by car will not take more than an hour.

Our list Attractions near Warsaw opens Campinos forest. The remarkable feature of this place is the beautiful flora, but not only. It should be noted that the park is rich in fauna. Wildlife lovers can find many species of bats, elk, deer, roe deer, beavers and wild boar there.

The largest forest complex near Warsaw covers an area of ​​about 40 hectares. The total length of walking trails is 350 km, and bicycle routes are more than 200 km. In winter, there are ski trails in selected areas.

The forest owes its name to the city of Campinos. This is where the many inland walking paths begin Campinos National Park. The campus itself has an 18th-century wooden church of St. Mary, so it’s worth choosing as a starting point.

There is another attraction we would like to recommend Nieborow. The 17th-century palace was commissioned by Primat Michał Stefan Radziejowski. In 1774, the Baroque residence became the property of the Radziwiłł family. To this day, the object impresses with its perfect architecture, magnificent interior with a magnificent magnificence and a beautiful French garden.

When you visit the palace, you can’t help but go to someone nearby British Garden in Arcadia. This is the life story of Helena Radziwill. Michał Radziwill’s wife commissioned its construction in 1778, and for the next 40 years she nurtured and improved it. Being suitable for an English-style garden, the park gives a wild and initial impression. Particularly noteworthy are the buildings of ancient and Gothic architecture – the temple of Siana, the house of the Greek arched Murgrabi, the aqueduct, the Gothic house and the house of the high priest.

This is another point of the visit Modlin. There we find one of the largest and best protected Castles in Poland. Today, on the site of the ruins of the fortifications, a fortification camp was built in the 17th century by order of Charles Gustav. The castle itself is an unfinished work by Napoleon Bonaparte. Later, Napoleon fortifications were an important element of Russia’s defense system on its western borders. After the First World War, the building became the property of Poland.

The huge fortification complex makes an amazing impression. Two objects that are part of it deserve special attention – a granary designed by Jean-Jacob Gay and Napoleon’s Redoubt, an artillery tower designed by the emperor himself.

In Kuliqow – We will find a small summer village – a small private open-air museum, located in the corner of Bug. The exhibition presents the life of Mazovians in the early 19th and 20th centuries. Among the museum buildings it is necessary to distinguish a hotel, a small nobleman’s mansion, a country house, a cow barn, a stable, a turnpike, a machine house, a blacksmith’s shop and a granary. The buildings are full of numerous collections – small everyday items, as well as large cars. We will also find a large collection of carriages and skis.

The open-air museum is not one of the largest museums, but it should be remembered that it was created on his own initiative. It should be considered effective in this context.

we move Żelazowa Wola. Local mansion – Where Frederic Chopin was born – This is undoubtedly one of the biggest sights of Mazovia. After the death of the last owner, the place became a ruin, but today the mansion shines again with its former grandeur. Today, the renovated building, which houses the museum of the birthplace of Frederic Chopin, contains numerous memoirs of the most prominent Polish composer. The surrounding park with romantic alleys and bridges also makes an amazing impression. Piano concerts are held there on summer weekends.

Industrial buildings Raryrardów Children may not be impressed, but adults will definitely appreciate the wonderful atmosphere of this city. The city “grew up” as a factory town centered around the linen industry. It was established in the first half of the 19th century, when the spinning mill was relocated to the village of Ruda Guzovska.

The 19th century settlement has survived to the present day. It is a unique place in Europe. The heart of the city, dominated by red brick buildings, enchants with its urban order and harmony. The accuracy of the design of the whole complex makes an amazing impression. The regular network of streets offers a distinct division between the factory and the bourgeoisie.

It should be noted that the factory settlement is not the only attraction of this unusual city. It is worth a visit there Linen MuseumLook at the magnificent stained glass windows inside Church dedicated to Our Lady of Consolationadmire the delicate architecture of the old days director villas and Carol Dietrich’s palace and the simplicity of the houses of bricklayers.

What can be recommended to teenagers looking for Interesting places near Warsaw? Another point on our list requires a slightly longer trip. Zoo in Borysevo It is located more than 100 km from the capital. At this point, the question is: Is it worth going to Warsaw because we can find a beautiful zoo? Of course, this is because the climate at the Safari Zoo in Boryevo is completely different, and it should be noted that there are many representatives of very rare species among the four-legged inhabitants of this place.

The zoo is built in the savannah style. Walking through the atmospheric alleys, you can get the original impression of participating in an African safari, and this feeling is further enhanced by the animals collected in this unusual garden. Listing the most interesting examples, we should first mention the white Bengal tigers, African buffaloes (the only one in Poland), white wolves, servals and cougars. The biggest attraction of the garden is the white lions. Safari Zoo brought these unusual animals as the first zoo in Poland. Big big cats enjoy their grandeur. It should be noted that we are talking about very rare animals – about 100 individuals survived in the wild.

If teenage guests go to the zoo accompanied by younger sisters, be sure to visit. Mini Zoo. It’s a place where you can literally face animals. Of course, this section only collects the softest quadrupeds, including Vietnamese pigs, sheep, goats, ponies, and donkeys.

The great attraction of this place is the World of Water – an artificial reservoir consisting of several islands. This part of the garden acquaints visitors with the life of aquatic animals and more. The area is home to peacocks and American alligators, as well as peacocks, lemurs, mandrills and monkeys, among others.

We chose for the little ones Bajka Park in Błonie. This large playground is divided into several thematic zones. In the area of ​​the fountains, children can “jump” in the shallow water of the river flowing from this part of the park, and there are swimming pools near it. Fun – brick!

The sound zone collects XXL-sized musical instruments. The main thing is that they are not dummy! Smaller visitors can play a drum and a giant drum in giant sinks, which are just a few of the long list of attractions.

The next is the country of mirrors. The curves of the mirrors effectively deceive the eyes, creating a distorted image of ourselves.

There was also a traditional, well-equipped playground. Among the numerous attractions in this area are trampolines, rope ladders and slides.

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