The beautiful Carolina from Goclaw committed suicide in the Kabacki forest. He carefully planned his death

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The beautiful Carolina from Goclaw committed suicide in the Kabacki forest. He carefully planned his death

The death of a young Carolina from Gochlaw shocked the people of Warsaw. The search for the missing 23-year-old ended in the worst possible way. His body was found in the Kabacki forest. Shortly afterwards, the shocking conditions of death came to light. It turned out that Carolina P. planned everything carefully.

Carolina from Goclaw died

The death of 23-year-old Carolina from Gochlaw shocked not only the people of Warsaw, but the whole of Poland. On May 21, 2021, the body of a young girl was found by a person walking randomly in the bushes in the Kabacki forest. Earlier, the young woman’s family reported her missing. No one expected the 23-year-old’s search to end so tragically.

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Officials called to the scene of the horrific find did not find an ID card on the body, only a city ID. Carolina’s family has identified the body. The police and the prosecutor’s office were working to clarify the circumstances and causes of the young woman’s death. The truth turned out to be extremely painful.

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Carolina P. was planning his death

A 23-year-old woman committed suicide. The prosecutor’s office ruled out the involvement of third parties in the girl’s death. In addition, it soon became apparent that Carolina had carefully planned everything. As soon as we found out, he left the apartment at ul. Bora Komorowskiego in Gojlav, Warsaw, drove to Ursinov and then walked a mile and a half through the Kabacki forest to hang himself on a previously selected tree.

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On May 29, Carolina’s funeral was held at the Holy Trinity Church in Grayevo. He was accompanied by relatives on his last visit. – I appeal to the young people gathered for the funeral today. No matter how old you are, God sees your loneliness, frustration, helplessness, uncertainty, failure, and what they don’t love about you, and He loves you as you are, ”the priest said. After the ceremony, a 23-year-old man’s ashes were placed in a grave in a nearby cemetery. It drowned in white flowers.

Grajewo (Podlaskie Voivodeship): Carolina’s funeral from old age

Who was Carolina P.?

Carolina came from Grajevo in Podlasie. He studied and worked in Warsaw. He lived in ul in the capital. Bora-Komorowski. It is possible that this quiet and closed girl, as her friends say, was struggling with major emotional problems. When we followed her public, non-property profile on Facebook after her death, we got the impression that she wanted to tell her friends about her intentions.

Among Carolina P.’s favorite films was “Suicide Room” (a psychological film by director Jean Comas about the emotional problems of young people). He also liked the “We will all die” page, and the only books he was interested in in his profile were “Silence is the heaviest weapon” and “Yesterday they cut off their wings, today they are flying me.” On the other hand, among the parties interested in him was the educational portal Stacja Depresja, which deals with the problems of depression.

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Favorites remember Carolina

On Saturday, May 21, 2022, a year has passed since the tragic events in the Kabacki forest. A year later we visited the grave of young Carolina. Lovers have not forgotten him. The girl’s memory still lives on. There is a beautiful bunch of live flowers on the grave. Candles are lit and Carolina looks at the visitors from the photo on the tombstone.

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Anyone can contribute to suicide prevention. Remember that if you need help, contact people and support organizations such as a psychologist, psychiatrist, helpline 116 123, Crisis Intervention Center or Mental Health Clinic. More information and a list of aid organizations can be found HERE.


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