Premium dry dog ​​food or cheap economical food? What to choose? ›

Being more aware of healthy eating means we attach great importance to the quality of the food consumed. This also applies to our pets, which we try to provide the best. So we often wonder what food will be suitable for our dog? Today we will try to answer the question, will cheap economic food or a little more expensive premium food be better for the dog?

Economical dog food

Karma economic foods characterized by low price and medium quality and composition. Manufacturers focus on making dog food that is cheap and easily available. Customers are often encouraged to buy larger packages for less money. This type of food can be found in your local store, supermarket, hypermarket or discount store. These are, among others, personal labels that can be identified by the signs on the label, which include: “Made by …” instead of “Made for …”.

On the shelves of supermarkets you can also find all kinds of dog food advertised and promoted in the media. Manufacturers invest in numerous marketing campaigns and thus gain recognition and trust. Economical and cheap dog food is aimed at consumers who do not waste time reading the contents of the products and usually pay attention to the easily accessible and cheap product.

When choosing a standard dog food, you should know that it will contain less valuable substances, vitamins and minerals, and more fillers or chemical preservatives. Market foods are characterized by lower digestibility of nutrients premium it yemi. For this reason, it can only be given to an adult dog, but in moderation. Puppies and young dogs, especially during the intensive development phase, need nutritious food to grow up healthy. Prolonged use of poor quality dog ​​food leads to severe malnutrition, protein and mineral deficiencies.. In addition, such cheap dog food can contain artificial pigments and fillers and is often not properly balanced, which contributes to obesity and the development of various diseases and conditions.

Premium dry dog ​​food

Premium feed for dogs Created for all-round owners who are not indifferent to the quality and composition. In this category we find the right one food adapted to the dog at different stages of life. This means that we can adapt the food to the individual needs of our pet, depending on the level of activity and lifestyle. They are currently on the market specially adapted feed for small, medium and large breeds. Puppies, lactating female dogs, working dogs, fat dogs with allergies or other diseases have other needs.

Premium feeds are more expensive than market feeds by weight. But the cost of the daily ration is only probably higher. Good food is very well digested and therefore has a higher food density given less than economic fodder. This, in turn, results in a significantly smaller volume and quality of our pet’s feces.

In addition to the high-quality ingredients of the perfect dog food, the price of these products is also greatly influenced by the cost of special research for specific animal groups. Nutritional tests are intended to prove and test the effectiveness of individual supplements such as chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, sources of omega-3 acids, or prebiotics. Chondroprotective agents added to premium mixes often play an important role in puppies and older dogs suffering from joint problems.

The difference between premium and economical dishes is that they have a completely different recipe. Economical feeds are made from the cheapest raw materials currently available, meaning they have a limited number of flavor options and packaging sizes.Premium food for dogs, in turn, is characterized by the fact that the manufacturer does not change the composition, regardless of the price of ingredients. Repetitive, unchanging ingredients are of great importance, especially as our dog is sensitive to food changes.

Nutrition has a great impact on the health and life expectancy of dogs

Adequate nutrition has a great impact on the quality of life of our pets. This great responsibility is on our shoulders. Food can significantly affect an animal’s well-being, vitality and longevity. Malnutrition leads to overweight, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and even various diseases related to cancer. By taking care of proper nutrition, our friend will not only be healthy but also happy for the rest of his life!

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