Jolanta Fajkowska looks like that now! Do you remember him? (PHOTOS)

Although not everyone remembers, years ago they played a very important role in Telewizja Poland presenters announcing programs and before the movies were released. That’s what he once referred to Agnieszka Woźniak-Staraksaid he would not “the pinda sitting next to the flower.”

He was one of the most popular presenters Jolanta Faykowska, began his television career in 1986 with Teleexpress, broadcast in Jedynka. However, he did not stay long, and a year later he moved to Iki, where, as he explained, he could do “whatever he wanted.”, ie conduct journalistic and cultural programs. He also worked on “Question for breakfast”.

Fajkowska has written extensively on cultural events in Poland and around the world, and has conducted numerous interviews with world-class stars. with Sting, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Anthony Hopkins.

I started working at a good time (…). Today, everyone is fighting with each other, stepping on their feet to stand out once spoke in the Pleiades.

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In 2016, Jolanta Fajkowska resigned from running the Poś program for non-governmental organizations. He left TVP after 30 years of work. Then he stayed Deputy Editor-in-Chief Entertainment on Polish Radio Channel I, he also hosted Cztery Seasons. He also had his own program called “Peace Pipe” on Polsat News 2.

At the end of 2020, Fajkowska unexpectedly stopped his career in the media. However, he assured her that he had work to do.

I have many ideas and many suggestionsI always do something – he said.

He has been a journalist ever since mainly focused on writing booksbut recently reappeared on television In the program “Demakijaż” by Krzysztof Ibiszwhere he performed with his daughter, Maria Niklińska. Marysia praised Instagram with photos and videos from the talk show set, and Internet users were happy.

And again with a beautiful mother; Like two drops of water; You look like sisters; What beautiful girls! – They write in the comments.

Take a look at what Jolanta Fajkowska looks like now. Has he changed much?

Of course, you can see the effect of gravity, but in spite of everything, it looks great for its age and maintains its class. Treatment, injections, fillers, etc. can you do without? bacararsan!

he always had something like that …

Ms. Jolanta is class, knowledge and beauty. However, her daughter has to quit her job in the media.

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She always had a cruel nature, once in an interview she said something unpleasant about her friend as a presenter and showed how jealous she was because her friend was a more beautiful blonde.

I know that the annoying Kurski is not one of the channels that spreads gossip from this production group Hidden Truth, but I put only one, two, tvn, polsat in one stack, and this is what irritates me the most today.

Beautiful, wise and humble.

There was no talk of political parties. This television is this party, that television is that party. Kurski was not there. Like the “secret truth” and other similar twins, there has been no flood of people with Zet-level shit. To this day, I do not understand who allowed this on television, and for 10 years it has allowed such a bottom, and it has multiplied and come to power. Let them show the mouths of those who leave such a thing on TV. After 8 pm, even the movies are active, which should be clear. Now you have to wait for the film until 22:00, when the employee is mostly asleep. At the moment, there is nothing on television at all. Even classes and teachers are gone. Zero contact with the audience. Breakfast TV does not address these serious shortcomings.

Oh, but I’m in love with her, beautiful woman! He always seemed very ready to me! Class!

My mother is younger than my daughter.

I miss the times when this face and a few other faces were announced on TV. I still remember his calming, calming, calming voice. I recently found a channel on YouTube where there was a snippet from the second Polish television program from the 1990s, and it was as if the time machine had moved me into a completely different and richer teenage life. hope. At that time, there was a spirit on television that is not present today. It was those presenters and their characteristic studio that created the atmosphere. There was a kind of diligence, no haste. The audience felt special. Unfortunately, it is no longer applied. Apparently, at one time it was considered a relic like a telephone. Who found it and when? Why? On the other hand .. How people would replace them. I do not think who will be.

I can’t digest them !!!!! Both are unbearable!

… one of the few Polish women who manages to grow old beautifully with her class, culture and elegance!

Her daughter is a clone of a real mother

Beauty, intellect, beautiful to look at. Respectfully

But full. But respect the absence of amendments.

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