Joanna Wróblewska: Such matches are not just played, they win

First of all, how is your health? And your foot?

According to the club, the bone was broken by displacement. Unfortunately, I am after an X-ray that confirms this diagnosis. We also consult another doctor for additional treatment. Now I have orthopedic shoes and two “friends”. My absence will probably last 4-6 weeks.

You were injured in the semi-final match of the Polish Cup with TME SMS Łódź, but returned to the field for a moment. Maybe he even scored a goal. How can you play with a broken bone??

It was a rush of emotions, adrenaline. After contact with Claudia Jedlińska, my unfortunate faulum, when I tried to cross in front of her, hit my knee and immediately paralyzed my leg, she fell asleep. After the first consultation with a physiotherapist, we decided that it was a strong contraction of the calf and tibia muscles, and I had to “run”. I decided to return to the field to see how I would feel. After a few minutes, I realized that it was very difficult. I tried to continue the game, I thought I could do it. I even had an arm position, I took it to my right leg, but the pain was very strong when I tried to give him my weight. The coach decided to replace him after 45 minutes. Still, we thought it was a strong blow, and it never occurred to us that it was a broken fibula. I answered every question about me that I will definitely return to the final. Unfortunately, an ultrasound the next day revealed that the bone had been broken. It was, of course, adrenaline. I had a big problem running backwards and tried to put pressure on a bit ahead because I was attacking and I wanted to disturb my opponents, even though the girls were actually playing “10” in the last minutes. It is not the fault of the coach or physiotherapist, because I could have decided to leave the field, but I tried to help the team. I don’t blame anyone, no one doubted that I could break a bone by moving in such contact.

Let’s return to purely sports issues. Your presentation was a surprise?

Probably many will deny my opinion, but I think that although the Lodz team created more clear situations for themselves, there were poles and beams, and the hero of the match was Ania Bocian, who defended in a very difficult situation, but scored a goal that allowed us to reach the final. These games are not only played, they are won!

You already have it One final of the Polish Cup was left behind. In 2014, you lost to Medyk Konin 2: 3 in AZS Wroclaw. Do you remember that meeting?

How can you not remember the one and only final? I played for 90 minutes and even had an assistant in the first half. We were leading 2-0, everything was under control until Sofia Gonzalez left the field with an injury. From that moment, our game failed. First, Medic scored a contact goal, then equalized. We thought we would go in extra time, but unfortunately Conin’s team dealt a decisive blow and they enjoyed it. I was very young then, the opportunity to play in the final was a great lesson and now it will be the same for the young players of our team. And I’m sure my friends won’t sell leather easily.

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This time you have to support the team. It is difficult to enter a role fan?

It’s been a week since I learned that a bone was broken, and I’m still not reconciled to the fact that I still can’t play. I am mentally trying to come to terms with it. I wanted to play in this final and fight for the trophy that passed through my nose in 2014. It is not an easy situation for an athlete, everyone understands that. And the girls have a lot of support from me, and I from them, because I can count on their help. I will go with them to the final, I will be with them with all my heart.

What is the mood in the changing room in Silesia?ska? The team must play without a leader.

There are some of these leaders since the beginning of the season. Whether it’s Gosia Korda, whether it’s Victoria Kiszkis, whether it’s Paulina Pompa, whether it’s Daria Nowak. We have a long list of injured. There will definitely be another match without us, but our team is mentally strong enough that one riddle can’t solve the whole riddle. Without leaders, girls can compete in Poland and meet the best.

How do you see this last meeting?

We can, it should be Black. Anna Szymanska is in the final for the 15th time, some girls in Silesia are 15 years old, so our players were born when she first played for this cup. I think this match will have its own rules. And it will not matter whether we play with the Polish champion, because anything is possible. Let’s take a look at Eintracht Frankfurt, the middle of the league and the winner of the Europa League.

Finally, I would like to ask a question about your lessons, because I understand. Is there a deadline for dissertation defense?

I don’t have an end date yet, now everything is complicated and layered. I have to complete all the subjects and defend myself by September 16, so I have to finish the last semester and then the defense will be on my calendar.

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