“I am uneducated, lazy and dumb. I only got up because I liked my boss. “- Real life

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Although his name is Cadviga, he wants to be called Yabuchna, not Jaga, Iga, Yagoda. Where did he get this Yabuchna? From Witkacy’s drama! And so it is in everything.

Original at every step

Whatever you touch, they turn to gold. It’s about taking bright photos, and it’s about taking pictures switched to short films.

– Do you know how many visits I have on YouTube? I have watched it in New Zealand, Mexico, China and Taiwan in the last week alone. Dozens of times in the United States alone! Not millions, of course, but I’m not a disco star either. Well, I’m a real artist, and this art is slowly giving way to stained brains. However, there is always a chance that someone who really knows things will notice. has a feeling and taste.

And the same at work. Full of bright ideas. Creativity flows through it like boiled milk from a pot. All this does not make me particularly happy – neither the simple pictures on Facebook, nor the pretentious pictures there, nor – God forbid – these videos. And the things he describes in office bags seem naive, childish and shallow to me. But it creates such an atmosphere around … They all emit a little energyalways amazes everyone. Maybe not? Maybe they, like me, are afraid to accept any criticism as a sign of jealousy? And they will be left alone there.

Because no matter what I say, I never said a bad word to Jabuchin so that no one would think I was jealous of him, because I would not invent the powder myself.

Ya da Ewka …

As soon as he enters the office, all eyes are on him. It can not be otherwise. The fact is that he does not enter, as if he is on the stage. It’s not about beauty, because it’s so ugly and not young, not even in clothes – Even if you wear it, you have to admit, it’s not bad. That style. If the tea is only green, mineral water – still and organic vegetables. Apart from sports, like yoga. Well, sometimes a bike, but in the right clothes. Vacation – in Tuscany. And so on and so forth. Outwardly very special, but eventually fits a certain type. But it creates an aura around itself – like Jabuchna. She acts like a queen, and of course everyone treats her like a queen.

They must be a little stupid.

I am as I am and no booklet will change that

In fact, I have to learn from them, or maybe go to some guides, bookstores are full of them.

“You are beautiful, you are as old as you feel, you can do anything, you will definitely succeed, why should you fail, if you are smart, you are smart, you are smartDiligent, just believe in yourself! ”

I know this nonsense by heart, they are bombing from all sides – in women’s magazines, television programs. But no force can make me feel as good as they say. Because I’m smart enough to understand my limitations – and so on. I know that despite graduating from university, there are huge gaps in my education. And knowledge of the world in general. Because I was careless and careless. Lazy and deprived of perseverance. I lack fantasy, panache, panache. Because I can do the simplest tasks. And if I’ve ever been successful at work, it’s only because of my luck, sometimes I prefer it, but of course not always.

Thanks to luck, I got a job in this ministry.

The manager is worried about the morning, that’s why we already know what awaits us. He runs down the hall and looks like a cat hunting mice. Business. Only happy when tasks overlap.

– Well, ladies, let’s go to work! – rubs his hands. – We only have a few hours.

As usual. Why a few? Why not a quarter of an hour? Wouldn’t it be possible to organize this work in a sense? Should everything always be yesterday? How annoying they will provoke us, they will stand over usjust because someone remembered that they had to work. They didn’t know what to do, as if they didn’t have a gun. I know, girls know, but cartridges don’t. Until the last moment.

– … and Mrs. Jola – only the sound of my name came out of my gloomy thoughts – we will combine all this in a beautiful harmonious text. One thing our director can read with understanding – there is a muffled laugh here.

After all, we are an intellectual background for the mentally ill.

– Ms. Colu, I leave the final version in your hands.

Yes – girls for concept work, and I to correct the style. As usual. Bad smile on my friends’ faces. And so they gossip that the boss is in love with me. Jabuchna wants to say something, but wants to be silent. Ewka looks carefully at her multi-colored nails. Kasia and Anka get up as if they can’t wait to start (or maybe finish?).

This time I was lucky at work again …

The secretary’s name is Claudia, and she behaves like Claudia Cardinal.

– The manager asks you – pushing his red-painted lips.

– Ms. Colu, what can I say, you made it brilliant again. Director in Nine Clouds. Not only this made an excellent speech at the meetingstill sparked heated debate.

– But it’s not my dignity, it’s my friends, they prepared everything in terms of content – it’s me.

At such moments, the only thing that comes to my mind is to bend over and get myself out so that he doesn’t fight with girls for office.

– Please, enough modesty. My friends took the appropriate cash out of the computers, and that’s it. This is a lady wrote the whole text, made him interesting, gave him a dynamic, sharp, provocative tone. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about. I am an old fox.

Does he really know what he is saying?

Maybe he fell in love with me?

This time Claudia Cardinale in pink.

“The manager has something to do with you again …” the suspicious mysterious face. An expressionless face. Will you be crazy? Meanwhile the cartridge in the larks.

– I congratulate you! I am very happy! You deserve to rise like everyone else!

Introduction? Which promotion?

– I am honored to bring you this good news. You become my deputy. The pleasure is all mine. Although there are pleasures for you too. Upgrade!

– But I do not deserve it. My friends are better …

– Girlfriends either follow the routine, or think about retirement, or promote themselves. The lady is smart and hardworking. I want to. You are a real treasure.

One more chance in life. Incredible!

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