EARTO Annual Conference 2022 meeting of 150 experts

Dozens of talks and opportunities for cooperation with foreign partners are the result of Lukasiewicz’s participation in the annual EARTO conference in Barcelona on May 17-18.

The conference, organized by EARTO and its Spanish member EURECAT, included high-level speakers from the European Commission and the OECD, as well as members of the organizations and representatives of non-European research organizations, including from Taiwan and Australia. The Lukasiewicz Research Network was represented by President Piotr Dardzinski and Vice President Marcin Kraska.

The first day of the conference was a meeting of the permanent members of EARTO, ie representatives of research organizations included in this organization. It was an excellent opportunity to share experiences on the role of research organizations in innovation and commercialization.

The meeting was accompanied by a seminar, in which participants worked in subgroups and exchanged views on the role of research organizations and the tasks ahead of them in the coming years. Its findings will be included in the OECD publication on the ongoing work on the role of research organizations.

On the second day, the annual EARTO 2022 conference was organized with the participation of both permanent members of EARTO, as well as representatives of other organizations and government officials.

The meeting was an opportunity to get acquainted with the current activities and plans of the European Commission in the field of research and innovation, including the activities of EARTO, the purpose of which is to promote the developed solutions and focus on interests. members of the organization at the European level.

Economic stability and sustainable development

EARTO members stressed the important role of research organizations in supporting economic sustainability and sustainable development. The implementation of green and digital transformation, which is important for both research organizations and enterprises, was discussed. It was stressed that support tools from government agencies are needed to accelerate the transformation.

– The very positive trend we are currently witnessing in Poland is that research and development spending has increased by 40% over the past five years. Since 2019, we have organized more than 1,200 Challenges involving approximately 500 companies. Businesses are increasingly investing in the training of their employees in the field of R&D. An example of this is the increase in the number of applied physicians, which is already about 1,700. However, these changes would not have been possible without the participation of government agencies and their new approach to innovation. – Piotr Dardzinski, president of the Lukasiewicz Research Network, said in his speech.

He also stressed that the organization’s priority is cooperation with scientific partners from around the world, and its main goal is to develop and implement modern low-emission or digital solutions in the future together with business partners.

Participants of the event had the opportunity to get acquainted with examples of projects conducted by research organizations to achieve the goals of the green and digital transformation policy.

Transformation of Lukasiewicz

An example of an effective transformation is the Lukasiewicz Research Network, established in 2019 on the basis of 38 institutes. Now, as a result of three years of organizational transformation, the number of institutions is 26.

We are constantly changing our offer for the better to meet the needs of our partners, especially businesses. What is important for Lukasiewicz is cooperation both in individual institutions and in the organization as a whole. Projects implemented by the Lukasiewicz Research Network enable the development of breakthrough solutions in areas such as hydrogen economics, marine wind energy, modular construction and artificial intelligence, said President Peter Dardzinski.

In 2021, 1,538 projects were implemented in Lukasiewicz, of which 58% were related to the sustainable economy and 12% to the digital transformation. Other projects focus on health and smart and clean mobility, with elements of environmental and digital transformation.

350 members of EARATO

EARTO has more than 350 members in 20 countries of the Old Continent. Its members represent 150,000 highly qualified scientists and engineers who manage various technological infrastructures. EARTO’s mission is to promote and represent the interests of research organizations in Europe by strengthening their profile and position as key players in research and innovation systems. The organization also aims to ensure that European R&D and innovation programs are as relevant to their interests as possible. EARTO supports its members in operational and business practices and provides them with information and advice that will enhance their financial opportunities for European R&D and innovation programs.

EARTO has established permanent and temporary Working Groups to identify common positions and share best practices. They are made up of experts from EARTO member organizations who help shape political positions on complex financial, legal and technological issues. These groups also offer opportunities to network and project consortia in European competitions.

EARTO-related research organizations conduct research in all areas of science. Their work ranges from basic research to the development of new products and services. They are non-profit organizations whose public mission is to support society. To this end, they work closely with the industrial sector, large and small enterprises, as well as large public organizations. Łukasiewicz Research Network has been a member of EARTO since 2020.

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