“Apparently, it is impossible to judge. The neighborhood hooligan showed me more heart than any of my neighbors. ”- Real life

photo: Adobe Stock, Andrey Cherlat

For some time now, the property has been shaken by a group of young hooligans, perhaps criminals. All the neighbors went astray. The worst of them were their leaders …

I will not judge more people by their appearance

Even a bandit can become a hero. I have lived in the same neighborhood all my life. It used to be a residential area for employees of the nearby plant and their families. Like the parents of many of my friends, my mother worked there. We all knew each other. However, after the factory closed, the former neighbors began to move. Newcomers relocated, those who did not want to integrate rarely answered “good morning” and took their children in the yard all day.

As children grew older, they smoked under cages, sometimes a group of them would go to the store to buy the cheapest beer or wrap up a few bars. It was these young people who began to lead the district, which I once called “mine”. The last stronghold of the past was the At Lidki grocery store, where you could not only shop, but also talk to the owner.

– Good morning! When I came for bread and buttermilk, Mrs. Lydia called me when she saw me. “Oh, we’re out of bran, but I left you a loaf of sourdough bread with sunflower seeds.” Is it provided with a slice?

“Please,” I shook my head and asked how things were going as usual.

– It’s quiet today – he started slicing my bread – but yesterday I thought my heart would break, I was so scared! Because, you know, six of them came here, with hoods, shaved heads, tattoos on my hands … I thought they wanted to make money, and at least I started praying that they wouldn’t hurt me …

My eyes widened, and then I asked what had happened, but it turned out that nothing bad had happened. The men bought cigarettes, beer and packaged sausages and left.

“But there was fear,” said Lydia. – Did you hear how they got into this new hairdressing salon? As soon as the woman entered, the glass of the door was broken and the equipment was stolen …

I shook my head in horror and thought for the thousandth time that this was not the previous neighborhood.

Is such a person capable of feeling anything?

On the way home, of course, I met this group. I knew them by sight, and there were dozens of young, slender men in hooded shirts and sweatpants. They reminded me of a little herd of predators, because there was always one person – probably their leader – sitting a little higher, behind a bench, and then on some wall, and the rest surrounded him like everyone else.

They were often involved in smoking, swearing loudly, and breaking or breaking beer bottles. When I saw them, I crossed the road against all odds. This time I also heard a loud voice.

“I’m telling you, don’t … don’t … because if you’re with … you won’t get up!” One said, and the others nodded in agreement.

I trembled. Although they never hurt me, I didn’t know what they could do after the third, fifth or tenth beers. I also saw the greatest man who seemed to be their leader. In my mind, I called him Mutant because he reminded me of a genetically modified soldier in a movie I watched. He was tall, his body was sculpted at a local gym, and his head clung to his shoulders because you couldn’t even tell his neck because his shoulder muscles were so big. He always had a cloudy expression on his face, often wandering aimlessly between blocks, kicking castles or spitting through his teeth. I was the most afraid of him. I suspected that he was the one who planned the robbery at the barber shop. I also heard about the theft of radios from cars, and I was sure that he was behind it.

I woke up early in the morning, it was early in the morning. I could not sit quietly at home, I went for a walk in the sleeping neighborhood. As I had just passed my former teacher’s neighborhood, I heard a thin, hopeless squeal.

– What is this ?! – I stopped.

The crackling intensified. I could clearly hear a few small voices.

– Cats? Cats! I muttered to myself, looked around carefully.

A few minutes later I found the source of the sound. There were crackles coming from the storm channel … I understood what was happening. There were small cats inside, and an adult cat would not let them out of the net. How did they get there? Someone must have put them there! I could not breathe for a moment of anger. I wondered what I would do to someone who was so cruel to small animals. He immediately remembered the bunch of mutants. These eternally boring young people would be capable of such cruelty, but for fun!

But I didn’t have time to roar in anger.

I had to save the kittens

At first I thought about who to ask for help. No one came to mind. It was five o’clock, and none of the neighbors got up. I was alone. I tried to open the drain cover. He fled by force. It was a piece of cast iron, I couldn’t stand it. The kittens were meowing below, I was strengthening myself with a lid, and it was starting to rain.

“God, this place will be flooded …” I whispered to myself.

And then things got worse. At the end of the street I saw a familiar, strong figure. It was Mutant who returned from the assembly, perhaps from the girl. It was cloudy as usual, and as usual his hands were in his pockets, on the face of the hood. I was afraid that if he found out about the kittens in the hole, he would try to torture them, maybe throw stones at them. So I tried to get away from the hatch, but it was too late.

– Did you get there? He asked as he passed me.

– No, nothing, I’m just …

– What is this? Can i hear you Is this meowing? He ignored me and squatted next to the bars. – Damn, they are little cats!

I swallowed hard. It was too late to hide the cat’s family from him. All he had to do was ask her not to hurt them. I started to say something, but he didn’t listen.

– Well … they need to be taken out! announced. – It is raining, they will be flooded soon. Mrs. catches, I’ll go there. He squeezed his jacket and phone in my hand.

I didn’t know what to say, so I stood there and grabbed Mutantin by the cage with his paws like a loaf of bread and watched him lift him up as if he weighed a pound.

“Well, I’m going down,” he said. – W … but it smells here!

After a while, he lowered himself into the ravine over his shoulders. And when he bent down again, he was holding small wet marbles in both hands.

“The lady will take them, there are three more!” – he instructed me.

I took the kittens from him. In fact, there were three more. Generally five or three week old cats. The little ones. Dirty, wet, scary but alive. Thanks Mutanta. I suspect you posted them …

I said, “You saved them …” I still couldn’t believe I was a witness. – For God’s sake, your shoes are completely wet. And pants … oh!

Something muttered and waved.

“Some zebras put them there,” he breathed angrily. “W … everything is going badly in this area!” Some evil is attacking our barber, someone is robbing our cars, and here another is annoying the animals! But I will learn who will do it with my donkeys and my lovers … Oh sorry! Suddenly he looked at my face and thought.

Then I saw that he had green eyes. kittens.

“Well, we’ll do it,” he said, and replaced the hatch. – The lady will take these little ones, because they need to be taken care of. You may need to take them to the vet, right? But don’t tell anyone I took them out. Someone, well? You found them in the trash and hello. You say so.

“But …” I wanted to protest, because it was his heroism.

– I say: no one! – He looked at me threateningly, but for some reason I did not know how to be afraid of him. – I must respect the courage here. No one knows I went to a septic tank for a little hair!

I understood why, and I promised to stay with us.

I did not tell our secret to anyone

I took the cats to the vet. They were five weeks old, just very tired. After being fed, dewormed, and pinched, they turned into beautiful, fluffy balls, and I began to look for new homes. I quickly found the owner of four cats. I left the last cat for myself.

No one on the property knows about Mutant’s actions, I thought. I often see him sitting with his friends and discussing something intensively. Maybe about how to get foreign hooligans out of “their” neighborhood. He doesn’t tell me “good morning”, but once he came to me near the trash can when no one saw him.

“Those cats …” he asked. – Were they healthy? All survived?

“Yes,” I assured him. – They already have new homes. Someone stayed with me.

– ABOUT! – I think he was surprised. – And what? What did you call him?

– Mutek – I answered with difficulty hiding my smile.

Of course, he didn’t understand what was making me laugh. He simply shook his head, put his hands in his pockets, and walked away at the indifferent pace of the gang leader. And I went back to Mutek and stroked his soft hair.

– Did you know that the look is deceptive? I asked the green-eyed cat.

Of course he didn’t answer, but he muttered loudly.

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