A big scandal in FIFA. Minors are forced to have sex with Blatter and activists

French investigative journalist Romain Molina in the article titled “for josimarfootball.com”Hell on earth“It simply came to our notice then Scandal in FIFA and the Haitian Football Federation (FHF) appeared in 2021. What new information did he get from the staff, players and referees of the FIFA Goal Center in Haiti? For 20 years, FIFA activists had to be forced to provide sexual services.

Leading officials of the Haitian Football Association have long been forced to establish “extensive sexual exploitation network“This includes the rape of teenage girls and boys, abortions, blackmail and death threats. At least one of the victims committed suicide.

The visiting delegations were received at CONCACAF and FIFA headquarters in Haiti Suggestions for having sex with people who work at the FIFA Goal Center. Including some of the oldest football activists Zepp Blattertook advantage of this “system”.

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Most of the young people who train at the FIFA Goal Center were from poor Haitian families. They left home to pursue their dreams and spend their time and skills on sports. According to Molina, some of them now earn their living by prostitution. The former head of the Haitian Football Association said, Yves Jean-Bart. His young football masters join the training program they had to hand over their passports and he was the one who had the greatest influence on the children who trusted him, and paid them a heavy price.

If any of the accusations were to develop, to travel the world with the crew, he would have to offer Jean-Bart something in return. It was often sexual intercourse.

“Football is probably the only way to get these kids out of extreme poverty. It was Dadou’s levers. [pseudonim Jeana-Barta]. Thanks to him, he was able to achieve what he wanted“- comments Ernso Laurens.

So far, 34 victims have been identified. Most of them are minors. FIFA is moving away from this and claims that it has no idea about it. But the victims do not doubt that this is not true. “I don’t understand why FIFA didn’t see what happened. It’s about twenty years of abuse. It was a secret in Haiti. How and why did CONCACAF and FIFA close their eyes? It was impossible not to know“Says one of the victims.” When a visitor came to us, they closed their eyes because they accepted their daughters. It’s that simple. It was the whole system“- adds another.

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Jean-Bart’s partner was the chairman of the FHF Referees Committee. Rosnik Qrant. It was he who used the young Haitian judges “sex gifts” for several CONCACAF and FIFA officials. According to the victims, Jean-Bart was more possessive and “did not like to share his girlfriends.” “She was very jealous. He wanted us only for himself and his sexual impulses“- says the victim.

But he made exceptions. He was one of them Zepp Blatter. “She loved President Blatter. He called him my personal friend“- A former member of the board of the FHF explains. The close relationship between the two men is evidence of repeated rapes of minors at the center. Yves Jean-Bart received a special FIFA award In December 2004.

When Blatter was due to arrive at the FIFA Goal Center, Jean-Bartre called the entire team to his side and taught them the formulas to be communicated to official football officials. “Every time the delegation came, the president called us. He gave us detailed instructions on what to say if someone asked a question. Needless to say, ‘Dadou’ treated us well, he was like a father to us, and we need more money to improve the facility. “Dadou” He also used us to make money“- recalls one of the victims.

Before Blatter’s visit workers had to clean the center carefullyto hide the fact that the conditions are terrible, that mold and ugliness are everywhere. Jean-Bart did not want anyone in FIFA to see that they did not intend to keep the money they had invested in the Haitian Football Association in the center.

A former member of the federation remembers such a visit. After meeting at the resort Jean-Bart had to call one of the workers and tell him to go to the Blatter Hotel and sleep with him.. The woman did not want to do this and explained that she had a husband. Finally, another girl went to the hotel room of the FIFA activist. Earlier, Yves asked one of his subordinates to provide the FIFA president with blue pills. And then completely humiliated the female workerHe sent it to Blatter.

Although Yves Jean-Bart is no longer officially heading the FHF, many say he still controls the union, but from the back seat. “It simply came to our notice then. Nothing has changed“- Molina’s interlocutor explains.

The company itself is closed, and those who speak out about the Haitian federation scandal are intimidated. “To be honest with you, we have already prepared the coffin. I will personally break your skull“- sent an SMS to one of the victims.

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