Testnet Ethereum Ropsten will test The Merge on June 8!

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Testnet Ethereum Ropsten will test The Merge on June 8!The Ethereum ecosystem is waiting for a “big step” in terms of testing the implementation of the new ecosystem. On June 8, the Ropsten test network will implement a test combination on the network, commonly called The Marge.

Ropsten is the next step before connecting to the Ethereum network

Ropsten is one of several test networks created by the Ethereum Foundation in 2017 and currently managed by the Geth development team.

Because this particular test network has a similar structure, it is considered the best replica of the core Ethereum network. This allows developers to perform real deployment tests before applying updates to the actual core network.

The Ropsten Testnet Merge project will connect the proof-of-work network to a new proof-of-stack (PoS) test network and is scheduled to launch on May 30. All this is to simulate the actual situation that will occur when there is a real connection between Ethereum and Beacon Chain and it becomes a PoS network.

The developers, among other things, provided information about the testnet. Preston Van Loon, chief developer of Ethereum at Prysmatic Labs, said: “The Ropsten test network will be launched on June 8! The Ropsten connection is a major milestone expected to connect Ethereum’s core network later this year.

Another developer, who uses the nickname trent_vanepps on Twitter, said last week that the Sepolia and Georli test networks could also be set up for test combinations before confirming June 8.

– It is planned to connect two more test networks after Ropsten and before connection. If all goes well with Ropsten and the next two test networks, it is realistic to assume that the merger will take place in August. This will reduce the energy consumption of the Ethereum network by more than 99.95%, reduce inflation from 5.4 million to 0.5 million ether per year, and provide ethereum owners with up to 10% annual stacking premiums. – Saxo Bank analysts commented.

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It should be noted that the test network schedule corresponds to the comments of Ethereum developer Tim Beiko, who announced last month that Merge will not be ready for use in a few months after June.

– There is no specific date yet, but we are definitely in the last chapter of PoW on Ethereum – then commented.

Another strong indication that things are moving in the right direction is the Ethereum Foundation’s announcement earlier this week that it has “combined” erroneous premium programs for the core PoW network and the PoS consensus layer.

In total, the maximum reward for reporting errors in Ethereum is currently $ 250,000, but this amount can be doubled at important times, such as updates to public test networks assigned to the main network.

– In total, this represents a 10-fold increase from the previous maximum payment for consensus-level awards and a 20-fold increase from the previous maximum payment for leadership-level awards. – we read in the announcement.

Ropsten will be the last test network before The Merge. However, it should be noted that in March we witnessed the launch of the “last” public test network. The oven was a test network that successfully integrated with the Beacon Chain.

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