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Snapchat is one of the communication media I don’t like at all.

I can even honestly say that it irritates me like a few sites. I believe this is a program to let you know that you have visited the toilet. Although social media is still an excellent tool for information flow Snapchat it is completely useless for that.

But recently a friend tried to show me some features that can work outside the entire platform and can be used for different purposes.

All kinds of face inspection algorithms and templates allows us to change our appearance or sound. So we can suddenly get a cat’s face or smooth our skin. At first, I was not sure. I liked the toys when my friend was asked to make a birthday video.

I wanted to write something non-standard.

In the group of friends where the tool is Snapchat hardly recognizable, such a recording created a sensation. The truth is, I didn’t use it to do the same Snapbecause the videos you can write on it are very short. That’s when I sat in front of a computer looking for other tools that could make this transformation possible.

The first program that caught my attention was DubSmash.

This is a program that allows you to add different types of sounds to our audio recording. They can be the subject of movies, favorite songs. In addition, we have a large audio database at our disposal, where we can find iconic quotes from movies, fragments of songs and even popular YouTube themes. The base is really spacious. After installing the application, we just need to decide which country the sound package will choose and we can get started. The most interesting thing is that the program does not require us to create another useless account. Such a mechanism irritates me terribly. It turned out that I have millions of accounts – different for each website and I do not remember the login and password of any of them. Dubsmash is a tool we will use to create a short video, and then we will choose which social network or messenger to use to distribute the newly created content. Thus, we are not limited to one and the same platform Snapchat. We will keep our work MP4 and export it to our device as a file. The application has a very simple interface, from which we can look at categories by sounds. As you can see, it is very important. For me personally Snapchat very wide. If you don’t use it every day, you can go crazy. This is a definite alternative to notes Snapchat and I think it’s worth paying attention to.

Another alternative to Snap is Wickr Me.

This is a kind of conversation. The application works on platforms such as Android and iOS. Applet allows you to send encrypted messages to your friends. They should not be just text messages. The application supports photos and videos. Of course, as it should be Snapchat application group, Wickr There is also the ability to automatically delete messages after reading. Messenger also offers various types of stickers, the ability to chat anonymously with friends or even strangers. Here’s what’s surprising Wickris a software security concern. All data in the application is encrypted and deleted immediately after the call.

However, this is not the end. There are many toys like snap. The other is Yovo.

This is a free instant messaging app that can be found in the AppStore. This allows you to send instant messages to our friends and colleagues. But there are many such applications. So what’s in it? Yovo? Of course, I am also at work Snapchatand we have the option to automatically delete sent messages. This is such a powerful Snapchat functionality. What distinguishes Yovo is its ability to create interesting GIFs and short videos, and most importantly, the application has a really convenient and easy-to-use interface.

Finally, I have another tool that pays incredible attention to security. We are talking about a tool called Sicher.

All messages or photos are encrypted and the same applies to the files we send. The configuration options for this program are a bit more complicated. Sicher allows you to set a countdown to send a message or photo. After this period, the material is removed irretrievably and cannot be recovered. Interestingly, the program can be password protected. I have never encountered such a mechanism before. This allows you to hide messages from unauthorized people. Groups are another function. This is a tool to send your location or block certain people. The app appeared in both the Google Store and the AppStore.

Of course, it should be noted that many ordinary messengers have features similar to Snapchat.

It is now a very popular topic. There are also many programs that we can use to make funny notes, in which we can use templates to change the image. So far I have laughed at these mechanisms, but they can help a lot. Of course, pictures of high school girls with teddy bears, dogs and cats are spread on the Internet every day. However, when you want to quickly record a funny video, the program works one hundred percent. Unfortunately, an interesting mechanism such as facial recognition algorithms is used for meaningless purposes such as snapping.

Let us know which Snapchat alternatives you use – we’d like to add them to our list.

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