Italy. Sonia Marri, the case of the missing girl. A published conversation between a priest and a student

“They will never find him. His body has been dumped,” Italian media reported this week in a conversation between a priest and a seminarian. Men listened to carabinieri to investigate drug trafficking. Suddenly, a seminary student began talking to a clergyman about a woman who was about to kill someone, defile his body, and finally throw him in a dump.

Sonia Marra came to Perugia in 2006 to study at the age of 25. He wanted to work in a biomedical engineering laboratory. He came from Lecce, a city in southern Italy (the last of the “heels”). On the evening of November 16, his mother was waiting for a phone call at her family’s house. Her daughter called her every day to make an appointment. So, when the phone rang, the woman began to worry.

The next day he informed the services. The police entered Sonya’s apartment – it was empty. He did not appear at university or at work, in the secretariat of the Centro Mater Gratiae theological school in Montemorcino. Officers searched the neighborhood, around the university, and questioned witnesses – to no avail. A 25-year-old man melted in the air.

The territory of the Montemorcino monastery

According to investigators, the main suspect in Marra’s disappearance was her former partner Umberto Bindella. “They met at work, Bindella was a theological student. Investigators reached Marra by analyzing her phone calls. They suspected that the 25-year-old was pregnant with her,” the daily Il Fatto Quotidiano reported.

Bindella admitted in her testimony that the 25-year-old had taken a negative pregnancy test two days before she went missing, but did not remember where she was thrown. The prosecutor in charge of the case did not believe him: he accused him of murder and hiding Sonya’s body. However, he did not find any evidence to prove such a course of events, and Bindella was acquitted in 2019 of the charges.

Priests, drugs. “You know, the weakest lose in the end”

Sonya’s family has not surrendered, and since then, with the help of a lawyer, they have been looking for witnesses and events that could lead to a reopening of the investigation. – We are working hard, reviewing all the collected court materials, looking for a starting point that can force the court to reconsider the case. Only when we find him will we be able to submit an official application – a representative of the family, Alessandro Vesi, left on Monday in an interview with the Italian news agency ANSA.

Rai TV-related writer and journalist Alvaro Fiorucci also closely watched the working papers. Last Friday, his book, The Man in Black. Sonya’s Disappearance, was published. When seen in the market, the most important Italian media returned to the history of Marra. Thanks to the phone conversation that opened the first chapter. The dialogue he found was a conversation between a priest and a student that Todi had heard of a carabiner during an investigation into drug trafficking around Perugia.

“The latest twist is a conversation that has been unknown since 2011. It is a conversation between a priest and a seminary student who should have known the conditions of Sonya’s disappearance but always remained silent. Anger and personal hatred of the clergy,” we told La Repubblica Sunday Read the next article. The newspaper quotes the interview:

Student: This girl, do you know what happened to her? They tore it to pieces. Pastor: Who? Student: They will never find him. Pastor: Who did that? Student: His body was thrown in the trash. It is impossible to find in this way. They will never find him again.

Pastor: I understand. But did you remember what his story was? I do not remember. Student: That’s pregnant. Do you remember when that priest was arrested for drugs? Pastor: Yes, something comes to mind.

Student: They were all related to each other, drugs, money, sex and other issues. It is known that the weakest lose in the end. (…) He was at the center of everything. (…) He saw and heard everything. That is why he was hurt. Because the priests were involved in all of this. This was ordered by them, who are currently being interrogated. And others I can’t tell you. Imagine how this mother, who will never find her daughter, feels. (…) Killing someone to cover yourself? This is done by the mafia.

Fanpage recalls that the priests were also interrogated in Sonia Marra’s case because they were her closest circle – she worked as a secretary of the theological school “Centro Mater Gratiae” in the monastery of Montemorcino. However, investigators did not find any evidence that clerics were involved in the disappearance of the 25-year-old.

Sister: We want to find the body

The book’s Friday premiere in Perugia featured Sonia’s sister, Anna Marra, who continues to fight for the truth. “We still believe in the administration of justice, we want to find at least one grave to light up the darkest corners and make the body cry,” he said.

“If someone feels the need to free themselves from an inexplicable burden, they can do so anonymously,” he said.

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