“I invited Justina to a meeting and she said she was sorry. He couldn’t believe that I fell madly in love with him. “- Real life

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My friends thought I was lucky and they were right. Everything in my life was going well for me: I was the only child with a good upbringing, I finished a good high school, after that I was able to apply for the education I wanted. After an internship in London, I got a well-paying job at a corporation without any problems. In addition, I inherited an apartment from my grandmother. I could afford it furniture and a very good machine.

I lived a single life without problems: I went to the pool, gym, pubs. Neither stability nor my family was lacking. Why shut up when there are so many girls in the world who want to go on an adventure? When I met Justina two years ago, everything changed. I remember that day very well …

First, I visited him for work

He saw her leave the manager’s office in a wheelchair. I thought I had never seen such a beautiful girl in a long time. He had long dark hair, blue eyes, fine lines, and was thin Although he was sitting, I could clearly see how he was in shape. If it weren’t … you know, I’d immediately start asking him for a movie, a walk, and coffee together.

– Justyna, meet Mikołaj, he is engaged in the strategy of advertising campaigns in our company, you will contact us often – the boss introduced us.

– And I am a graphic designer – youJustina shone in a beautiful, calm voice.

When he left our room towards the elevator comments immediately fell. My co-workers lamented that such a chicken had a wasted life. We also wondered why the manager hired a disabled girl. Working in our corporation is the pinnacle of dreams for young, talented and – what can you hide here – healthy people.

– He does his job well. It’s a great investment – Marek just smiled in response.

Time has shown that he is absolutely right. Justina was very talented, her projects were not superior to anyone. He kept in touch with us mainly by phone and through Internet, he was rare in the office. But it was not possible to organize everything remotely.

Marek asked me to meet with Justina at home from time to time during business hours and to deliver to her what was not available online. I finally gladly accepted the offer there was enough chance to leave the company.

Justina lived in a rather middle-class apartment with her mother. Rooms, corridor the bathroom had ramps, wider doors, and handles on the walls. The girl in his area looked completely independent. I was surprised that she was smiling, cheerful and cheerful. If I were him, I would probably hate the whole world! Justina never talked about her disability.

During one of my visits, I saw a picture of a handsome boy on his desk.

– Was it your brother or your fiancé? – I couldn’t help but be interested.

– Bartek, we were already a couple in high school – Justina told me. – We went to college together, we planned the future, we were like love birds … Eight years ago, we returned by car from friends. It was raining and my eyesight was poor. Bartek was walking cautiously, but he could not predict that anyone would pass him on the corner. We had an accident. He died on the spot, I survived, but … you see. My spinal cord is damaged.

Only now I feel alive

I lost my heart for a moment. I did not know how to behave or what to say. Justina helped me.

“It was hard for me at first, but I finally recovered,” he said quietly. – İ I did everything not to be a burden to others. I work, I earn, in fact, I provide for myself.

“And very brave,” I said.

Each subsequent meeting brought us closer to each other. I was not interested in Justina’s disability. I liked her voice, her smile, her inner warmth. I felt good with him, his presence only made me feel good. I admired him, too I liked him more and more… Just like a man to a woman.

“Wouldn’t you like to go out to dinner on Saturday?” – I offered one day. – I know beautiful places …

– Santa, do you really want to spend time with me? Could it be a pity? He asked directly.

– Justina, how can you do that? I feel like a baby in love with you …! I fell on my ear, girl! Suddenly I decided to tell the truth.

He blushed and was obviously confused, but we went to dinner. We had a wonderful evening at the restaurant and then came to my place. Justina by the warm candlelight he finally admitted to me that he was not indifferent. I kissed her and, seeing permission in her eyes, I slowly made my way from the stroller to the bed.

I admit – I was afraid of how it would be. I thought, can I make a woman happy after such a serious accident?

– Relax, Bear – Justina calmed me down. – Just love me …

We have been married for a year and now I feel alive. I am happy and grateful to Justinian that she wants to marry me. Because my husband is a special woman.

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