Ewa Karska, Carrefour: We have a high level of commercialization

Carrefour Polska has completed the first quarter of shopping malls in the Polish market. During this time, the chain has signed 14 new lease agreements with brands such as Half Price, Monnari, KIK, Empik, Reporter Young or Pepco. The company has also extended about 40 contracts with existing tenants and announced that it will intensify marketing activities in 2022.

Carrefour, which manages more than 230,000 m2 of GLA space in Poland, continues to strengthen the position of shopping centers in the domestic market. In difficult 2021, the network has extended about 120 leases with a total area of ​​13.3 thousand square meters. m2 and a total of 11.5 thousand 44 new contracts were signed. m2. In this work, including the chain’s very good business relations with tenants, many years of cooperation have allowed them to survive the difficult period of the pandemic together.

High level of commercialization

The company also finished last year with a high level of commercialization of its facilities, amounting to 97.4%. This is the result of the development of a stable position of facilities in local markets, as well as a reactive and flexible approach to changing conditions in the industry. This also shows that Carrefour facilities have a commercial position defined on city maps and meet the needs of a mix of local tenants.

The first quarter of 2022, which claims that Carrefour shopping centers have adopted a good strategy for this year. In the first three months, Carrefour signed 14 new leases and extended 40 more.

– The extension of the contracts that we were able to complete on such a scale in 2021 after the pandemic is a great success and satisfaction for us, because it shows how much our tenants trust us. We are a stable partner for them, so they can grow their business and make a profit despite the difficult market environment, says Ewa Karska, director of Carrefour Shopping Galleries. We are not slowing down this year either. So far, we have signed more than a dozen contracts for smaller and larger spaces in our galleries, we are re-commercializing more and we are in talks to extend existing leases. We also invest in strong sales marketing to increase our audience and thereby increase the satisfaction of our tenants, ”Karska added.

The Carrefour chain was able to expand its portfolio of tenants this year, including for the Half Price brand (Galeria Słowiańska Zgorzelec). Other shops will be opened in Carrefour galleries: Monnari (Galeria Lwowska Zamość, Galeria Zielone Wzgórze Białystok, Galeria Gryf in Szczecin), KIK (Galeria Zielone Wzgórze Białystok), Pepco and Coral (Pragco).

Effective Marketing

Last year, Carrefour galleries hosted more than 40 marketing and promotional events, which effectively increased the number of visitors to the facilities. This year their number will increase:

– Our shopping centers are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of customers. We want to accompany them during regular shopping and offer an interesting entertainment offer. We will continue marketing activities that increase the attractiveness of our facilities and make visits
In our centers, they become a pleasant experience – emphasizes Ewa Karska.

The network will have a series of outdoor events for this year, including events with licensed toy brands, as well as a perfect addition to the shopping offers of individual galleries. The next ones will be held at the junction of May-June this year on the occasion of Children’s Day.

Carrefour Polska is a multi-channel retail chain with more than 900 stores operating in 6 formats in Poland: hypermarkets, supermarkets, wholesale and discount stores, local and specialty stores and online stores. Carrefour also has a network of 20 shopping centers and more than 40 filling stations in Poland with a total area of ​​more than 230,000 GLA.

As one of the world’s leaders in the food trade, Carrefour is a powerful multi-format chain with more than 13,000 stores in more than 30 countries. In 2021, Carrefour achieved sales of 81.2 billion euros. The team has more than 320,000 employees working together to make Carrefour a world leader in nutrition transformation, offering high quality, affordable, affordable food to all customers. Find out more at www.carrefour.com and Twitter (@GroupeCarrefour)
and on LinkedIn (Carrefour).

Carrefour Group’s socially responsible business policy is based on three pillars: combating all forms of waste, protecting biodiversity and supporting the company’s partners.

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