“Hotel Paradise 5”. Jannat Ali before the end was surprised. Love is back!

  • The girls faced a logistical riddle. Which of them did the best?
  • One of the participants talked to three gentlemen. Unfortunately, they did not help him much in his choice
  • Jannat Ali was surprised again. Who was behind Carolina?
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The approaching Rajskie Hand forced each of the participants of the Hotel Paradise to do their best to stay in the game. But he came to the rescue Claudia El Dursipreparing a certain challenge for the girls. The one who did his best could be granted immunity.

“Hotel Paradise”. last chance

The new day at Hotel Paradise was quite nervous. All this is due to the approaching Hand of Paradise. This time the girls were in danger. Carolina in particular did not feel safe. He did not hide that he was in a terrible condition.

Fortunately, Claudia El Dursi, who prepared a riddle for the ladies, came to the rescue. He who did his best with it could count on immunity.

It was obvious that the participants were very enthusiastic about the race.

After a moment of intense struggle with the puzzle, it became clear that Carolina had been granted immunity. The girl could breathe easily.

However, the surprises are not over, because Carolina could go to negotiations with the three boys of her choice. Jay, a participant of Hotel Paradise, wore Grześ and Cuba.

Each of the gentlemen realized that his fate could be in Carolina’s hands.

Both Cuba and Jay explained to Hotel Paradise residents that they wanted to stay in their couple.

It was very difficult for Carolina to crack.

“Hotel Paradise”. Chose as Carolina?

The hand of heaven came. Big changes have begun at Hotel Paradise. The most important decision was Carolina’s.

The participant decided to stand behind Cuba, thus protecting the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately, Olivia was in a very difficult situation at that time.

The other options were pretty straightforward. He chose Laura Grzegorz, stopped for Eliza Jay (there was also a romantic kiss) and decided to have a relationship with Victoria Grzegorz.

The final decisions belonged to Dominica, Marika and Olivia. The first of them chose Casper. Marika decided to surrender and stood behind Jane. He explained that he wanted to be fair to other couples.

The last move was Oliwka. The girl chose Grześ and decided to say goodbye to Hotel Paradise.

However, Paradise was not the end of Ali! Sevaq, who was able to save one of the girls, appeared in the program. The boy chose Oliwka. So it was Marika who had to say goodbye to the show.

What else awaits the participants? We will learn soon!

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Author of the text: Alexandra Kokot

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