Dr. Strange – Multiwersum Obłędu – MCU’s new baby review

The premiere of Doctor Strange in the last part has been delayed for some time. So, after the show, it’s time to summarize the impressions. What did Sam Raimi bring to the cinematic MCU, and is it really a horror movie? We invite you to read our review of “Dr. Strange in a World of Multiple Madness.”

In many worlds of madness, Doctor Strange is a theater of three actors

Strange, Wanda Maximoff and America Chavez – There is a w world around them many worlds of madness. Repetitive Strange dreams give him a chance to meet a certain girl. It will soon become a reality and dreams … will turn into a real nightmare.

Will have to face a strange the truth that worries me about myself – about their nature and destiny, which shows an incredible sequence in each reality. Where does this knowledge come from?

Thanks to the girl who all dreamed. This is American Chavez, his own the ability to travel in many universesthat he can not handle. It’s the same Delicious bite for Wanda Maximoffwill go to great lengths to meet his sons after the loss of experience. After discovering Books of the Cursed – Darkhold – he became the strongest (and craziest) character in the entire MCU. How will you use it?

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The place of many universes in the universe – Dr. Strange is slipping

Doctor Strange is in a world of madness If you know the topics on the pages, it will be very easy to understand WandaVision, if …? and Loki. However, this does not mean that it is a necessary condition. Again, the motivations of the heroes Dr Strange they are clear enough, that is, the ignorance of contexts deprives us of the ability to appreciate only (and even) certain pleasures.

The exception in this regard is the figure of Vanda, whose tragedy can be fully understood only after the demonstration. WandaVision. At the moment, it’s even harder for Polish viewers – we’ll have to wait a while for Disney +, where the title is presented.

Moreover, the relationship with other components of the universe is very emptyconsists of Dr. Strange basically completely intact. The relationship is superficial, taking the form of the above Easter eggs or numerous cameolas. Although many of the worlds whose development is expected by their fans have been described in more detail than ever before, we are still dragged to the surface. Nevertheless, everything that is said about him looks really impressive.

Dr. strange magic

This can also turn into a protest instrumental treatment of some important figures In a series that promises to be the main game builders, they have become an incompetent obstacle in the way of evil achieving its long-awaited goal. The creators do not even try to ask who it is many worlds of madness the main violin is played.

Doctor Strange madness multiverse – does not mean worse than different

Doctor Strange is in a world of madness This is definitely different from other MCU offers – but that doesn’t mean it’s different in terms of quality. On the contrary, the series will work a little fresher; and provided him with a melee Sam Raimi personally. From the beginning, it was possible to make predictions about the direction of everything.

This was not the first meeting with the director’s universe – finally behind the Trilogy Spider-Man. Some viewers probably associate it with some headlines Dead evil if Army of Darkness. Similarly Doctor Strange is in a world of madnessturned into offer from the border. He is far from a horror or thriller, as originally predicted. But there is definitely more here fear of darkness and jumping more than the sister movies of the universe.

Everything is triggered by a ubiquitous movement. Sometimes this is due to the logic of the characters’ behavior, but it is not surprising that it deprives the audience of the joy of the show. Although we sometimes stop believing in the heroes in the plot CGIwithout minor exceptions, he assures us that we are dealing with something real.

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In the same way performs at a really high level. In this regard, it deserves special attention Elizabeth Olsen, Playing the role of Wanda Maximoff. The uncertainty of the characters meant that we had the opportunity to admire them in very different contexts. They all sound so original that one time we cry with Wanda, and the next we jump when we see her.

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It is also difficult to assess young people Xochitl Gomez In the role of Chavez, America attracts the audience with its somewhat lost and at the same time charismatic character.

Dr. Strange is … Dr. Strang – Benedict Cumberbatch is always at the level we are used to. But this time more human hero in flesh and bloodbeing able to face the truth about oneself, self-sacrifice, self-reflection, honesty in feelings, humiliation, or leaving the role of a mentor in favor of a partnership in action. These are the elements many worlds of madness happens is a multi-level workreaching a wide audience (Box Office does not lie).

The film was rated Dr. Strange and Multiwersum Obłędu

86% 4.3 / 5

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