The smallest dog breeds – Learn the ratings of the smallest breeds of dogs

The smallest dog breeds have many followers. There is nothing unusual. We will present small dogs that are easily in love.

Small dogs do not require any special living space, their feeding does not consume any property and is usually easy to organize. Even the smallest dogs are excellent companions with great charm and cheerful temperament. They are not suitable as guardians or protectors, but this is not their role.

Some small breeds of dogs can easily sit on human hands. They are strong, playful and often noisy than the world’s largest dogs, but this is not a shortcoming, it is part of their personal charm. They can live even in small apartments, which is one of the main arguments in favor of choosing such a companion for residents of large cities. However, it should not be assumed that the small size of the dog is equal to the minimum area of ​​care and attention. None of this. Even the smallest dog breeds require a lot of attention, often even more than their “full-size counterparts.” It is worth remembering if we intend to take care of a small pet, for example, one of our list.

A big soul in a small body – this is the shortest description of the first small quadruped on our list. Chihuahua They are extremely knowledgeable dogs with a great appetite for learning. Chihuahua he is smart, intelligent and extremely loyal, and at the same time – courageous. Demonstrates readiness to defend its territory, which can be quite a problem. Chihuahuas are not afraid of larger dogs and have no chance of a possible collision. Chooses a guardian in the family. However, this does not mean that he is indifferent to other members of the household. These lovely dogs love it when all the attention is focused on them. When they are ignored for a long time, they express their dissatisfaction loudly and decisively. They reach 16-20 cm in dry areas and weigh between 1.5 and 3 kg. There are lighter individuals weighing up to 0.5 kg, but such dogs are not preferred as breed standards.

The dog is generally called roe deer or roe deer she is extremely cheerful and lively. He has an inexhaustible energy, which is manifested not only in a great desire to play, but also … in a tireless laugh. Everyone does it miniature pinscher will be an excellent companion for an active person looking for a small companion for longer or closer trips. But it should be remembered that these little quadrupeds have their own “character” – they are sometimes stubborn and often “deaf” at the behest of their guardians. He loves to gain sympathy, and he will show his displeasure when another four-legged man, even a man, sympathizes with his master. Miniature pinschers reach 25-30 cm in dry places and weigh 4-6 kg.

Pomeranian Spitz Pomeranian

The smallest representative of Spitz is a dog completely devoid of aggression. He is very warm in dealing with people, always wants to have fun and is interested in the world around him. Such a set of features makes him an ideal companion dog. However, keep in mind that pomeranian they are an exceptionally sensitive breed that hates loneliness. If a small, hairy quadruped is not given the attention it deserves, it can have a negative effect on its psyche. Therefore, this breed is not recommended for people who are constantly engaged. Interest – miniature spitz they are great watchmen. For obvious reasons, they will not defend the area, but due to exceptional vigilance, they will report the presence of the intruder in a timely manner. Representatives of this genus reach a height of 15 to 22 cm on dry land and weigh 1.9 to 3.5 kg.

Another “small-big dog” on our list. Yorkers they can be more stubborn than chihuahuas, and at the same time – very independent. This forces the controlled dog to foolishly dominate the manager. Therefore, it is important to teach the child the basic commands and teach him to obey. With all your independence, yorkies show great devotion to the owner. He likes to spend time with his family, loneliness does not serve him. Beautiful little ones can grow up to 25 cm on land and weigh up to 3.1 kg.

Snow-white, long, silky hair is the next special feature of the dog on our list – a favorite Maltese. This is a real refuge for peace. The dog loves to caress and lie carelessly in the arms of the guardian. However, it is not a mascot that will decorate a fashionable sofa for days. There can be nothing wrong. Maltese requires a lot of activity. If we do not provide them, their little heads will give millions of ideas to spend some time, and most of them will not like the owner. Like most small dogs, Maltese loneliness is not good. The long hours he spent alone were like psychological torture to him. Males reach 21 to 25 cm in dry areas, and females reach 20 to 23 cm. The weight of an adult is between 2-4 kg.


Papillon is a miniature continental spaniel variety characterized by large, protruding ears. It is an excellent companion for a person who understands that small dogs require great delicacy. Representatives of this genus are extremely sensitive, so they need a lot of attention. Loneliness does not serve them. It should also be remembered that this little quadruped has a lot of energy that must be used properly. Long walks are not difficult not only for him in summer, but also in winter. Adult specimens can grow up to 28 cm in dry areas and weigh between 2.5 and 4.5 kg (females can weigh up to 5 kg).

Our list ends with the most social bichon frieze. A small dog with a curly white coat shows great delicacy in contact with people. The guardian becomes his best friend. The dog wants to accompany him at every step. Like most small races, loneliness does not serve him, but he stays at home bichon frieze does not tend to peel and damage furniture and the owner’s personal belongings. Rather, he will lie on the rest of the existing clothes (to sniff his guardian) and wait patiently for the member of the household to return. The dog is completely devoid of aggression. He is quite intelligent, so he can easily learn new commands and tricks. It reaches 24 to 30 cm in dry places and weighs between 4.5 and 7 kg.

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