Ski jumping. Women’s National Ski Jumping Team for the 2022/2023 season

The Board of the Polish Ski Association has approved the composition of the women’s national ski team for the 2022/2023 season. Two training groups have been established: the National Team and the National Youth Team.

Szczepan KupczakSzczepan Kupczak

Photo: Tadeusz Mieczyński

Marcin BachledaMarcin Bachleda

Photo: Tadeusz Mieczyński

Lukas KruczekLukas Kruczek

Photo: Tadeusz Mieczyński

There are nine Polish skiers in the women’s training groups. The national team will consist of three players and the youth team will consist of six players.

The central training will be held at two main centers: Beskidy and Podhale. The coach in charge of the group in Beskids will be Shepan Kupchak, who has represented the national team in the northern national team for many years. Marcin Bachleda will be in charge of training in Podhale.

– The division into trainings by regional groups is an attempt to return to the essence of the training system. The main training, ie the main training will be carried out in the clubs and schools of the sports championship. The best players in the groups supported by the PZN will have the opportunity to participate in training camps and start competing after meeting the minimum criteria, said Lukasz Kruczek, ski coordinator at the PZN. – Coaches and coordinators for individual regional groups will be responsible for training during central events and competitions, as well as support low-level training. The coaches of the Sports Schools Championship will be responsible for the development of the players who train in SMS Szczyrk and Zakopane on a daily basis. The goal for young skiers is the World Youth Championships, which start mainly with the FIS Cup, and for older and more experienced girls, of course, higher-level competitions, Kruczek added.

Women’s national team
1. Nikol Konderla – KS AZS AWF Katowice
2. Kinga Rajda – KS AZS AWF Katowice
3. Kamila Karpiel – AZS Zakopane

National youth team of women
1. Anna Twardosz – KS AZS AWF Katowice
2. Pola Bełtowska – AZS Zakopane
3. Natalia Słowik – AZS Zakopane
4. Sara Tajner – SSR LZS Sokóz Szczyrk
5. Paulina Cieślar – Wisła Sports Association
6. Wiktoria Przybyla – SSR LZS Sokół Szczyrk

Training staff
• Szczepan Kupczak – Trainer in charge of the regional group at Beskids
• Marcin Bachleda – Trainer for the regional group in Podhale
• Wojciech Tajner – Coach responsible for working with a group of girls at SMS Szczyrk
• Jakub Kot – Coach responsible for working with a group of girls in SMS Zakopane

The new season has changed the professional life of Szczepan Kupczak, who will be the coach in charge of skiing at Beskids from this training period. – I have a coaching debut ahead. Of course, this is a big test for me, but I do not feel afraid. I think I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills over the years that I can now share and test. I think it will be an interesting and positive experience that I look forward to – said Szczepan Kupczak about his new role. – My function will include, among other things, cooperation with club coaches in the planning and implementation of the training process. I will also plan and organize training campaigns and trips in connection with the Podhale group, including training and monitoring the players during them, ”he added. – As I mentioned earlier, I am not going to retire yet. My goal will be the world championship among adults in Planica, I will prepare for it individually, in the form of two tracks. I know that if we plan properly, it will not be a problem for me and will not interfere with the training of players. We will do some exercises together, which, in my opinion, can be an additional advantage and can have a positive impact on the quality of training. I believe that such an arrangement will be both an additional form of motivation for girls and an opportunity to exchange ideas with someone who is still in training mode – concluded Szczepan Kupczak.

Marcin Bachleda will be responsible for the development of the players in the Podhale group. – Starting this season, we have changed the training system for women’s skiing. The training will take place in two regional centers together with sports championship clubs and schools. I will be in charge of girls’ training and all logistics in the Zakopane group, and in Szczepan in the Beskid group, Marcin Bachleda explained. – Our groups will work closely. We will often have joint trainings, camps and tests. Together with Szczepan, we will select a team for international competitions and drive them together. Each of the girls is in the same position, and in international competitions, only the best players will compete at that time, he added. – The change in the system is to increase motivation and commitment among girls, but also to raise not only the players of the national team, but also the girls who train in skiing in the Sports Championship Schools. Thanks to Jakub Kot and Wojciech Tajner, regional groups will be able to work closely with clubs and SMS, Bachleda said. – We are currently in training mode. So far, the training is carried out in cooperation with clubs and schools. We will start training sessions on June 1. The girls will be trained mainly in two centers in Poland: Szczyrk and Zakopane. We are planning only a few foreign camps. At present, the most important thing for us is to work from scratch, that is, general development exercises, coordination and improvement of techniques. On Wednesday, we will have the first jumps, and we will start training on smaller objects, ie hills the size of HS-40 and HS-70, – concluded the coach Bachleda.

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