“Is there such an advertisement in the center of Warsaw?” No, the fast food chain failed to do so

A photo of McDonald’s advertising, which is claimed to be a job offer for people investing in cryptocurrencies, has become popular again on social media. Why is this staff now in circulation again? The situation in cryptocurrency exchanges explains many things.

Large format ads occupy most of the frame. At the top of the ad you can see the characteristic logo, yellow “M” -shaped arches. Below is a slogan in English that can be translated into free translation: “Hey cryptocurrency friends, we are hiring!” (English: Hey Crypto Bro’s “We Are Hiring!”; There is a mistake – an apostrophe in the word “Bro’s”). Below is the website address: careers.mcdonalds.com. The Warsaw Rotunda at the intersection of Marszałkowska and Aleje Jerozolimskie streets with a toothed roof. The blurred yellow and red bus is an additional confirmation that the photo was taken in the capital. popular – as of May 17, more than 180,000 users liked it and passed 17,000.

The photo was also shared by Polish Twitter users and commented: “3 or 6 month leap offer”; “Really? Was such an ad in the center of Warsaw? Wow, I’m still shocked when McDonald’s Polska is a big company”; “This is a reasonable offer for me” (original tweet).

The popular post with the inverted photo was also shared by Polish Twitter users Photo: tvn24 / Twitter.com

This is not the first photo on Twitter. Users posted them in November and December 2021, and joined the Reddit forum in January this year.

Photo changed 13 years ago

Snopes fact-checking editors reviewed the photo earlier this year and found it to be a remake. He checked that the official channels of the McDonald’s network do not conduct recruitment campaigns for people who invest in cryptocurrencies. Although the photo spread on the Internet is clearly a photomontage – as we explained below – we asked McDonald’s if it referred to people trading cryptocurrency in recruitment campaigns. We are waiting for an answer.

The large-format advertisement in the photo, which is popular on the Internet, was hung in the former Universal building, which has been missing since 2017. In its place was a skyscraper of different shapes Widok Towers. At that time, the bank where the bank was located was demolished and rebuilt. The original photo was taken in 2009 by Flickr user Kuba Bozanovsky and is available on his profile. The original frame is wider than the alleged McDonald’s ad.

The original photo of 2009 was published on the flickr.com platform.
The original photo of 2009 was published on the flickr.com platform. Photo: Kuba Bożanowski / flickr.com/photos/jbozanowski

In June 2021, the cryptocurrency market temporarily collapsed. Bitcoin, the best-selling cryptocurrency, lost 10% in one day. on value. Other cryptocurrencies – ethereum and dogecoin – also experienced similar declines. The decline was short-lived, and the virtual currency began to appreciate rapidly.

Snopes soon notes that advertising remakes have appeared on the Internet, offering people who have lost money from these investments to find work in the popular fast food chain. The dates of subsequent publication of the alleged advertising photos on the network coincide with the decline in the price of bitcoin. The term “crypto bro” used in advertising is a negative term. According to the Urban Dictionary, people are defined as having little knowledge of the cryptocurrency market, which does not prevent them from presenting themselves as experts. And the ads that allegedly encourage them to look for work in a chain of bars are meant to say that they are only suitable for simple, repetitive activities (mcjob).

Today, the media reports on more problems in cryptocurrency exchanges. A few days ago, the New York Times reported that the value of bitcoin fell to its lowest level since 2020. The luna, another cryptocurrency, has virtually become worthless. Most likely, due to this information, the remake of the McDonald’s ad has now returned to Twitter. Because, as Snopes writes, McDonald’s “showed interest in NFTs and cryptocurrencies” at the end of 2021, and also announced that it had begun accepting bitcoins in El Salvador. However, this was due to the fact that along with the US dollar, bitcoin was also accepted as the official currency of this country.

Author: Gabriela Sieczkowska

Source: Beton24; photo: Arthur Bogacki / Shutterstock.com

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