Home mobile internet for 4 operators in 2022

Mobile Internet at home is usually a very wide Internet connection offer. We often buy a router at home that allows you to use the network stable on many devices. Below we present home Internet packages offered by Polish mobile operators.

Last updated: 02/08/2022.

Orange home mobile internet

Orange offers a very comprehensive offer with a home connection. In addition to the classic mobile Internet with a SIM card, it offers the same home and more extensive services Smart Wi-Fi. It is available in Fiber Optic or Orange Love combined offers where you can order mobile, landline and TV subscriptions in addition to the Internet.

Orange internet for homeThe heart and brain of the whole offer is a modern modem FunBox 6 with Wi-Fi 6providing connectivity for multiple devices at the same time. As Orange boasts, the transmission speed can only be compared to a wired connection – all thanks to the support of the frequencies 2.4 and 5 GHz. The modem is provided free of charge and the contract is concluded for a period of 24 months or indefinitely (but then the price increases by 10 PLN per month).

How much will you pay in individual packages for the whole contract:

      • Orange Optical fiber 600 Mbit / s – PLN 1,539.56
      • Orange Optical fiber 1 Gbit / s – PLN 1,759.56

Warning! Prices include e-invoices of 5 PLN each and discounts for marketing consent. In addition, the Smart Wi-Fi Box will improve the coverage of the house by paying an additional 9.99 PLN per month – if necessary.


      • high packet speed
      • fiber optic connection (for example, the ability to connect a laptop to a cable)
      • Internet for the whole house


      • an indefinite contract is more expensive than 10 PLN per month
      • indefinite contract for the first 2 free months

Play home mobile internet

The Play network also has a variety of Internet offerings. On its website you will find packages for both routers and non-routers. This is a fiber optic internet that can transmit the signal (Wi-Fi router) all over the house.

Play home internet

In the offer with the device gives us a purple operator Router with Wi-Fi 6We will use it under a 24-month contract. The subscription price includes 25 PLN per month to keep in touch, as well as a one-time activation fee of 50 PLN.

How much will you pay in individual packages for the whole contract (without starting fee for the router):

      • Play with Fiber Optic Internet up to 300 Mb / s – 1850 PLN
      • Play Fiber Optic Internet up to 600 Mb / s – PLN 2090
      • Play with Fiber Optic Internet up to 1 Gb / s – 2450 PLN

“Normal” Play fixed line Internet is cheaper, but optical fiber can boast better settings. Alternatively, you can also choose mobile internet with a large GB data limit.

The NET BOX package looks especially interesting Recommended in poorly covered areas. The set includes an additional external ZTE modem connected to the router inside the building via a cable. With this procedure, you can use a stable and fast connection that cannot be provided by the router itself. Monthly prices start from 65 PLN.


  • high packet speed
  • fiber optic connection (for example, the ability to connect a laptop to a cable)
  • an out-of-town package separated by a stronger signal
  • Internet for the whole house


  • 24-month contract
  • quite high prices
  • one-time activation fee 50 PLN

Home mobile internet plus

Of course, Plus has a home mobile internet offer. Unique in the market, InterPhone Home Internet consists of ODU-IDU 300 external LTE / LTE Advanced modem and an internal Wi-Fi router that distributes the signal to all rooms of the house.

Plus provides speeds of up to 300Mbps and 50Mbps for download and upload, respectively. The monthly data package is 90-500 GB. The starting fee is only a symbolic zloty, and for 2 years you will pay a total of 80 PLN per month (for subscriptions and equipment).

How much will you pay for the whole contract (24-month contract, 24 installments for equipment):

  • In addition, home Internet 90 GB – PLN 1680
  • Moreover, home Internet 120 GB – 1920 PLN
  • In addition, home Internet 250 GB – PLN 2520
  • In addition, home Internet 500 GB – PLN 3120

With SmartDOM program (combined package similar to Orange Love) monthly payments are reduced to 25 PLN! In addition, the transfer is growing – you will get about 2x GB!


  • Includes Wi-Fi modem and router
  • Discount up to 25 PLN for combining services in Plus
  • About 2x more GB for service integration in Plus
  • equipment with 24, 36 or 48 installments
  • Internet for the whole house


T-Mobile is the home of mobile internet

It could not be otherwise – at home Internet offers are also available on T-Mobile. There are 3 suggestions to choose from with the included router.

T-Mobile Internet

The contract is valid for 24 months. The pink operator gives us a choice of device. The offer is wide – You can choose from equipment from brands such as Alcatel, Huawei or ZTE. There are not only “stationary” routers, but also mobile ones with prices starting from 59 PLN. The starting fee for the equipment depends not only on the class of the device, but also on the selected package.

How much will you pay in individual packages for the whole contract (without starting fee for the router):

  • T-Mobile S home Internet up to 30 Mb / s – PLN 1440
  • T-Mobile M home Internet up to 60 Mb / s – PLN 1680
  • T-Mobile L home Internet up to 90 Mb / s – 1920 PLN (campaign only until February 14!)

The above-mentioned monthly payments include a discount for marketing and other agreements – only -10 PLN per month.


  • Several (dozens) router models to choose from
  • unlimited GB Internet
  • Internet for the whole house


  • 24-month contract
  • one-time payment to start the router

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