Former Celtics Star accused of shooting his ex-girlfriend: “You’re dead” [DOCUMENT]

Getty Rajon Rondo.

Rajon Rondo was ordered to stay away from his ex-girlfriend after receiving a protection order against an NBA guard in a Louisville court. In court on May 13, 2022, Ashley Bachelor, the mother of Rondo’s two children, accused her of carrying a weapon during a “violent” explosion after she “went crazy” during an incident at her home on May 11. By Heavy Show.

The 16-year-old former Kentucky University player, who finished last season at the Cleveland Cavaliers and spent the peak of his career at the Boston Celtics, has not responded to the allegations. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The bachelor also did not make a public statement about the incident, which was reported to TMZ for the first time. The NBA told TMZ Sports that the league is aware of the report and is investigating. Rondo will be a free agent.

According to court documents obtained by Heavy, Jefferson County Family Court Judge Denis Brown issued an emergency defense order on May 13. According to court documents, Rondo cannot keep in touch with his bachelor and children and cannot walk to or from their home, workplace or school within 500 feet. The bachelor was placed under the temporary care of his two children. The bachelor also asked the judge to order Rondo to undergo anger control, mental health assessment and counseling. The court ruled that he would have to hand over his weapon to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the court, Brown said there was an “immediate and current threat of domestic violence and abuse.” Rondo will have the opportunity to comment on the allegations in court, after which the judge will assess the validity of the bachelor’s thesis to determine whether the conservative regime will continue. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The court documents do not currently indicate any criminal charges against Rondo. According to the bachelor’s complaint, no police were called to the scene.

When Ashley Bachelor asked her son to stop playing video games to help the laundry, Rajon Rondo was “angry” and destroyed the items and told him “you’re dead.”

Jefferson County Court has charged Rajon Rondo with threatening his ex-girlfriend.

In the lawsuit, the bachelor said that while playing video games with his son at Rondo’s house, he asked little Rondo to take off his clothes and wait five minutes for him to return to the game. The bachelor said that when his sons got up, Rondo “went crazy” and “pulled the video game console off the wall.”

He said Rondo came to the downstairs kitchen, where the bachelor “prepared tea for our sick daughter” and, according to the court’s decision, “took a cup and a plate of tea and broke it.” The bachelor told Rondo, “He broke down a few water bottles and generally shouted and cursed.” He said Rondo knocked over items in the home office and garage, knocked out trash cans, trampled on traffic lights and pulled his car to the right.

“When the children saw that Rajo was so angry and cruel, they were very upset and worried. I tried to fix everything by asking Rajon why he was doing this. Rajon replied, threatening to kill me and saying, “You are dead.” This is not the first lottery that Rajo has threatened to kill me, “the bachelor wrote.

Single said Rondo returned about 15 minutes later and, according to court documents, drove through the yard of his house, which is adjacent to the bachelor’s residence, and entered his yard. “He started firing at the back door of the window. I was in my room on the first floor. I could not immediately see what was happening, so I went to the family room. There, I saw Rajo knocking on the back door with a pistol in his hand, “the bachelor wrote.

According to the complaint, Rondo shouted at Bakalara to bring his son to him. He said the boy walked towards the door and opened it, and Rajo grabbed the baby and “pulled him out” and slammed the door behind him. He said Rondo continued to “scream and swear” at his son and “asked him why he was afraid.” The bachelor said Rondon was “still holding a gun, shouting at his son” and “afraid to be shot if I tried to stop him.”

The bachelor said Rondo “shouted and cursed” at both of his children, asked him to explain why they were afraid, and held them at gunpoint. The children were clearly angry and clearly afraid that Rajon was still waving his gun.

The bachelor says Rondo has a “history of unstable, erratic, explosive behavior.”

Jefferson County Court heard Ashley Bachelor on May 13, 2022, in defense of Rajon Rondo in Louisville.

The bachelor said in his complaint that he did not call Louisville police because he was “worried about what Rajo could do if an official report was made. I was afraid that Rajo’s anger would intensify and he could injure himself or his children,” according to court records obtained by Heavy. Instead, he called former Louisville police chief Yvette Genty, according to court documents. Gentry Heavy could not be reached for comment.

According to court documents, Rondo’s father, William Rondo, his mother, Amber Rondo, and former basketball coach Douglas Bibby came home and tried to calm him down, but failed. According to the bachelor, Brown also came then.

“I tried to let him in, but Rajon stood between him and the door and cut him off. Rajon was still swinging his gun, so I decided to close all the doors and the garage and stay upstairs with the kids, “the bachelor wrote.” Mrs. Gentry later confirmed that Rajon was gone and now he has his gun. “

The bachelor added: “I am very scared for my safety and the safety of my children. Rajo has a history of unstable, unpredictable, explosive behavior. This is a verbal, emotional and financial insult. ” He said he “physically hit our son and called him” and accused him of behaving like a “b ****”.

He wrote: “Rajon verbally attacks our daughter. He calls her by names like ‘thot, b **** id *** head. Rajon threatened to kill me several times and said he would shoot me or break my car at different times.

Under Kentucky law, the hearing will last 14 days

In response to TMZ news, Rajon Rondo pulled out a gun and threatened to kill his ex-partner and the mother of their children, NBA spokesman Mike Bass told ESPN:

“We are aware of the report and are in the process of gathering more information.”

– Malika Andrews (@malika_andrews) May 16, 2022

“I am not afraid that Rajon will return and try to harm himself or his children and fulfill his threats to end my life,” the bachelor wrote in his application for an emergency protection order. I am seeking immediate protection to protect myself and my children from future contact with Rajon. “

According to the Kentucky Domestic Violence Coalition, the next step in this process will be a court hearing. The organization recommends: “The judge will hold a hearing and listen to both sides. You can bring evidence such as witnesses or medical records or police reports to prove abuse. Screenshots of phone calls, SMS, emails, or social media posts can also be helpful. You must show the judge that the abuse has occurred and can be repeated. If you do, you must be given a long-term order – either a Domestic Violence Order or an Interpersonal Protection Order. They can last up to three years.

According to the Center for Women and Families, the hearing will take place within 14 days. “After the presentation to the accused, a court hearing will be held in which the judge will collect the testimonies of the applicant, the defendant and any witness. Evidence includes statements, photographs, communication between the parties, police reports, etc. may be included. The evidence will help the judge determine whether there have been any acts of domestic violence under Kentucky law. According to the law, the judge will issue a DVO if there is enough evidence, ”the organization said.

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