9 most important questions you should ask yourself before taking a dog out of a shelter

When adopting a dog from a shelter, we are almost faced with a pre-adoption survey and perhaps socialization visits. However, this is the next step after you know 100% that adopting a dog is a good decision. How can this be verified? You need to ask yourself a few questions at home. Let’s see what to think before adopting a pet!

How old is the dog I want to adopt?

Are you ready to adopt an adult or older dog? Do you have the time and desire to look after a baby? What does it mean to teach him all the basics? Did you know that a small dog will start at home and bite things?

What conditions can I provide my dog?

A large, energetic dog is unlikely to feel comfortable in a studio apartment in the city center. There are other breeds of dogs that, despite their relatively small size, cannot find their place in apartments. There are also larger animals that don’t need much exercise, so a small space is good for them – one long walk a day and two shorter ones are enough. Think about which dog to choose according to your living conditions – the right dog is better, life for both you and the dog. See adopted dogs: https: // Sprzedażawacz.pl / zwierzeta / psy / psy_zwierzeta /

Does my lifestyle allow me to look after my dog?

Do you work from home or do you have to go to work – if so, how many hours? Do dogs spend most of their time alone? You also work on weekends, can you celebrate every moment together? Four-legged animals are very attached to their guardians and need their closeness – they do not always want to sit alone, locked in four walls.

Can I take care of my dog?

Dogs have their own requirements, and even if most of the costs of caring for them are seen in the first place – nests, bowls, trailers, collars, toys – keep in mind that your dog will have a set of fixed, recurring costs (without mentioning possible costs). These include veterinary visits, regular vaccinations, fecal bags, meals, delicious food, new toys – instead of those already chewed. See how much dog food and other accessories you may need: https: // Sprzedawacz.pl/zwierzeta/

In addition, if you are caring for a problem dog, you may need medication, various treatments and therapies, and even the support of a caregiver. The costs of treatment and behavior are really high, and you should consider them before deciding to adopt.

Can I take care of a dog that is not completely healthy?

Sometimes sheltered dogs struggle not only with experiences of loneliness and abandonment, but also with health problems. Can you take care of such a pet? Keep in mind that, given the previous point, this can cover additional financial costs – often significant. All this must be carefully considered.

Can I deal with a dog with behavioral problems?

Excessive anxiety, aggression (against humans and other dogs), intensive resource protection and aggression against animals approaching them, reluctance to touch and touch, tend to run, bite. Shelter dogs have different experiences. If it turns out it’s not “as easy as it sounds,” can you do it?

My family also wants a dog under the roof?

If you do not live alone, it is better to make this decision together. Four-legged animals are very sensitive and quickly feel that someone does not want or like them – make sure you do not face such a situation.

Can someone help me take care of my dog?

What will happen to your pet if you get sick – will anyone be able to take care of it in the meantime? What about vacations, business trips or other trips? Do you have a choice to have your loved one take care of the dog? It is worth considering, because fate sometimes plays a game with us, and you never know when we may need support in this area.

Do I know that a dog has been in debt for years?

Dogs are often seen as part of a family, and we are the closest person to them on earth. They feel our problems, our emotions, and our frustrations. They miss us when we leave and are happy to see us again. By adopting a dog, you are building a house for him for many years – maybe 15-20 years. This is a long period of time when many, often difficult, times can occur.

If you answer these questions sincerely, you will definitely make the right decision. No matter what happens – it will be the best for you and your dog.

If you still do not know how to make the right decision about a dog or cat. See also adopted cats: https: // Sprzedażawacz.pl / zwierzeta / koty / koty_zwierzeta /. Certain considerations regarding your pet’s requirements will be different, but the key questions will help you confirm your decision in any case!

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