Moreover, in practice, optical fiber. How does it work in daily use?

During testing of Cyfrowy Polsat’s IPTV service, I had the opportunity to test the fastest version of the Plus fixed line, ie round gigabits per second. Is this solution enough for daily work and playing with several devices at the same time?

New quality in your home

Plus fiber optics can be connected directly to the internet FTTH or take the form in my case hybrid solution (HFC – Hybrid Fiber Coaxial). Depending on the location, Plus’s landline Internet is also available in other technologies: CU, ETTH and PON. Thus, the operator can be very flexible and, for example, can use the existing infrastructure inside the building without unnecessarily digging the walls. For me, the technician just tied the optical fiber to the box in the garage, a the signal was advancing to the coaxial cable.

Plus turned out to be the heart of the system Arris TG 3442 cable modem with built-in wireless router offer two-way Wi-Fi In the 802.11ac standard. Yes 4 Ethernet ports (RJ45) speed 10/100/1000 Mbit / s, 2 phone ports (RJ11) and USB 3.1 slot. The equipment meets the standard DOCSIS 3.1. It also allows you to transmit data, audio and video via a coaxial cable.

I basically connected all my home electronics to the new Internet: a wired desktop computer, a game console, a lighting control system, and an IPTV with the Evobox IP decoder mentioned in the previous article. But I added two phones and a laptop wirelessly. Before starting the tests, I reviewed the documentation for the technical parameters of the transition. In my case, they are:

Shows how much it is maximum (declared) bandwidth 1000 Mb / s (download) and 50 Mb / s (download)usually The available bandwidth for a gigabit HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coaxial) connection is approximately 540 Mb / s (download) and 30 Mb / s (download).. It is worth checking before complaining that the speed tester shows a slightly lower value instead of gigabits per second.

Look: Cyfrowy Polsat’s Evobox IP – How IPTV cable television works without an antenna

From zero to gigabytes per second

Audio and video streaming on multiple devices at the same time, online gaming, video conferencing via Skype, cloud backup, and Internet TV – of course, such scenarios are available in most homes with broadband access. And somehow Plus, a gigabit maximum capacity connection can handle it digitally in the blink of an eye.

I tried unsuccessfully to break the Plus link by performing the tasks listed above that require a lot of network activity on all available devices. I have always been concerned about the picture quality of IPTV Internet TV. But in the end, my efforts failed. Everything works smoothly, nothing stutters, nothing is a reduced resolution.

When it comes to speed tests, Both and the Polish equivalent,, display measurement results at 650-700 Mb / s when sending 40-50 Mb / s.. It should be noted that it is relatively low Ping at a level not exceeding 7-9ms. Players who pay attention to the minimum delays during online games pay special attention to this parameter.

I also made my decision Check the connection with the free PRO Speed ​​Test application, it is the only one in Poland that boasts a UKE (Electronic Communications Authority) certificate. Here the result was close to the maximum values ​​announced by the service provider – downloading data at a speed of about 940 Mb / s and sending at a speed of about 50 Mb / s.


Plus’s fiber optic internet opens the eyes of skeptics like me. That means it is easier to have a high-speed permanent connection freely used by all household members at home and additionally supports IPTV TV., without the need for additional cables and antennas. And in this configuration, the operator’s offer is the most profitable to order (optical fiber + IPTV).

The stability of the service can not be mistaken. The internet connection did not faildespite different weather conditions during the tests. Although fixed services, and especially fiber optics, are insignificant, unlike mobile services. By the way, it is worth praising Perfect operation of Arris TG 3442 modem and excellent Wi-Fi coverage despite the lack of additional external antennas throughout the apartment. The device also does not overheat.

Finally, it is worth noting a nice bonus for service users. Plus the network adds a SIM card with 5 GB transfer per month at no extra charge.

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