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The vast majority of companies in Poland – 99.8% – are in the SME sector. They are mainly individuals engaged in individual economic activity, which is the driving force of the Polish economy. Micro-enterprises account for almost a third of the national product, which makes a significant contribution to economic development through job creation or taxes paid. Having your own business is also a good way to enhance your professional career. However, it can be very difficult to do business alone. A proven and more reliable form is to operate with the support of a partner, for example, a franchise network – this allows you to get the expected income, use support in many areas from the beginning, and at the same time is a guarantee. sustainable development. Today, in difficult times for individual entrepreneurs, at a time when small businesses are often closed, the franchise model is still gaining strength.

According to the Central Statistics Office, 2.21 million people are engaged in business in Poland. Micro-enterprises account for more than 30% of Poland’s GDP.[1] Poles have a very positive attitude to entrepreneurship – in this regard, we are second in Europe and ninth in the world. Entrepreneurs also enjoy high social recognition, as 77% of Poles believe that entrepreneurs deserve recognition. Six out of ten people believe that starting their own business is a good way to build a career.[2] In the top three business rankings, Poland is in the top 40 countries in the world. Entrepreneurship is equated by Poles with development, creativity and innovation, readiness to implement ideas, as well as perseverance and commitment, which ultimately leads to the satisfaction of owning something unique.

Almost 1/3 of Polish entrepreneurs earn from trade (27%), which is in line with the European trend (29%).[3] Entrepreneurs also create the most jobs. Kaabka, together with a network of franchisees, currently creates more than 33,000 jobs in Poland. jobs (Responsibility Report). By paying taxes, the franchisee brings income to local budgets and contributes to GDP growth.

Franchise – an idea for your own business

There are more than 8,300 stores across the country and their number is constantly growing. Many individual entrepreneurs decide to start a business under a franchise, which is a more proven and safer business model than a completely independent business. Today, more than 7,000 ambitious and enterprising people run their stores under the green flag. Although more than 163,000 businesses closed last year, the trend is reversed – more enthusiastic people are joining the network who want to succeed in managing their facilities.

We are proud of the thousands of loyal leaders who have built our network and built a modern business ethic. We appreciate their motivation and dynamics, as well as their leadership skills – the qualities that distinguish them. We try to support them at every step in this development. The model of cooperation with Żabka on clear and transparent rules is undoubtedly easier than acting on its own. Everything that can be difficult for an entrepreneur to set up their business is simpler in kaabka, as the network spreads a protective umbrella over franchisees during the partnership, while listening to their current needs and adapting their development to market conditions. . – Adam Manikowski, Managing Director of kaabka Polska, emphasizes.

Franchise network support

Franchisees who join a franchise network buy a fully equipped and equipped store in one place, and this is assessed in terms of inter alia: the number of potential customers, they also gain the ability to operate under know-how and a well-known brand. They can count on technological, service and training support. Żabka rents buildings for them, pays rent and gas.

The current accounting system is based on three pillars: security, motivation and partnership. It is assumed that the monthly income should cover the estimated costs of running the business, including salaries and social security contributions, as well as possible losses. All entrepreneurs operating under the kaabka brand have the opportunity to earn additional income, among others. sales activities and the level of customer service, and after three years they will receive a loyalty bonus. Entrepreneurs cooperating with the network are also protected in case of business failures and can take advantage of the so-called opportunities. “Business policies” are special insurance that allows you to prevent the termination of cooperation with the network with a negative balance, covering a large amount of TUW PZUW in case of possible losses. Żabka also recently introduced a Code of Ethics and Conduct to franchisees and their employees to support them in making decisions that are morally in line with the ethical standards adopted in the network. This document should be used as a valuable source of information and a spiritual compass in daily work.

Franchise Claudia Laskowska is the seven thousandth entrepreneur to join the network. He admits that he received the support of the network at the beginning of the cooperation.

I’ve never worked in a shoe store before, but I’ve looked at the Internet, which has gone through the pandemic “smoothly” and is still evolving. A friend of mine, who had previously started a business in kabka, convinced me to start a business directly as part of a franchise. Its success and the support offered by the network also encouraged me to solve this problem and try myself as a franchisee. When starting a business, it was important to have a small contribution. Finally, the internal training organized by kaabka, especially its ideal organization and the greatness of the knowledge transferred, confirmed the correctness of my choice. I thought that running a prison was a safe thing that had been proven by thousands of people – says Claudia Laskovska, a franchisee from Warsaw.

The network is built by more than 7,000 different franchisees, each with different experiences, passions or education, but they share common entrepreneurial tendencies – above average motivation and customer satisfaction to operate and grow their business with customers.

In order to join the network, all franchisees must successfully pass the recruitment and training phase, as well as make their current contribution. zloty.

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