Matura 2022: What should I wear for the exam? We asked the students

Suit and torn jeans. White shirts and elegant shirts. Favorite sneakers and elegant loafers. They do not determine the outcome of the maturity test, but we are once again discussing what high school graduates should look like. So we talked to the stakeholders themselves about the matura dress code.

  • This year’s high school graduates’ colorful attire has sparked discussion on the Internet. You can hear complaints about young people who do not dress for the castle ceremonies, allegedly taking the exam inappropriately serious.
  • Our students, who took the exam to graduate from high school this year, admitted that in their schools, students are more in line with the style of dress. There were those who wore a little loose, even those who wore sports suits to the final exams.
  • “People came to the exam in sports suits, leather jackets, camouflage pants, suits and even cosplay girls,” says Theo, an art school student.
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Untidy sneakers, torn jeans, open bellies and colorful jackets are still controversial in high school graduation exams. in the article We decided to check whether the students really threw their suits and black skirts for the exam, and if they did, whether there was any hatred against them.

What to wear for a high school diploma?

Internet discussions about high school graduates’ dress codes have so far been started mainly by people who remember their high school exams. So we decided to ask high school graduates how they actually dressed for exams and if it wasn’t a white shirt set, someone was really causing a problem.

At Instastories, the most frequently asked questions about what you wore for this year’s bachelor were elegant suit pants or skirts with a suit or white shirt.

Students of the 20th secondary school in Gdańsk take a foreign language exam

Photo: Karolina Misztal / reporter / East News

“Most of them wore standard clothes,” says Silvia. – Over time, most of them switched to looser clothes for the next exams. I also went to Poland in a skirt, then decided that comfort was more important and switched to jeans.

“I think it’s a completely swollen problem,” Oliwia wrote when asked what she thought of the latest style comments. – I have not seen anyone come in sports pants, and even if they do, it is better to wear what they feel comfortable and comfortable in an important exam, because it, of course, reduces stress when writing. But this is my personal opinion. The most important thing in the maturity exam is not clothes, but knowledge – he adds.

Sports suit for the brave

Has anyone dared to wear a sports suit? “I saw two guys in tracksuits, but if someone said something to them, they did it very discreetly, because nothing came out,” Dominica tells us. He took the exams in black jeans and a white shirt. – I think I would boil myself in my shirt. And no one felt it – explains.

– Sports suit or comfortable pants and shirt – Heard from. – I do not think that any of the teachers commented on my clothes. I was probably the only idiot, and I was ridiculed by many other high school graduates. On the first day, everyone was in a suit, but after talking to me, they came in more comfortable clothes every day. No one reached the level of a tracksuit, but some began to come in jeans. Now they come to the conclusion that there is no need to wear formal clothes.

As we have learned from messages from our readers, art schools have their own rules and no clothing is considered inappropriate. – My school is an art high school. People came to the exams wearing tracksuits, leather jackets, camouflage pants, girls in suits or even cosplay, says Theo. – There were even lolita clothes and no one chose – he chose white polo, sneakers and black cargo pants for the exams.

Some of them took gadgets and favorite toys for exams

Some of them took gadgets and favorite toys for exams

Photo: Wojciech Olkusnik / East News / East News

Is there anything to discuss?

In the moral games on the forums for parents or teachers, people who should know the current 18- and 19-year-olds well, probably forget that they are a completely different generation. First of all, they are not young people who can be easily locked up under bans and orders. They do not know the world without the Internet, for most of them they make freedom of speech and expression the most natural thing in the world. Clothing is one of the main forms of self-expression. If it doesn’t follow the form invented ten years ago, it may not be disrespectful, but it is definitely a kind of message. His interpretation will no doubt be different among his peers and teachers.

Second, for the last two years, shortly before the first major exam in their lives, students spent most of their time at home, in distance learning. At a time when adolescents’ mental health is deteriorating, online learning and a lack of contact with peers exacerbated the problem. Therefore, if someone wants to feel better in jeans and a shirt than in a test suit, which is one of the most important things in life, it is better not to stress him.

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