Magdalena Wróbel: “Consultant” and “Girls from Lviv”. What is the actress doing now?

You play the role of Zosiya in the series “Mecenas Porada”. How is your hero?

Magdalena Wróbel: – Zosia is crazy, spontaneous, always looking for love, very empathetic and helpful. Especially against the protagonist – Kasia Porada.

I think you have a lot in common with your festivities and what you see on your Instagram profile. That’s right?

– I am an adult, I am no longer a teenager and I am not looking for a knight on a white horse. Therefore, in my opinion, we do not have much in common.

What are your favorite scenes on the show?

All the scenes we play with a whole group of friends, that is, Kasia, Adrian and Marcin, take place in the mall. Each of us is doing something different, and these are very funny topics. Together we create a group of people who support each other.

Did this series of friendships go beyond the set?

– We have all known each other for years, but we are not special friends.

Do you have real friends in your personal life like Zosia and Kasia?

Fortunately, I have two best friends. We are all from Krakow, we have known each other for 25 years and can always count on each other.

Despite the comedy side of the series, it shows all the difficulties a person faces in life. What lessons can you learn from this?

– This series has “two layers”. One of them deals with social, serious topics, and the other is created in a more comedic formula. Undoubtedly, the series teaches viewers empathy, understanding and sensitivity towards others. It shows that, like the protagonist Kasia Porada, you have to fight for yourself.

What can we expect from the second season of “Patron Patron”?

– There are many changes in the series. Many new heroes will appear. Zosia will become more and more like Kasia. He will start dressing and behaving like her. He will also have an employee and he will be the boss, which makes me very happy.

What’s in “First Love”? What new stories await your hero Dorothy?

Dorothy gave birth to a baby boy, Arthur. All topics revolve around motherhood and the relationship with Arthur. Dorota will be great as a mother. Suddenly, Stasia appears in their lives – Arthur’s daughter, who is with another woman. This is a very funny story. Stasia is jealous of her newborn daughter. Dorota and Stasia will face unhealthy competition for Arthur’s grace and attention. But in the end, a real friendship develops between them.

How does Łukasz work with Płoszajski?

– I think Lucas is a “meat and blood” man who likes to eat herring and drink vodka. [śmiech – przyp. red.]. Sometimes he embarrasses me, but I enjoy his company and appreciate his professionalism.

Do you prefer to play comedy or drama roles?

Comedy, because such roles give the actor more opportunities. I like images that are far from me, where I can add something to myself, and at the same time portray someone completely different.

You applied to the Academy of Arts. You don’t always want to be an actress, do you?

As a child, I dreamed and loved painting. I have a wonderful mother who always supports me and invests in my passions. He bought me oil paints, brushes, canvases, and these were not cheap things. I love the speed, the large formats, the colors, and the texture of the thick applied paint. However, despite my enthusiasm, the art department was not designed for me, I did not fit into this environment. I’m energetic, I like to move – I can’t imagine sitting in front of an easel 8 hours a day.

You have an excellent figure. Do you take special care of him, or are you one of the lucky ones to have it in his genes?

– I try to limit sugar, although I like everything sweet, but I know it is very harmful. I run out of bread and don’t eat after 6 p.m. Of course, I exercise as much as I can. I like to walk in the mountains and generally walk. I do not have a car, which is very convenient for walking.

What else do you do in your free time?

I develop my love and pay a lot of attention to it, because I have often been involved in everything else in my life. I will not reveal who this person is, but I can say that he is an orthodontist. I’m glad he’s not an actor. We recently had a picnic in the mountains together. We visited our beautiful country. I love our thermal waters, forests and mountains. It was great.

Interviewer: Edyta Dąbrowska / AKPA

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