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Natalia de Barbaro invites you to travel under the auspices of the Tender Guide – female intuition and wisdom. She is looking for answers to the questions that many women ask themselves. Not only “who and where am I going”, but also why do women play roles that do not suit them, or why do they work too hard and judge themselves seriously for the smallest shortcomings? It is ideal for women who feel heavy in the face of responsibilities and cultural norms and are looking for a way to get to know themselves.

Tatiana is forty-two years old, has two grown children and a quiet, well-organized life. Everything changes when you have a spectacular slip-up with your husband. She does not expect her eldest son to surprise them when she announces that she is pregnant at a family dinner. It turns out that his failure is not alone in the family … Fortunately, Tatiana can always count on her crazy friend Daria – especially when fate plays a game.

This is a criminal comedy that keeps you in a state of suspicion and entertains you with tears. Tereska moves with her family to a house in the village. Repairs are very slow, but everything is going in the right direction. So … Tereska, while running away with her mother-in-law, finds a carpet with an insert in the form of a dead neighbor. Everything shows that the guilty party may be Tereska’s husband, the embodiment of kindness and patience in the statue … The bride and mother-in-law unite to hide the body and find the real killer as soon as possible.

The chest of a young woman pierced with swords was found in the center of Stockholm. Is this a savage murder or a failed wizard? Investigator Mina Dabiri and mentalist, body language and … world of illusion expert Vincent Walder will solve the case. They soon discover that this is not the first case and that they are likely to face a serial killer.

Theresa Osborne is located on the beach in the glass bay of Cape Cod. Someone hid a love letter inside and began with the words: My dear Catherine, I miss you, my love, as always, but today it was very difficult for me, because the ocean read our lives together. Curious, Teresa begins to look for someone who can love her so deeply and faithfully.

It is a romantic and funny story that will take readers to beautiful Paris, open the backstage of fashion shows and showcase the luxurious interior of the house of famous designers. This is a fascinating story about the rise of the Dior Empire, its first iconic styles and creations, and the creation of the Miss Dior perfume line.

Shortly after the end of the war, twenty-year-old Celestina left her hometown for Paris in search of happiness. She quickly found a job with Christian Dior, who built her own fashion house a year ago and then became a shy designer. The young woman fascinates him with his naturalness and soon becomes his inspiration and protector of secrets. How is Dior’s career going? Will Célestine sit next to him?

Clinical psychologist Sophie Mort provides a factual explanation of the origin of such problems in modern people: fear of evaluation, rejection, involvement in toxic relationships, sabotage of their actions and achievements. It shows us what is holding us back and prevents us from spreading our wings, and it helps us identify harmful patterns of behavior and bad habits. It advises you on what you need to do to develop your potential and suggests what therapeutic methods you can use to get to know yourself better.

Poland, mid-1980s. During a vacation with her parents, young Martha Rychter meets the mysterious Wanda Krajewska, the most prominent Polish violinist by the sea. The girl becomes his only student and secretary of the secrets of a woman older than a generation. At the same time, he tries to recreate the complicated story of Vanda’s life and find out why the violinist refuses to perform stubbornly. It absorbs the artist’s sensitivity and at the same time tries to preserve its independence.

As she enters adulthood, Maria discovers her father’s dark past. Despite Europe’s nightmares about the war, the girl’s thoughts are mostly about the disappearance of her mother a few years ago … Although Dominic Karski, a respected doctor in Krakow, has dedicated his life to his daughter, she suffers from it. the choices he makes to protect her. Now facing danger, he must also make a very controversial decision.

Helena, a twenty-year-old dental student from Gdynia, falls in love with the captain of the Soviet destroyer – she is older and married. The impossible love of the Polish people forces them to flee to Sweden. They still don’t know how much they will pay to live together … More than 40 years later, Helena’s son for the first time hears a story about his mother running away from him and never meeting him. He has to face the origins and … the growing madness.

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