Votum Nieufności Remigiusz Online premiere of Mróz Polsat series, trailer shooting

The Voice of Distrust speaks to the world of politics. The action began after the resignation of the President of Poland, when Sejm Marshal Daria Seydan (by Katarzyna Dąbrowska) hoped to replace him. Patryk Hauer becomes his main rival in the fight for the office (played by Anthony Pawlicki)Increasingly popular right-wing MP attaches importance to his image in the media, his position in the party.

Hauer is supported by his wife Milena in all professional activities (she will be played by Zofia Wichłacz). During the commission’s work, Hauer uncovered a political conspiracy involving the most important people in power. Although Seyda and Hauer are on the opposite side of the political scene, they share the same goal – to find out who is behind the assassination.

Other roles will be played by Leszek Lichota, Anna Mrozowska, Dorota Kolak, Joseph Pawłowski, Olgierd Lukaszewicz, Daniel Olbrychski and Piotr Glowacki.

The series “Wotum nieufności” is directed by Lukasz Palkowski, who is responsible for the previous series adaptations of Remigiusz Mróz’s novel “Behaviorist” and the series “Chyłka”. The script of the series was written by Victor Piątkowski (his works include “Wataha”, “Just Push Abuba”, “Pops” and “War Girls”) and Joanna Kozlovskaya. Mateusz Wichłacz is responsible for the photos (“When The Trees Fall”, “Chyłka”, “Skazane”).

The producer of “Votum nieufności” is PCP Films.

This was reported by Polsat The series will first appear on the Polsat Box Go platform and then on its television channel.

According to Nielsen Audience Measurement, in April of this year. Polsat’s average audience per minute was 436,734, and its share was 7.22% after a 14.7% decline. Every year.

The series based on Mróz’s novel is not only on TVN

Five seasons of the series “Chyłka” were shown on the Player platform (the first was released in December 2018, the last in January this year), and then aired on TVN. The main role was played by Magdalena Cielecka, and the company “Active Media” was responsible for the sale.

In the spring of this year. The continuation of the series was announced. – Due to excellent audience results and great reviews, we want to give the audience something else to crown the broadcast of our flagship production – Maciej Gozdowski, Managing Director of Players, told Wirtualnemedia.pl.

In turn, in early January this year. The player’s proposal includes “Behawiorysta” with Robert Więckiewicz in the lead role.

In April of this year. Netflix has announced a new Polish production based on Remigiusz Mróz’s novel Detektyw Forsta.

Last fall, Mróz sold the rights to show the horror film “Black Madonna”, which will be based on the series. But in March of this year. Announced the sale of the rights to the screen adaptations of the science fiction novels “Choir of Forgotten Sounds” and “Echo from the Abyss”. Platige Image and Dobro will be engaged in the application.

The new Polsat series is in production

As reported this week, Polsat has acquired the rights to the Polish version of the Ukrainian series “Servant of the Nation”, which secured the victory of Vladimir Zelensky in the presidential election in Ukraine.

In April, the broadcaster began filming a new drama pilot called “Casino”.

In addition, the broadcaster announced the production of two more series: a psychological thriller “Mother” based on the screenplay by Igor Brejdygant, Olga Boładź, Lukasz Simlat, Marcin Kowalczyk and Olaf Lubaszenka, and the drama series “Lulu” directed by Anna Dereszowska, Przemysław Kinga Dębska from Czernecki, Marek Siudym and Joanna Kurowska.

Late last year, filming of the series “Juda” directed by Katarzyna Jungowska and the series “Brothers” with Piotr Stramowski, Mateusz Kościukiewicz, Nikod Rozbicki and Jan Frycz began.

Most of the new series will go first to the Polsat Box Go platform and then to Polsat’s antenna.

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