“She was supported by her husband during her illness. He recovered and divorced her. He started flying with students “- Real life

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Paul was a friend of mine. One of those who found an early lover. He met Anka at the beginning of high school and married her after school. His father ran two grocery stores, so he had enough money to live on.

They quickly established a family life

Most of my friends have been looking for happiness for a long time. We went to parties, discos, trips, concerts. We had a great time looking for one. Yes, we faced disappointments, humiliations, dilemmas, but in general I have good memories of that period. We went the hard way of growing up, which allowed us to have a lot of fun. To taste youth.

However, when we were confronted with another kind of love, we envied Paul’s love. That doesn’t need to worry him anymore. But as we grew older and each of us settled in, the roles changed. He was the one who made us jealous because he felt that he had missed something in his life.

– Wow, there’s a chick here! Paul was shaking his head from side to side.

He was looking at the club we met for a beer. He and I have three childhood friends. Once or twice a month, we organized such meetings so that we would not forget each other. We left our children and wives at home and drank beer and talked. However, more and more regrets fell on him.

“God, I’m eighteen again …” he moaned.

“I don’t miss it,” I said. – I remember, it was not so beautiful. The girls were nervous and we did not dare to take them. How nervous was the most ordinary fight !? You sweated, you doubled, you tripled, you got tired, and then nothing came of it. We were all jealous of you, man. You had Anka … A constant introduction to peace and femininity – I was joking.

– And I envied you. In fact, I’m jealous now that you’re crazy. What am I? Fifteen years with a woman. From the child … – he smiled, still walking around the room.

– Oh, here! He was very upset! Anka is such a tub that everyone envied her! One of his colleagues cut his mouth.

He went to the bar to buy himself a beer. He talked to a young girl who was drinking. She smiled and returned to her desk.

– What does he do? – I asked my colleagues.

– How so? He wasn’t crazy, and that’s it. Even now he feels that he has lost a lot and missed great adventures. You know how such things are …

He was warned of his fate

That was true. Paul longed for erotic conquests. When he met her in the city, he took young girls and danced, as if he had never drunk alcohol before. We didn’t feel it anymore. We grew up with him. And he was tempted by fun – unhealthy and dangerous, because he is prone to betrayal. And if it weren’t for the nightmare that befell him, he would probably have betrayed Anka by then.

Paul was diagnosed with cancer. He began to cough – shortness of breath, night seizures. Two months later, an X-ray revealed a tumor in his chest. Doctors quickly diagnosed lymphoma and prescribed Paweł for chemotherapy. Being a doctor, I was modern. True, he was not an oncologist, but an intern, but he was still looking for support from me. As you call before the first dose of chemotherapy. I made him happy and talked about the growing possibilities of medicine. He was in good shape and oncologists gave him a very good chance to recover. The tumor was expected to respond quickly to treatment. When Paul went through the next stages of therapy, I visited him in the hospital. He felt very bad. He was sick, in pain, confused and weak. But Anka was always with him. He spent his days with her.

“Beautiful wife …” I said to him once, and he smiled understandingly.

– Damn, how much I know him! So many years. But I didn’t know he was so strong, he replied.

– Because he knows that everything will end well …

I believed that it would be so, and not in vain, because with each subsequent control exam came better and better news. Paweł was recovering well. However, Anka’s condition worsened. He cared for his family and his business. Paul did not have the strength to go to the shops often. Sometimes he simply could not, because his immunity fell sharply. Any contact with the virus was very dangerous. The business failed, my husband was amazed, and the children were still having fun with their grandparents.

The future of the family was in balance …

And then Paul found out that he was already healthy. There are only a few sessions of radiotherapy ahead so that he can return to normal life. It was something! We were all happy, we were all celebrating his success. We even met at five in a pub to celebrate this event.

– Five beers and five hundred – our recovered friend ordered alcohol.

– And can you drink so much? – I was surprised.

– The doctor said that I can note. That’s normal, no exaggeration, he replied.

– And this is not an exaggeration? – I showed the vodka that accompanies the beer glasses.

– Eh, where … Let me tell you this, my friend: I have been limiting myself for a long time. But now I will change it. I will enjoy life, I will enjoy what is before me, and I will spread my wings. And this is the first step to a new one. I will say goodbye to my friends.

– But man, today is Wednesday. We are going to work tomorrow.

“I don’t either, but it won’t stop me.” He toasted, and that evening we drove him home, almost unconscious.

None of us could argue with Paul

This was not the last manifestation of his transformation. Admittedly, Paul began to work — restoring order in the company, taking the burden off his wife’s shoulders — but he began to follow completely new rules in his personal life. There is no hell, you would describe his attitude after his illness. He constantly called one of us and took us to a party. If he went to some dances with Anka, half the pain. But no – he basically came out without it. I went with him once and told myself that I would never do it again.

He acted like crazy. He drank a lot, took a few young people, and danced in the crowd of students. He signed up for the gym, changed his wardrobe, went to the cosmetologist, solarium. The hairstyle she chose impressed all four of us. The children could not believe it.

Paweł did everything to have fun. He even went to the mountains without his wife and children. Some of the wholesalers who supplied the stores took the best customers on tour. They offered to go for him. Agreed and disappeared for three days. Drink, dance and … cheat on my wife. Unfortunately, this has arrived. I learned from one of my friends that he is friends with his wife Anka. The poor girl, full of tears, confessed to her friend that our beautifully healed Pavelek was spiceing her horns.

– There were many love messages from this baby on the phone. And photos! said a friend. – He did not hide it. Can you imagine !? Is he crazy? Maybe it breaks down after the disease?

“I don’t know … Maybe … He always complained that he didn’t understand.

Paul soon left his wife and children. He moved to a rented studio. She filed for divorce. When I found out, I found courage and invited him for coffee. I wanted to try to argue with him. But it was harder than I expected.

– I have already made my decision and I will not change my mind! So, if you want to persuade me to return to Anki, you can let him go, ”he said.

– I tried to convince you, but I see that you are crazy. There is nothing to talk about!

– Well, you are a good friend.

– Why? Maybe I should hit you on the shoulder?

– What did I do !? Come on? I have been doing this for many years. I caught up and did everything he expected me to do. I want to live now. Who knows how much is left of me. I do not want to waste this time!

– to waste? What do you think it is to enjoy life? Take a teenager to discos. Do you think that is the meaning of life?

– Who said that I am looking for meaning?

– And what?

– Joy! What’s wrong with that? So if you still want to talk to me about morality, stop it. I am very old. And let me tell you, through this illness, I learned more about life than I ever thought possible. Maybe I understand more than you …

– You do not understand. You are just stupid and scared!

– It has nothing to do with it!

I did not convince him

No one succeeded and almost everyone in our package tried. So we felt that we were just waiting for Paul to fall apart. Until he realizes that he is stuck in a dead end. Losing everything that is important and valuable in your life. We just hoped that it would not be too late for him to return to his old life.

We did not see one in advance … We all paid so much attention to its excess that we forgot about the disease. And it reminded me of the revelations a year later. Cancer attacked again. Anka was the first to know, because Paul called her with this information. The poor woman did not have the heart to throw the phone on the phone and look for comfort in these lovely girls. He even met her and offered to help.

“For the sake of the children,” he explained as he looked at us sympathetically. But this time he did not act like a faithful and loyal wife. More like a caring friend. He seldom visited the hospital when necessary. He looked at the house and came every two or three days. He almost did not leave the hospital, because this time the prognosis was tragic.

The diagnoses gave him almost no chance

I talked to the attending physician, and he told me that there were metastases and that it would be very difficult to fight them. If not meaningless. Well, Paweł lost to the disease. I do not want to tell you what happened in the last weeks of his life. I think it is enough to quote one of our conversations. It was immediately after the last operation that he ruled out his recovery. I came to him and found Anka. He brought her some things. He had just left, so he greeted us with a short greeting. I could only see the pain on his face when I waved goodbye to him.

– Not bad, right? He asked me after he left.

– What do you mean?

– Anka. Twenty years together, and now … This is the end, ”he sighed.

I did not know what to say. Honesty would be a meaningless abuse of a deadly disease. But as he continued to speak, he probably guessed my point.

– Don’t be afraid, I don’t hate him. I see. Rather, I mean this disease. I … you know … I’ll go, and he’ll stay. Who would have thought that this would end like this. Who would have predicted this?

“No one …” I replied, because I didn’t know what else to say to such a person.

– Of course. That’s right … But I want you to know that I do not regret it. I’m crazy! – There were tears in his eyes. – What would change if he came every day as a loving wife? What would change if he kissed and caressed me? What nonsense is this !? Subject! Brings children. It’s important … ”He laughed bitterly. – Probably they will remember me well. But on the other hand, what is the significance of this? Nothing … Everything is so valuable … I don’t know … ”He took a deep breath, then turned around and I thought he was crying.

And he immediately fell asleep from exhaustion. I gently squeezed his arm and said goodbye and went home. To my wife and children. I was angry with him. Because of his stupidity. Because they did.

Paul’s story is very sad. He wasted his life. I will always remember him like that – like a boy who lost everything.

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