Rossmann pharmacies salary financial results

Rossmann Polska’s sales last year amounted to PLN 9.603 billion, mainly from domestic sales. There were also 333.1 thousand people. PLN from product exports and 5.23 million PLN from sales of services in the country.

At the end of last year, the company had 1,578 pharmacies in 609 cities, as well as an e-commerce platform. During the year, it opened 91 stationary branches.

In the report, he noted that last year there was a revival in the market. Rossmann pharmacies and retail parks in independent buildings were always open, despite limited restrictions. – In addition, shopping centers were able to operate for most of the year in full compliance with the sanitary regime, which was due to the recovery of customers and an increase in the frequency of visits. – note.

– In 2021, we have introduced more than 7,000 new products that meet the latest trends in beauty and health, based mainly on natural ingredients and are environmentally friendly.

Rossmann employs more than 15,000 people. people, opened a new warehouse

Operating expenses of the Polish company Rossmann increased slightly by 8.3%. Up to 8.402 billion PLN, The value of goods and materials sold from them increased from 5,147 PLN to 5.463 billion PLN.

Expenditures on foreign services increased from 1,195 PLN to 1.361 billion PLN, salaries from 853.9 million PLN to 882.2 million PLN, and social security and other benefits to employees from 196 million PLN to 201.2 million PLN. rose.

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Last year, the company’s average employment was 15,295 full-time jobs, up from 15,931 a year earlier. The total income of the three-member board from salaries and bonuses increased from 36.85 PLN to 44.05 million PLN per year.

Expenditures for material and energy consumption increased from 133.9 million PLN to 150.9 million PLN, while depreciation costs decreased from 179 million PLN to 173.7 million PLN.

Business last year Launched an automated storage warehouse near the central warehouse in Lodz. In total, 204.5 million PLN was allocated for non-financial fixed assets.

116 million PLN higher profit despite sales tax

Other operating revenues of Rossmann Polska range from 64.33 PLN to 99.99 million PLN (including subsidies: from 28.75 PLN to 51.47 million PLN), while other operating expenses range from 65.74 PLN Increased to 84.85 million zlotys.

In turn, the cost of taxes and duties increased from 29.81 PLN to 145.78 million PLN. This is mainly due to the retail sales tax, from which the company paid 115.99 million PLN.

All the company’s profitability ratios increased: sales profit increased from 1,035 PLN to 1,206 billion PLN, operating profit increased from 1,033 PLN to 1,222 billion PLN, gross profit increased from 1,025 PLN to 1,224 billion PLN, minus income tax. then (last year) 242 PLN, 3 million and 197.4 million PLN a year ago), net profit rose from 827.5 million PLN to 981 million PLN.

834 million PLN for dividends

The sole shareholder of Rossmann Polska is the Dutch company Rossmann Central Europe. Last year, the Polish company received two advances for net profit: 300 million PLN in September and 250 million PLN in December.

In mid-March, the owner of Rossmann Polska decided at a general meeting The company will receive a total of 834 million PLN from last year’s net profit. 142 million PLN were transferred in mid-March, and another 142 million PLN will be transferred in mid-June.

The remaining PLN is 146.99 million from last year’s net profit. Rossmann will contribute to Poland’s reserve capital.

There are plans to fight inflation and 90 new pharmacies

This was reported by Rossmann Polska It wants to open 90 new pharmacies and expand regional warehouses this year. Expenditures on non-financial fixed assets are estimated at 339.7 million PLN.

The report notes that already in the second half of last year. the dynamics of prices has increased. – After the first quarter, there was a significant increase in prices for fuel, energy and construction materials. Since the middle of the year, inflation has more or less covered all purchasing categories. Sustained high inflation will affect decisions and outcomes in 2022.

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