Ms. Usta, “Why is it so expensive?”, Ie drugs on the Internet

The number of drugs, over-the-counter drugs and supplements sold in Poland is growing systematically. We swallow them like sweets. And we mostly buy online. Do we know not to be a victim of pharmaceutical cybercrime?

In a healthy body, in a healthy spirit?

In 2021, the main terms that Poles are looking for on Google are related to health. And not just in the context of a pandemic. And you know: enter any symptom in the search engine and Google will find you the disease. And this is often so serious that even an ADA application will not eliminate it.

I try to eat a healthy diet, pay attention to my physical and mental condition, check myself regularly, and constantly respond to disturbing symptoms. Unfortunately, no one helps me in this work except the employer who finances access to health care. And, of course, not drug manufacturers, distributors or sellers. I don’t need many of them, but sometimes I come across all this pharmaceutical business. Usually, when a specialist needs to choose cosmetics, over-the-counter medications, supplements or look for a substitute for an expensive or unaffordable medication.

Internet – a sea of ​​pharmacy opportunities

I always do internet research before going to the pharmacy. If I have more time, I look at forums and other people’s opinions. And if it is less, I immediately check the recommendations of experts who review the available agents based on the compositions and application descriptions and recommend the best. We have gathered all the necessary information about the compositions, uses and restrictions. It has also been translated into “human”. Price range and availability details are also important when choosing a drug with a similar composition. Hundreds of thousands of viewers and numerous comments from such “pill gentlemen” show how much we need knowledge that you or the pharmacist do not always know (sometimes and always do not want). Although private pharmacies try to maintain a high level of advice, the situation in the chain of stores is different.

Anyone on the Internet can be a pharmacist

To minimize the negative “human factor” and make it easier for customers to shop, each large pharmacy chain has launched its own “pharmaceutical service” application. In general, there are hundreds of health applications, including. manage first aid kit at home, with drug bases, dosages, prices, reminders, leaflets, symptoms, prescriptions, interactions and prescriptions. The most interesting are the programs that combine most of these functions in one and in addition allow you to monitor the progress of treatment and physical condition. Like pharmacies, the program is available in almost every clinic. You can even stay in the pharmacy for a while in the application.

Online drug price lists, search engines and comparison engines

Pharmaceutical prices are the subject of tea and millions of characters can be dedicated to it. So let’s take a closer look at their online prices. There you will find not only lists, but also convenient search engines for drugs currently paid by the state, terms and prices before and after payment. The items on the lists change frequently, so it’s worth checking to make sure the recipe has the appropriate sign and not to be surprised when paying.

In general, for several years it has been easier for us to check the prices of medicines on the Internet. There are at least a few common “drug” portals that show the availability and price of the drug you are looking for. The price and availability of over-the-counter drugs can also be checked at popular auction and sales sites.

Patient drug prices

Finally, I left to myself the most irritating aspect of the pharmaceutical market in our country: the price difference of the same drug in different places and pharmacies by several hundred percent. Instead of supplements at the pharmacy, I buy painkillers and cold powders in pharmacies and even grocery stores because the choices and prices are more attractive. Prices at gas stations are sometimes lower than some stationary pharmacies. Although there are flowers in pharmacies. My latest pharmacy prices: the difference in the price of the vaccine between pharmacies a few hundred meters away is 100%. and a drug known from tv or in addition to bladder problems at the same pharmacy in fact, an increase of more than 100% in a few weeks.

Counterfeit drugs on the Internet

When it comes to medicines on the Internet, it seems that many counterfeit medicines are sold in Poland. According to the Swiss Drug Agency, 41% of illicit drugs come from our country. We have been mass-producing counterfeit drugs for potency and weight loss, mostly anabolic steroids lately. So you need to be especially careful when ordering such features online. To check the legitimacy of the online pharmacy, it is enough to look for a white cross in the background on its website. 4 stripes (gray and three green). According to European Commission regulations, any organization that legally sells medicines (OTC drugs and dietary supplements) over the Internet must keep them visible on its website. After clicking, we will be directed to the detailed information from the Polish Medical Registry. However, you should be careful about this, because – as on the Internet – the link can lead to a completely different place …

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