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A plant that shows itself as meat

When you are vegetarian or vegan, the question arises: “Why do you want your food to taste like meat?” you hear it almost every day.

I don’t understand how people on a traditional diet don’t understand that vegetarians / vegans are looking for a plant-based alternative to meat and animal products. The strangest thing is that despite the fact that this concept has been explained for several years, that is, after such substitutes became popular in Poland, they are sometimes incomprehensible.

But if someone doesn’t really understand it, I will gladly explain it in my own example.

Why don’t I eat meat, I eat soy chops?

I’ve been a vegetarian since high school. I can’t say for sure when I gave up meat. It’s just that the older I was, the more materially and independently I was in life, the less meat I ate. When my family left home at the beginning of the final exams, I had no animals on my plate for more than 1.5 years.

I am a very sensitive person. What does this mean? I react very strongly to touch, sound and the environment in general. In practice, it seems that a little biting shirt label can ruin my day, going to the store is a nightmare, because everyone shouts over my head (or at least I think so) if the blanket is on me “not like” I should not go to sleep and someone put me in a woolen sweater (I’m not talking about clothes) If I had to touch it, I’d probably try to do it for 15 minutes, but in the end, don’t do it anyway.

What does this have to do with not eating meat? Many. The main reason I don’t eat meat is sensitivity.

I don’t like its texture. I don’t like fiber in chicken, I don’t like to hold bones in my hands, I don’t like flat cutlets, cartilage, fat pieces that need to be chewed well. , I don’t like those weird curtains that you have to tear off with your bare fingers while processing meat, the thick skins that need to be chewed, chewed and chewed.

On the other hand, the taste of the meat itself has never bothered me, although it is certainly a 95% spice issue. Therefore, when I had to eat meat, despite its structure, it was not a nightmare. It so happened that I liked the cutlet or ham very well. But I did not like global warming, greenhouse gases, the consumption of millions of liters of water, the suffering of animals and the conditions in which they are raised.

That’s why I sometimes eat meat substitutes whenever I can.

So I stopped eating meat. Not because I’m bad, disgusting, or just disliked.

I like the fact that my vegetable slices are delicious ham, “minced” peas or soy sausages, they remind me of my childhood delicacies, and at the same time have a completely different texture from meat. No cartilage, hard skin, bones or fat stick to the animal’s muscles. In addition, it is more ethical and environmentally friendly.

My condition is very unusual, because in addition to the looks, not eating meat is also affected by the sensors, but keep in mind that in most cases (in fact, there are people who do not like meat) it looks like this:

Someone likes the taste of meat, likes meat dishes, and can even describe themselves as carnivores. One day, he becomes more interested in where the meat comes from and how the farms are. At some point (like most people on a plant-based diet), he’s probably starred in “Cow Robbery: The Secret to Environmental Sustainability,” “What is Health,” or “Game Changers.” He then begins to limit animal foods and looks for alternatives until he finally switches to a plant-based diet.

I know hundreds of such stories, although I emphasize for the second time – not every vegan / vegetarian has such a story. There are people who never like meat, some of them stop eating to say “yes” or “no”, and so on. There are even some that are just fashionable for them. I’m not talking about health or religious reasons, because that’s another matter.

But it’s true – that’s why many people on a plant-based diet want their food to taste like meat, but not at the same time. Because most of these people love meat, they like its taste. Because from childhood they miss the traditional food that makes them nostalgic. Because “non-meat” vegetables are much more ethical and environmentally friendly. In most cases, they can do it because they want to, and they don’t need any reason to do so.

As you can see, the issue is very simple and still “incomprehensible”, “people who do not understand”, yes! For them, it is “strange”, “sick, even” depraved “and” the world goes to the dogs “(yes, I have heard such statements both live and on the Internet), let them open their eyes a little. Wider. Serious. Young children can understand this, as well as adults. In any case, the comment section will discourage me, although I’m not sure you can talk about a profession when you expect something.

The next time you are offended by a pea cutlet that pretends to be meat, remember that kinder eggs are not eggs, marshmallows are not made from bird’s milk, and misguided students are not used in the student mix.

By the way, I recently came across turkey hummus, popcorn, chicken potatoes. If you want to eat meat, why do you try to show it as a plant?

With a pinch of salt.

But if you don’t eat meat, why does your pet eat it?

I thought I would raise this issue as well, because it is clearer to me and I am surprised that people do not understand it.

Well, my cats are on a high meat diet, and when it comes to dogs, I prefer the snow (raw meat) diet and plan to buy a snake that will feed on mice, mice or small chickens in the future.

But in this case, isn’t the issue clear? All the animals mentioned above are predators, that is, they are ruthless carnivores. They should eat meat.

But above all, a dog, cat, or snake has no conscious choice and cannot, or cannot decide, to stop meat all of a sudden, because it has no human consciousness that would allow it to understand the concept of a plant-based animal. diet in general. Because it is a predator by nature, it is programmed to eat other animals.

It is completely different in humans. A person may or may not eat meat. In addition, we humans have been eating them (!) For about 2.5 million years. 15 million years ago we were on a plant-based diet. We expanded it as the climate changed and our bodies slowly adapted to eating both plants and meat.

In addition, unlike animals, humans are aware and can agree. They can also decide what to eat.

So, yes, I do not eat meat and I will not eat it in the future. However, it is possible that according to my zoo, there are many “carnivores” in the house.

Nikola Myszkowska

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