The girl with the nightmare. Mini story

He stopped abruptly as he hurried to see the apples in the barn. He looked at them for a while, then took a bit. He chose a costume, perhaps because he had not eaten for a long time. And he couldn’t remember the last time. Unable to restrain himself as he drove home, he wiped the apple from the sleeve of his shirt and immediately bit it. Then he remembered everything. Forest. Lake. And a girl. God … What was his name? Joasia? Katie? No, not at all … It seemed to be another name. Anyway, when she stopped kissing, she took a sweet apple from her backpack and bit it, and then “Do you want to bite?” he asked. This is an expense.

“Give,” he replied. They ate quietly. Taking my time. He remembered that he had finally eaten the kernel, and he laughed and said that he had never seen an apple eaten completely. Until the last stone … Yes, he remembers his laughter and his words. Although his face was forgotten.

He ate an apple in front of the house, then opened the garage and tried to drive. The reason for his attempt was that every time he entered the garage, the car’s motion sensors reacted excessively. They hummed a lot, and it was really annoying. For some reason, the car turned off its lights and rang as if angry with its owner. “I’m going to the garage next week,” thought the old man, “let them fix you.” These new cars have a lot of modern electronics

At home, when he finished eating the next apple, he remembered everything perfectly. When they had finished bathing naked in the lake, when he went ashore, he shook himself like a kitten and threw his arms over his shoulders. “Well, they’ll fall in love with you now,” he whispered, “but only if you’ll meet me in the same place and at the same time in 50 years.”

– 50 years … We will both forget it.

– I swear.

Divine, she was so beautiful, so cheerful, and so young, that she was able to fulfill any of her conditions at that moment.

– I swear.

– You have to say it more solemnly.

– I swear. I swear he put his hand on his heart.

– Not enough … I swear that if you do not keep your oath, you will die immediately. you will die And nothing will be left of you …

Then he swore to her everything. For life and death

50 years. 50 years. 50 years. My God … it happened 50 years ago and it feels like yesterday. Then the old man realized something else. The most important. These 50 years will literally take several hours. But it is only a two-hour drive and it will be there. Where was the cleaning. And this lake. And the girl with the apple.


He went to this meeting years later because he also liked to drive. He liked his modern car full of lights and buttons. It is not yet fully recognized and domesticated. He must go to the garage next week and ask them to adjust these sensors for him. Then he stopped thinking about the car and remembered that evening by the lake. Or maybe he was wrong. He changed his head, he is very old. Maybe he was dreaming all this. Maybe there was no such girl who took an apple from her backpack. And there was no lake, nothing. Now he is a poor old man who thinks he is just a girl waiting for him by the lake.

But why did I come across this stall and these apples just now, a little while ago? But why were there only expenses … The old man, who liked to pay special attention to worldly events, thought. It’s not clear, but no one wants their life to be like this. Everyone wants to have their own destiny. Separate and special. And when there is a destiny, there must be messengers who deliver miracles. Sometimes we think we know people, and they are actually ambassadors. With the exception of these messengers, there is no need to be any extra mystery. To be winged and to be like angels descending the stairs from heaven. But they may be ordinary girls who take an apple out of their backpack and ask – do you want a bite?

Two hours later he was there. He turned to the side of the asphalt road, and then a voice from the car said to him, “Watch out, the road is unpaved.”

– I know, I see, but thank you. We will manage. – He answered, it’s a little strange that you don’t talk to cars.

Yes, this was the exit to the road and the lake. Although he was not sure until the end. A lot has changed over the years. If it didn’t change, it would be weird. And so it happened. Now there was a wooden hut with an inscription on it – KARCZMA and another inscription under it. SAUSAGE SAUSAGE. hunter casserole.

He entered the tavern, it was gloomy inside. Behind the counter, the waiter sat a little numb and looked at his nails. It was as if they were making a film about him and shooting only frozen shots. So he continued. On the terrace overlooking the lake. He took his place behind the table. A married couple was sitting next to him, probably a married couple, because a child was playing next to them. The boy and the girl were even further away. They were sitting. They were silent. They look at their smartphones. He was furiously torn jeans. With holes. Probably so fashionable now, thought the old man. The more holes, the more torn girl is better. A little further on, an old fat woman was sitting and eating black pudding. He had greasy fingers that he licked from time to time. God … A horror movie with black pudding in the lead role. When he had finished, he looked at her briefly, then began to leaf through the menu. Apparently, he wanted to order more bigos. The old man tried to remember the name of the girl years ago. Or was it Eve? I think Eve … But she wasn’t sure. Maybe – at this point – the old man should shout with his oily fingers – Eve! Ewa, it’s you !? “But isn’t it stupid to shout at a stranger who comes here for a moment to spit?”

He got up and quickly left the hotel. Hell gave him this trip. Fortunately, the car was waiting for him. My favorite little car to take him home.


On his way back, he decided to go to the gas station. He liked to refuel his car. If he could, he would still be full of it. When he filled it, he went to the cashier. And he also bought an aromatic car pendant. He looked through a few, looking for one that smelled of apples and cinnamon. However, there was no such thing. So he got one with the inscription – CRISPY APPLE.

When he returned, he took a deep breath and sniffed the aromatic pendant. But it didn’t smell like an apple from a pendant, it vomited a bit. Nightmare … how could he hang something like that in his car?

He got angry and returned to the cash register. He wanted to return the pendant. Protects against the smell of necklace If there is zero flavor and something, it is better to vomit. In addition, the inscription indicates that the apple is good for crunching, but neither he nor the car intends to grind such a thing.

Those at the gas station looked at him in surprise. Angrily, he returned to his car and rubbed his headlights. Carefully, politely, it calmed him down a bit. He paid special attention to road signs, because road signs are very important. So he swiped to the left, then to the right. He also rubbed the brake lights. Because to stop is to stop. You can’t drive without stopping. He also wiped the car window, but not with a dirty brush, which usually stands in containers at stations where everyone can enter. He would never allow his car to be wiped with such a thing. Therefore, if he traveled anywhere for a longer period of time, he would take a travel package with him. Colorful cotton cloth and sponge dipped in cinnamon scented window cleaner. It was this smell that he liked. He and the car.

When I re-entered, the blue lights were on and at the same time, welcome music was playing in parallel. A kind of “bed set” It was a female spasm mixed with a saxophone part. He had made such a greeting in the car.

“I’m sorry,” said the old man, “I’m sorry.” This morning I said something about the chaos and all this evil. And we’re going to the garage and I’ll leave you there for a few days. I was just nervous.

He was silent, as if waiting for the car to answer something, and even a few words fell silent like a magician.

– I do not know what happened. I gained weight in the morning. It makes no sense. Then I lost myself and therefore this journey. But fate mocked me. Because what happened to me? Some dog houses with the inscription – GRILLED sausage. And a woman with fat fingers. nightmare. Really nightmare …

He didn’t know what else to say, how to explain everything, so he pressed the big red button that started. And then the car opened fire without any foreplay. Really loved. Immediately ready to travel to an unknown place …

They set off on the highway. It was already dark, so the lights on the submachine gun went on by themselves – I’m sorry – the old man whispered – you have the right sensors. They are not unbalanced, but they are very sensitive.

He bent down and felt the need to kiss the steering wheel. He would do it soon, when they were alone in the garage. He will kiss the car kindly. But now they had to travel together. The old man felt a strain in his heart. There was excitement, there was joy, he didn’t know what … He also tasted an apple in his mouth and the first stars were already burning in the sky.

It would be a warm, lovely evening.

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