Skinwallet is developing the first NFT-based project. Stock prices rose

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Skinwallet will present its first project based on NFT, ie non-processing tokens. The project will be based on the 8,000-strong Cyber ​​Warriors Army. Unique characters representing an army of cyber fighters – elite heroes from the alternative reality of the world of CyberVersum. Shares of the company rose about 40 percent on Friday morning.

Cornel Szwaja and Dawid Chomicz, representatives of Skinwallet SA. (Photo: press materials)

– The digital universe created by Skinwallet combines the atmosphere of science fiction with espor themes. This will be the first NFT story project to be co-produced by a community gathered around it and a selected group of well-known artists. The plans for the development of a new meta-versus, co-created by Skinwallet, are broad, and open the company to dynamically evolving trends such as NFT, investments in digital goods, or the creative economy – we read in the release.

As explained by the company, NFT tokens are a type of cryptographic certificate that confirms the authenticity of a given file, which exists in only one copy.

– We are entering the world of NFT as the first company to be listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We have been preparing for months to launch this project, and we were able to find the premiere at a time when the interest in the subject is really great and the market is developing at a cosmic pace. However, CyberVersum is unique for a number of other reasons. We deal with various Performing Arts Federations around the world. The most elite of them is the Cyber ​​Warriors Army, which unites 8,000 of the best fighters. The use of NFT tokens makes each of them unique. It is from their point of view that we will follow CyberVersum, and as the project develops, our heroes will face new adventures, – said President Cornel Szvaja.

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The main feature of the project is that it is community-oriented. Among others, the society will decide on the next events in the history of CyberVersum, which will be developed in different ways using classic narrative tools (such as comics) and a new series of icons. One of the first choices of the society will be the decision to choose a metaversum, ie a virtual platform on which the space dedicated to the project will be created.

– We want to give CyberVersum to its heroic users. We plan a wide range of activation activities, including competitions and e-sports tournaments. We will also launch new partnerships in the world of Web3, which will allow the owners of our tokens to receive unique items for use in the most popular metaverts, such as The Sandbox, – added Szwaja.

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