New section speed measurements in Poland. We know the places

  • Poland currently has 58 section speed measurements (OPPs), the highest in the province. Masovyan (16)

  • There are voivodships in our country where such kits are not yet installed, for example, Zachodniopomorskie, Wielkopolskie and Kujawsko-Pomorskie

  • In Poland, the network of roads covered by automatic average speed measurement is about 200 km. After the expansion, the OPP will control about 400 km of roads in the country

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For seven years, section speed measurements (the first sets of roads have already been inspected in 2015) have been operating in Poland, which is under the control of the Automobile Traffic Control Center (CANARD). Most devices are installed in the province. Mazowieckie (16), at least (2) in six voivodeships: Dolnoslaskie, Małopolskie, Opolskie, Podlaskie, Pomorskie and Świętokrzyskie. In addition, there are still white spots on the map of RAP speed cameras – they are not installed in three voivodeships: Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Wielkopolskie and Zachodniopomorskie. But that will change soon.

Section speed measurement in Poland

New speed cameras can do many things – multiple lanes, driver identification

The Automated Traffic Control Center (CANARD) has selected a contractor in a tender for the purchase and installation of 39 new section speedometers in Poland. Unicam Velocity 3 kits will appear along the roads, which will detect violations in several lanes, regardless of weather conditions, identify vehicles and record the image of the offender. They will be installed on 200 km of roads in 13 provinces. Contrary to appearances, these will be not only voivodeship or poviat roads, but also higher categories.

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Julia Langa from Yanosika explains: “The new section will show speed measurements on A1, A2 and A4 highways, as well as on express, provincial, poviat and municipal roads. will appear at the end of the summer. Of course, Yanosik will inform all drivers as soon as the new OPP is launched.

The end of the white spots on the speed camera map

The list of planned places is already known. If everything goes as planned, the white spots on the speed camera map will disappear. OPP kits are also planned to be installed in Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Wielkopolskie and Zachodniopomorskie provinces.

Map of segmental velocity measurements

Photo: NaviExpert

Map of segmental velocity measurements

“Next year, most section speed gauges will be installed in the Podkarpackie and Lodzkie voivodships – up to five new speed control devices will arrive there. The territories will be enriched with three new PBOs in Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voevodeship, two in Greater Poland and two in Zachodniopomorskie, ”Julia Langa added.

Section speed measurement in Poland

Section speed measurement in Poland

Contrary to appearances, the list of places may still change. In one of the latest press releases, CANARD notes that the reserve list is still under consideration. “If it is not possible to install devices anywhere on the main list, the space on the backup list will be used,” the statement said.

Regardless of location, the penalty will be the same. According to the new tariff, driving a fast car is very expensive. Exceeding the speed limit in a few years to 30 km / h means fines between 50 PLN and 400 PLN. Speeds above 30 km / h are already increasing significantly – from 800 PLN to 2.5 thousand PLN. PLN (in case of driving more than 70 km / h).

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